Monday, August 17, 2009

Katrin's Heart

Remember I told you about Katrin's Heart Swap a couple of weeks ago?
I love Tilda hearts, so I joined in and made this heart for her...

...and it arrived in Germany last week. She loved it, so I was really pleased. I added in a fat 1/4 of the Mary Engelbreit fabric I used in the heart because it's such a happy fabric and Katrin always makes me smile. :-)

Today I received a heart from her, but not just a heart - she sent me a little package of sweet surprises!

Now I can hang something Katrin made in my sewing room, and the room is painted pale blue so the blue heart matches perfectly. She also sent me some BEAUTIFUL fabric that I've never seen before...I'll be making something special with that! It's funny, but the other day I commented on Katrin's blog about the sweet crocheted mushroom...and now I have one. As well as all that, she sent me some beautiful golden-brown thread and a cleverly made fabric key ring - though I chose to use it as a scissor fob because today I bought myself a new pair of embroidery scissors and I was going to have to make myself a fob...but Katrin's parcel arrived perfectly timed and now I have a very special one from the other side of the world.

Thanks so much Katrin!! I love everything!!

Do you participate in swaps?



  1. well done girls nicely sent and received, very lovely indeed...hmm no wwhat was the last comment you made? something about do you participate in swaps..oh yes maaam I sure do..I love sending to others (which I randomly do often)..and then I also love to participate I love making/collecting & sending and receiving swaps-it's so lovely to see what someone eles puts together for you,cheers Vickie

  2. Lovely hearts for lovely ladies...your little scissor fob is very clever and pretty!
    I enjoy swaps too!

  3. Being a newbie blogger, I've only just started with the Stitcher's Angels swap by Helen Stubbings...and I can't wait!!! I love making things and giving them away, but this time, I get to have something in return...such a beautiful idea....warm fuzzies both ways!!!! and you get to meet so many new people with similar interests from around the world....just magic!
    I love your swap too - veeeery nice!
    have a great week...I'm off to see if my swap has started!!

  4. always love swaps........not too many but just enough.......I have been very lucky to be in well run swaps.........and the ones that are well run usually most successful too......everyone plays right........your goodies are beautiful..........

  5. I love the hearts! They look so nice, both the one you sent and the one you recieved:-)
    I'm new to blogging, and I just got started in my first swap, the "secret angel" one. I am soooo excited about it! I also signed up for another swap, the "friendship bag" swap. I think that's enough for me, after all, I am supposed to make some nice things, and must have time to make them too. But I think i will participate in more swaps when these are finished!

  6. Beautiful gifts, I have just started to participate in swaps, though I'm still nervous about it. :)hugz xxx

  7. Oooo great stuff going both ways!! I don't do swaps anymore, got burned one too many times :0(


  8. Beautiful swap gifts, Jenny. I only join swaps if I know for sure I can complete it. I usually start doing things before the end of the sign-up for the swap. I hate to rush and this way I get to do a lot of research and prep work.

  9. What a lovely post you wrote about our swap! You made my day!

  10. Jenny,
    What a nice gift.. love the scissor fob idea.. I have not joined a swap yet but it sure looks fun.

  11. I LOVE to swap, Jenny...especially the giving part.

    Would you like to swap with me? (wink) I'm game!

    Gorgeous gifts from Katrin.

  12. Both hearts are lovely. I don't take part in swaps as I am in the UK and that can involve people in extra postage, which they often don't want. I still like to see what is going on in swapland though.

  13. A wonderful swap! Lovely goodies in and out! Hears a plenty! 8-)

  14. Beautiful gifts. Love the keyring / scissor fob.

  15. Hi Jenny,
    a wonderful Swap, I love Hearts. Do you want to swap with me too? Perhaps a Lavander-Heart like this?

  16. lovely gifts..hearts are laways nice to give..
    Depends on the swap!
    Julia ♥

  17. Oh how pretty - both the given and the recieved! Love that little mushroom.
    No, I don't participate in swaps - yet - maybe someday after I find a job!

  18. A wonderful swap! Hearts are always nice to give...

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  19. I would love it if Katrin would do a tutorial to show us how to make the scissor fob. I'd love to make them for Christmas for my sewing buddies. What do you think?

  20. I followed Katrin's links and found the tutorial I was looking for! Now I'm going to get to work and make scissor fobs for my Christmas list!