Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Peg's Hearts" - Paper Bag Swap

The head colds are still hanging on, but at least today we can take things slower at last.

My only chore (and I really could NOT call it a chore) is to unpack my sewing room boxes, and make another few curtains before sunset.

This is the gift I made for Peg in Maree's Paper Bag Swap. It was so much fun, but quite a challenge to make something for another person with fabrics they had chosen themselves.
It made me dig deep into those creative channels, but I did what I always do...I put the fabric down and then I leave it. I walk around it for days (or weeks) until suddenly a picture begins to build in my mind. And only then do I pick up the fabric and start the journey of creating something new.

I made Peg a wallhanging, and have named it "Peg's Hearts". The colours were not what I usually use, but I think I may be making more from these colours in the future - I loved them! Peg had tea dyed the jumbo ric-rac and wondered how I'd use worked perfectly as a feature to hang the hearts!

For those who have asked - yes, I will be releasing this as a pattern once I'm organised again.

Okay...I'm off to drink copious amounts of warm drinks and then I shall be lost in my sewing room for the rest of the day!



  1. Boy you are a cleaver girl you dont overdo it unpacking while you are soo tierd with colds on top.

  2. Oh wow have made a truly lovely design once again. I love being amazed by you :) Such extraordinary talent you have and I love all you do :)

  3. What a sweet wallhanging. She must adore it! Glad to hear you are settling in a little and I hope your head colds clear up! Let that heat bake it out of you! Top of 17 here today - and rain!

  4. HI Jenny--so glad you are at your new place and am getting settled in so quickly--do be careful though to not overdo it--we need you to be your creative self--love the cute heart hanging--take care--drink lots of tea!!! see ya, hugs, just, Di

  5. I saw this on Peg's blog and think it's absolutely brilliant! You are so talented!

  6. Hi Jenny...good to see you arrived safely and are settling in..
    What a sweet wallhanging...Peg will love it!
    Julia ♥

  7. Quite a nifty pattern, Jenny! I love it! I hope you feel better quick!

  8. Another beautiful creation Jenny! And I love how you have used the ric-rac! You little genius, you! xx It really is a beautiful design - a bit like it's creator really!!! :-)

    Lots of love sweetheart, enjoy reconnecting with your sewing buddies (materials!)
    Hugs! Vikki xx

  9. Wow, very creative and very it love it.hope your cold get gone soon... thanks for sharing

  10. You are gorgeous....I truly love my "Pegs Hearts"......your gift will be cherished as well as all your kind words......I am sending you a huge hug Jenny...keep safe...Peg x

  11. Cute, cute the fabrics that you HAD to use also.

  12. Jenny you're amazing!! You get soooo much done - "Peg's Hearts" is gorgeous. Do you sleep ;o)???
    Hope you well again soon!!
    Joy :o)

  13. Glad to hear you made your destination safely. Sorry to hear about the head colds. Hope you get well soon. Have a great day.

  14. Pegs hearts are beautiful and I look forward for you to make this pattern for us :)

  15. Have fun unpacking your sewing room stuff! I bet you will be glad to see all your sewing room things again.
    You have really made some beautiful hearts for your swap partner!

  16. I bet you only half noticed your head cold while you were arranging your sewing room.... lol

    I'm happy for you being settled in your new house!

    ... and wow! ANOTHER beautiful design for this wallhanging!


  17. Glad to see you all arrived safely.

  18. Very cute little wall hanging. You are so clever!!


  19. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a little while, and am interested to work out where about you've moved to. My friend Deb ( and I have been arguing whereabouts it may be!


  20. Have been following your travels and glad you are getting settled in but do be careful with the colds and don't get to tired and have them get worse. Maybe we could see some pictures of your NEW sewing room when you are all unpacked. Would enjoy that a lot. Do take care!

  21. cuando vi los corazones en el blog de ella pense que raro que Jenny eligio esas telas, asique las habia elegido ella un beso

  22. OHHHHH!!!
    I am so excited to get that pattern..I really do like it and I love the prim look of it. It makes such a lovely gift..Thanks Jen
    Hug and lots of well wishes
    ps, I am almost finished with the boot in shabby rose. Looking forward to next one, take your time and get well!!!

  23. Such a beautiful job. Happy unpacking and feel better soon!

  24. Felicidades, haces unos trabajos preciosos!!!!
    Saludos desde México

  25. Oh my dearest Jenny, I do so much love your patterns, and cant wait for this one. I already have several people in mind to make this for. hugz xxx

  26. That is the cutest little thing I've seen in a long time!

    I'm glad you're able to put your new sewing room together.

  27. It's wonderful Jenny! Very creative! 8-)


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