Sunday, August 2, 2009

*that* shop again....

pBlossom and I took time out yesterday for our Saturday morning 'girl's time' once again. Since she's been attending school here in Charters Towers we have missed the regular rhythm of the cafe trips we indulged in quite often living in Esperance - homeschooling allowed us so many mother/daughter memories I can treasure!
But memories can be made in so many ways, and we are beginning to build up some news ones that still involve a cappuccino and cake (naturally!), but we've added in shopping.
Remember the little treasures we found last Saturday? This Saturday was no different!

Blossom bought for herself these gorgeous vintage reproduction tins....

...and this exquisite pewter frame to house a photo of her and her very best friend in the world, Frances. I'll have it printed up for her this week and I know seeing Frances' face smiling back at her each day will be a lovely way to begin each day. Frances lives 3 days drive south and they have only met 'in the flesh' once, but they are sisters-of-the-heart and blessed to be so. :-)

Blossom was quite thrilled that her little stash only cost her $20. I told you this shop has lots of affordable beauty didn't I?
Now, my stash of goodies. :-)
I bought the other half of the set of vintage reproduction tins (they are sitting on the pink gingham I'm using to back my Shabby Roses quilt)....

...this gorgeous rose teacup and saucer set for Blossom (it's actually a deep blue, not the black the photo is showing)...

....this very pretty pink teacup and saucer duo for when we want to drink tea together and because I LOVE pink....

...and my favourite purchase - this stunning milk jug! There is a matching sugar bowl and tea cup at the store, but they may not be there next time we visit as this set is so beautiful.

And how much did I spend? $30. I feel almost wicked coming home with so much beauty and not paying the earth for it! But I am not complaining. ;-)
The Etsy situation has still not been resolved as I simply cannot seem to make contact with the lady in question, however, I want to say a very emotional {{{{{thank you}}}}} for the outpouring of kindness and affirmation you have given me. I know it's silly, but this issue really upset me and Blossom had to give me a stern talking-to yesterday morning so that we could enjoy our time together and not have it overshadowed by my distress.
All of you added to lifting my spirits once again, and I am so very grateful.
I'll have some new designs to show you in the next day or so, and prepare yourselves for a's so much fun to give a gift! :-)



  1. Looks like some beautiful "finds" Jenny. I'm glad you two have been able to find time together with all the news changes in your lives.

  2. Jenny,
    I really love the teacup and the beautiful rose teapot....what lovely finds they all are! Is your house decorated in Victorian decor? Your stitchery is so

  3. What great finds you girls made. Love the little milk pitcher. It looks perfect.

  4. Hi Jenny--oh how much fun it must be to go treasure hunting with your daughter!!! I love all your treasures, and now I can't wait until tomorrow to go to do my "hunting" as my day is Sunday to do that and I missed last Sunday--oh so does that mean I get to buy twice as many items this week???? and maybe I should limit my treasures to just Christmas finds for the month of August???? See ya soon--hugs, just, Di

  5. How devine is that milk jug? A beautiful find.
    It's always lovely to enjoy some mother/daughter time.

  6. Wow! I would like to visit that shop! Your stitchery is like your lovely teacups, teapots and tins...very soft, romantic and shabby chic. AND all at bargain prices to love that!! It's a good thing!

  7. I know how distressing that kind of thing can be, having been in the same situation some time ago, but rest asured in the worst case senario and she leaves bad feedback, the etsy powers that be will resolve it for you!
    On to nicer things your work is so stunning! I have been following you for some time and just wanted to let you know that your beautiful soft colours and technique of combining applique with embroidery has inspired me to give it a go. I drew up a design and stitched it out, but now I'm stuck and don't know what to do with it, I'd love your opinion. Thanks so much
    Your Fan Paula

  8. Oooo lovely finds again. I wish we had such inexpensive stores like that.


  9. Gorgeous finds!! I've got a teapot that would match your tea cups beautifully.... never used! Don't even drink tea.... just bought it cause it was beautiful... bought it for myself as a mother's day present from my unborn child!! I guess I didn't need to make an excuse!! Hope you are able to resolve your etsy issue. Can Esty contact the person directly?? Phone??

  10. What fun!!! I'm so glad you two are getting out and finding time together. Love Blossom's tins and frame - but oh Jenny those pink cups you got are to die for. LOVE them.

  11. Jen you are finding some very delightful treasures. I am glad you are not beating yourself up over the etsy issue and I am sure it will sort it out soon. You are definately too honest to do anything wrong thats for sure. Not your fault if people dont check their junk folders. hugs hugs Vicki

  12. What lovely goodies Jenny. I adore your little milk jug, it is a real sweetie. So nice to have a girlie day out, they are so precious to us aren't they.
    The pink cup and saucer yell mother and daughter cups of tea. I certainly would not have been able to leave them in the shop either.

  13. I love the milk jug. I can see you serving milk at the table with it. Having boys, makes reading about your time out with Blossom fun. Just girl things. Love it!

  14. I have just printed out your little snippet on Charters Towers for Mum to see - I remember all those surrounding little towns. Nice shopping at bargain prices! Now, THAT lady - let's try to forget about her, maybe the poor soul has a problem!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  15. Oh my goodness Jenny; I want to come straight back to Charters Towers right now! How on earth did I miss that gorgeous shop!

  16. don't you just love it when the kids in our lives have to give us a reminder to be strong and to not let strangers make us question our selves? ;0

    You go Blossom! :)

  17. excellent finds there..way too go what a lovely way to spend time together...Cheers Vickie

  18. Ohhhhh. I am green with envy, they are so beautiful. I have given up on having "pretty" things in my home, hubby is too careful with china, and will not take off his dirty work boots and clothes when he come home from work. Hugz xxx.

  19. I wanna shop just like you have near you! What wonderful, awesome finds.

  20. Wonderful purchases! I especially love the little milk jug! Beautiful!

  21. That milk pitcher is incredible! I see you and your daughter have the same taste - you can split a set of tins! Reminds me of me and my daughter.

  22. Gee you did buy some bargins there Jenny....sounds like another lovely day.

  23. You just might have in influx of bloggers to CT to visit 'that shop'! Such beautiful things.....
    Chin up about the etsy thing - frustrating as it is. I am thinking of you and hope it can be resolved for it not to be on your mind any longer. hugs, Bec xxx

  24. I love all of these treasures but that little jug is just precious.


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