Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shabby Roses Block 9 ~~ TRUST ~~

Good morning ladies :-)
Thank you for your prayers and cares regarding my migraine. It has subsided quite a lot today, but there are still a few tendrils of pain clinging on. I pray they continue to disappear as the day progresses.
For those who asked, I do wear glasses when I sew. I think these latest surge of migraines are heat related as I used to get a lot of migraines when we lived in Alice Springs. I can avoid many of my triggers, but heat is not one of them.

And now, may I present to you "TRUST"....

This is block 9 of the 12 month Shabby Roses BOM I am sharing with you. This is a special block for me as every stitch was made with thoughts and prayers for my husband and the bond we share in our marriage, the importance of trust in that relationship. I dedicate this block to him - he is my true love and my best friend.

NOTE: "Trust" is now available for sale in the set of blocks 7,8 & 9 through my ETSY store.

I am also sharing the assembly instructions for the quilt today! Now you can begin bordering your blocks and even finishing one of the three rows. Quilt assembly instructions are HERE

For those who are only just beginning this quilt you can purchase blocks 1,2&3 as a set from my ETSY store, as well as blocks 4,5&6 in a set.

Today I'm well enough to begin binding my finished Shabby Roses quilt top! Very exciting!!

PS: I'll be back later today to draw the winner of the August Sewing Machine Cover Challenge!


  1. Another lovely block! Thank you!

  2. A lovely tribute to your marriage and a gorgeous block too!

  3. I love how you have dedicated this block to your husband. Its very very pretty and I love it Jen :)
    Glad to hear your migrain is on the way out. hugs

  4. love your comments on what trust means to you! One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 3:5-6...thanks for another beautiful block, Jenny

  5. Hello sweetheart!

    I'm glad you are feeling better today, wish I could take away the pain with a click of my fingers. x

    Sweetie - the first thing I thought when I saw your block was "wow - that would be the PERFECT stitchery on my wedding-ring cushion" - you know the cushion that the ring-bearer carries? And then I read how you had dedicated it to your husband - and now I KNOW it is the design I will use on my cushion!

    Thank you sweetie. xxxxxxxx
    big big hugs! And love in abundance!
    Vikki xx

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely designs. I am most anxious to start them, however I have two other blocks of the month to finish up first. I am glad your pain is fading.Used to have migraines...not fun! My husband and I will celebrate our 45th anniversary this October and I agree this is a perfect block on that subject..Louise

  7. What a wonderful block Jenny!! I feel the same way about my other half....he's a keeper :0)


  8. Love the trust.. nice and trust is really important. Thanks for the blocks, I am really enjoying them.

  9. Another wonderful block!!! Lovely story to go with it too... Wonderful Jenny! 8-)
    I am wondering, have I missed reading the finished size of the quilt measurement somewhere?
    Glad your migraine is easing off some...

  10. Love this Jenny and love your tribute to your hubby - absolutely priceless. Thank you dear one, feel better!

  11. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for another wonderful block.

    Oh, I have to agree with you-TRUST is one of the most important pieces of a marriage.
    How great to dedicate this block to your husband.

    Hm, makes me wonder-what can I paint to dedicate to my husband of nearly twenty years?????????
    Much appreciated,

  12. Thank you so much Jenny, another super block. hugz xxx

  13. A very lovely block and very good assembly instructions. Thanks so much for sharing.... I feel a little bad because I didn´t manage to finish block 8 jet...

  14. What a beautiful block.
    It's good to hear that you're feeling a little better.

  15. Another lovely block - it just radiates love! Glad you are feeling better. (Btw have you got my letter yet?)

  16. Hey Jenny! Gorgeous as always! I can't wait til I clear my "To Do" list a bit so I can tackle your lovely Shabby Roses blocks - a quilt featuring these shabby beauties will look right at home in our spare room! Hope your headaches are all gone! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  17. Jenny, thank you very much for block no. 9, TRUST. Migraines are absolutely terrible, I get them too regularly as well. Have you tried IMIGRAN tablets. Expensive but they help me. They do make you sleepy though, but I think you really have to sleep to really get rid of a migraine. I started getting migraines after I had a bad dose of the mumps that I caught from my young ones about 25 years ago. I got encephalytis with the mumps and was very ill and since then I have had migraines at least every month. You really should just rest when you experience one. People should understand if you can't get normal home duties and your craft/sewing "duties" done. We here in blog land will understand if you don't get patterns done etc. etc. I hope you are feeling much, much better!!!

  18. Jenny....We have a problem!! I cut my material today so I could put the top row together and something is not right! (I Think).

    On the page for the assembly instructions you say you have 6 blocks at 6 1/2 inches and you sew the 2 1/2 inch bright pink to the top and the bottom. This makes the block 10 1/2 inches. Then you stitch the 2 1/2 by 6 1/2 green srip to the 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch appligue print making this 10 1/2 inches and the block you sew it to is cut 6 1/2 by 9 1/2. Making them not fit.

    If I'm reading this wrong please let me know. I'll wait till I hear from you before I try to figure out how to fix this, so I can still use all the material I have all ready cut. Thanks

  19. Thanks Jenny, I didn't word it quite right but you got the idea. Can still use my strips!!! YAAAA!! Will just highlight the print out that I have and change that part.

    I'm off to the sewing room!!!

  20. Thank you for the designs. They are lovely.
    Nancy in IN

  21. Thank you, Jenny. It is lovely. I finished block number 3! Now onto # 4.

  22. What a wonderful block design, I haven't started this yet but am really looking forward to it. What a wonderful gesture dedicating this block to your husband.
    I'm sorry you're being so dogged by migraine, I used to suffer badly from it but when they put me on beta blockers for high blood pressure the migraines got less. They know there is an ingredient in the BB's that helps migraine but haven't isolated it yet. Good thoughts coming your way for a migraine free month.

    gentle hugs
    Peg x

  23. Hi Jen!! I came to see all your news creations and are really gorgeus!! :) and I try to take the new blocks of the shabby roses BOM but i can't download the number 9... this said page not found... :( I hope you can help me :) Kisses and blessigns for you...