Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unpacked...well, almost

Pardon me a minute while I stop to out, in out, in out...thanks. :-) We have not stopped for the last two days, the unpacking has been endless, and our head colds worse than ever. This would have been so much easier had we been well.
However, all the house is done now, except for my sewing room which is frightening to look at! I had to dig out the sewing machine to sew some curtain seams today (the house had not a single curtain) and I'll be spending all day tomorrow doing the same. The weather has been HOT!, and this is mid-winter. What have we signed up for? ;-)

I'm just going to post a few pics for you and will actually write a decent post tomorrow. I'm sure a good night's sleep will help with the recovery from our colds and I'll be able to think straight again.

Remember the camel road kill I told you about?

Blossom and Slicer at The Dog on The Tuckerbox, Gundegai....

...the angels who volunteer at free Driver Reviver caravans all over Australia, and who revived us on a few occasions during the long journey...

...a Green Tree Frog who apparently lives in our toilet! I put him outside but he came straight back inside... gorgeous needle-book that Peg made me for the Paper Bag Swap - and chocolate (isn't that just the universal feel-good medicine?!)...

...aren't her stitches exquisite!? She must have been reading my mind because I have wanted a needle-book for years, and she made me the prettiest one I could have imagined. :-)

Tomorrow I will show you what I made for Peg, but if you can't wait you can go have a look on her blog.

Okay gals, must go prepare a *real* meal for the gang before a hot shower and some well earned shut-eye. See you tomorrow!



  1. Soo glad you are all together again hope the colds go really soon for you all.

  2. Welcome! Glad to hear that you've arrived safely.

  3. Great news that you're getting in and settled!

    I love your paper bag gifts from Peg! Also love what you created for her! :-)

    big hugs!
    Vikki xoxo

  4. Welcome back Jenny, Oh dear all that unpacking.... you all must be worn out. Hope you feel better. I love the little needlebook. hugz xxx

  5. Great pictures Jenny. So glad that you are getting settled in.

  6. Love you little needle book. So pretty! And glad that you dug out your sewing machine. I'm sure the sewing room will come along soon. Have a restful night :-)

  7. Glad you made it safely. Praying for your family to recover from those terrible colds.

    Here in the US we do not have Driver Reviver stands! Oh, that would be so wonderful. Instead we stop at the Starbuck's and pay $4.00 for a cup of coffee. But it is good! ;)

  8. So glad that you are getting settled in! Those are great pics. As far as the camel road kill, wow! Around here we worry about hitting deers and that is bad enough but camels! Love the needle book you received, it is gorgeous! I couldn't wait so I peeked and just love the package that you sent to Peg! The Faith Hope Love is fantastic!!

  9. glad to read your progressing well..eekk to the tree frog and yep they are territorial creatures..hope the heads clear soon,cheers Vickie

  10. It´s so nice to hear from you again. You must have seen a lot on your long trip, I love the little frog, is he allowed to stay in the toilet now? The needle book you got is gorgeous you have such a nice friend to make this beautiful book for you.

  11. Poor family, trying to do all that house arranging and feeling icky too. I hope you all get well very soon.

    I would hate to see the car after hitting a camel, hitting a deer does damage enough.

    The frog probably likes the toilet because it's cool in there...too hot outside LOL.


  12. I'm glad you've arrived, take your time now!!

  13. So glad you're here again. I like your photos very much but...maybe I lost some passages: Why a Camel? Wait to see your stitching room: soon I'm going to have a stitching room too...I am so excited!!!
    Love to you all.

  14. I LOVE your needle book! What a great keepsake!

  15. hello,
    I just had to peak.. what a treasure..Are you having a pattern for that wall hanging?? I know you have to be exhausted and to have a cold also has to wear you even more. I admire your energy. Keep up the beautiful work

  16. What an interesting journey. I didn't know there were camels in Australia. I guess you'll have to be checking your toilets before each use. Looks like you have a friend.

  17. My gosh you brought back so many memories for me with this post. The dog on the tucker box, driver reviver and those adorable tree frogs. We had them everywhere around our home in Hervey Bay. I just adore the parcel that Peg sent you, simply gorgeous.

  18. Glad you are settling in! Too funny about the frog!!

  19. Oh boy, I can only imagine what kind of damage was done to the car that hit the camel. Poor thing. Love the needlecase.

  20. What a hectic few days you've had. The needlebook is a lovely gift. I hope you all feel better real soon.

  21. Hope you are feeling better soon...a couple of days in the sunshine might help...Enjoy doing up your New Sewing Room..always a Challenge...
    Glad all is going well...

  22. I am so glad you are almost settled. I know that feeling very well also. Once you get your sewing room organised you will be way settled then, but you are probably like me and need to do that last or nothing will get done ehehe. Oh that poor camel and I suppose a truck hit it. Definately wouldnt want to hit it in a car. Glad things are settling in and I hope your colds all go away....I envy you of the warm weather....its still cold down here!!Hugs

  23. Dang, you unpack fast! Hope you have central a/c there. I love those Driver Reviver things, how cool is that! You can keep the tree frog. *shudder*
    Love what you made for Peg, and what she made for you!

  24. Jenny it was a journey and a half, but so pleased you are all safe and sound....glad you like my little gift, I did enjoy making it for you....

  25. Lovely swap gifts! Yes, her stitches are exquisite!
    Reading about all this unpacking and movers . . . we made the arrangements today to have our goods delivered on the 18th of August. We get our keys the 17th. I can't wait! I want to get a good walk through on the 17th so I can plan painting. I've never painted a place I've rented, except stenciled in once place once . . . I am thinking a light blue . . . then I can work out my sewing room/area. I am so happy for you that you're getting all settled in.

  26. Now that is road kill! Wow! I didn't even know you had camels in Australia! I've been telling family and friends this, and they are all amazed to hear it! Not something that I have ever seen/mentioned when watching animal shows...
    Sorry to hear that you have all had colds Jen! Not what you need when you all have so much to do...
    Lovely needle case Peg made for you!


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