Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Pay It Forward year...Charli...and sweets!

Have you participated in a Pay It Forward yet? If you haven't I'll explain what it is. You sign up to someone's blog who is a part of it, and in doing so they have to make you a surprise gift sometime in the following 12 months and post it to you. Your part of Pay It Forward is to tell about it on your blog (which I did) and the first 3 people to sign on are to receive a handmade gift from you sometime in the next 12 months. And so it goes on...you receive one gift, but you make three to pass on. Lovely idea isn't it!?

I signed on last year to Myra's Pay It Forward team, and whilst my first two handmade gift recipients received theirs within months of signing on to my team, my third recipient has been waiting almost a year. She was moving and I wanted to wait until she was settled because I had an idea in mind for her new home town/state.

The idea really came to life in my mind when Allie shared her gorgeously fun Portholes designs recently. I knew one of her beach inspired designs was going to be perfect for the beach bag I wanted to create!

And of course, I'm REALLY hooked on machine quilting right now so I decided to quilt the bag! I did waves this time and it fit perfectly with the stitchery!

I love Allie's Portholes...

After using fusible webbing to stick the embroidery to the quilted bag length, I blanket stitch appliqued the Porthole to the front of the bag, then after stitching the side and adding a box bottom I decided to bind the top of the bag for a smooth finish...
...before adding the long handles.
I found some pretty cotton strips to add some strength and colour to the handles, before finishing them off with some cool blue, mismatched buttons! The bag is almost 20 inches wide so great for carrying towels, sunscreen and water to the beach. :-)

This will be posted tomorrow, along with a number of overseas packages...gee, Australia Post are going to love me! ;-)
We have decided to give Maggie the Possum's baby a name that will suit both male or female as we have no idea what the gender of her offspring is. So from today it shall be known as CHARLI. Charles if it's a boy, and Charlotte if a girl...but for now Charli is just right.

I didn't spend all day stitching. It's been a while since this dessert has been made, but when strawberries were so cheap this week I knew it was time to bake a Strawberry Shortcake for my beloveds. Sweets for my sweets. :-)

I hope you are enjoying your beloveds today.
The children grow so quickly and we wish the years back again, so embrace their presence in your home *now*...love them to pieces and thank God for trusting you with them.
And while you're at it give that special person in your life an extra hug today and tell them why you love them.

....who will just go and take my own advice and shower my husband and kids with a hug and a reason why I love them so much. xxxx


  1. I love the bag and the idea of the porthole...sweet!
    I am involved in my first pay it forward and have one of my recipients "things" almost ready to send :o)

  2. Jenny, I just so love the bag, it is really scrummy georgeous! The scones look pretty delic too...

  3. You always come up with the most thoughtful gift ideas. What a gorgeous beach tote.

  4. You've been busy again and really taken to machine quilting. The bag is lovely. Your strawberry shortcake is making my mouth water.

  5. Oooo lovely bag, she's gonna love it!! In my family no one leaves without a hug and a "love you". I ask my hubby why he loves me and he always says because I make great pork chops, he's such a romantic LOL.


  6. Oh, lovely bag Jen. It turned out so cute. And today IS a special day in our family. It's my baby's birthday. Now when is your baby no longer a baby? I'd like to shower him with hugs and kisses, but he's thinking he's too old for that stuff now :-(

  7. I love the bag!!

    I second what you say about family. They are the most precious people in our world.

  8. What a gorgeous bag , I love the waves .

  9. What a cute bag! Great way to combine stitching and quilting all together into one beautiful package. What a lucky recipient.


  10. I *love* your porthole bag! Thanks for explaining how it was made. Your embroidery design is also too cute.

  11. My family is everything to me, they are my reason for living.
    I love the bag Jenny, its super. hugz xxx

  12. Ohhh, garsh! is that for me????? It's absolutely lovely!!!!!!!!!! you all should start praying for the safety of the postmen - I shall be awaiting and ready to pounce!!! :)

    As always, your work is beyond beautiful, and I know so much love and care goes into each stitch!

    yes, take your advice and love on your loved ones. I've kept mine home today (w/ Dad overseas this week and the tropical storm coming) and we'll do puzzles and I'll work the finishing stitches on my first pay it forward . . . It's so exciting.

    My littlest (he's eleven) asked me to make him hash browns (shredded potatoes browned in a pan) and it's a bit of work, but I did it. I can't say "no" to his wide, hazel eyes . . . or his appetite! Anyway, I better clean up as if the power does cut off today, I do not want to smell the pans remains until the power is back on. :)

  13. Okay, CRISPY - what's the secret to good pork chops???? No one complains about mine, but by God, i cannot make them stay moist! help!

  14. That bag is darling...she's a lucky gal!
    Your strawberry dessert looks yummy...i would like vanilla ice cream on mine, please!

  15. That wavy quilting is just perfect on that bag Jenny!!! I like the name you've picked for your possie friend :o) ... you're so lucky to have those nocturnal visitors. We have one but I think he/she must be very shy, we only see the empty peels from the mandarin tree - rarely the possie.
    Your strawberry shortcake looks delish!! I can just imagine it smothered in fresh cream ;o).... yuuummmm!!!
    Joy :o)

  16. Gorgeous Bag and delicious looking dessert - Can I have the recipe?

  17. Oh Jenny - when I visualized portholes on a bag I didn't do that good of a job! That bag is AWESOME, I love the wavy quilting and the fabrics. Wonderful!

    Charli is a great name for baby! WTG Blossom!

    Sure wish I lived closer - I'd be sneaking treats ALL the time. Hugs to you dear Jenny!

  18. Yum looking Strawberry Short Cake - I would like the recipe too! Your thoughts about telling those around you that you love them and showering them with sweets is a nice reminder. The bag is adorable and I am sure your friend will love it.

  19. The bag is great Jenny! Congrats to you on completing your PIF commitments! I, as you know, am tardy with that, but since my parents 50th is done, I can focus on that now...

  20. Your swap partner will love the bag you made for her! Your shortcake looks wonderful too!

  21. Short and sweet I love the M, cover I love the bag and I love the look of that str,. shortcake---cottonreel


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