Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My sewing space...

One of the things I find (from being part of a family that moves a lot) when settling into a new home, is that after a few weeks you discover that things aren't working well in the places you chose for them.
I realised yesterday that this had happened in my sewing room.

So I baked cookies - choc-chip, lemon drop, and black cheery cookies...and while I rolled the little balls of dough and waited for them to bake I planned what I needed to do in order to make 'my sewing space' work with me and not against me, and then...

...this morning I took my ideas into the sewing room and began to re-organise my work spaces. It took most of the day but I love it!

These are my little welcome hearts. They used to hang from a chest of drawers in the living room, but now they live in this basket waiting for me to find them a new home - but I think I like them right here, sitting near me.

Ah...and what is this? My secret stash of designs, waiting for me to bring them to life in fabric and thread! No peeking. ;-)

I kept this photo till last because it is the sad photo. Why?
Can you not see?
My poor old sewing machine lives under this dreary plastic cover when not in use. :-(
I can hear it's woeful sighs all through the house.
I think I need to relieve it of its misery and get to stitching something pretty and pink, so it can be dressed to match the rest of the room.
For now, though, I'm off to make Lasagne for dinner, then I'm free to sit and stitch a HEART for Katrin who is swapping hearts all over the world. I love her stitching so I jumped at the chance to swap a heart with her.
Maybe you'd like to as well? You can contact her through her blog. :-)


PS: There's a gorgeous giveaway at Pumpkin Patch Primitives!!


Country Nanny said...

Hi Jenny, how are you?
Your stitching room looks so nice! I'd like to have "a room on my own" someday too.
Your cookies look delicious. I'm greedy with cookies :)
Have a nice day.

Solstitches said...

Yum! Those cookies look so good!
What a great feeling it must be to rearrange your sewing space and to have it how you wanted it.
I like the hearts in a basket and think they look pretty displayed that way.


Fee said...

Your sewing room looks like a creators haven. I am sure that many new projects will stream out of there. The baking looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

yummy cookies....... but I havent had breakfast yet. Love the look of your sewing room. Poor mr. Machine. looks a tad bit forlorn to me, bit like mine - all alone in the sewing room while I work all day. hugz jane.

Unknown said...

Jenny, the biscuits look soooooooo yummy. I am so glad you feel better about your sewing room/ retreat room. It looks lovely and neat. I must tell you that the more room I got, the messier I became. I have a small selection of sewing machines I have bought over the years. The latest one is not new, it is an old Elna Stella, much the same as a Lotus, fold down flaps etc. I have just bought a foot adaptor and a patchwork clip on foot so I can do even 1/4" seams. I take this with me when I attend Tuesday get togethers at Nundle. I have not used this new foot yet, but it is attached and ready to go!!!!

PS I would like to look into your SECRET folder!!!!!!!!

Bec said...

What a beautiful sewing space you have now Jenny! I think the hearts have their new home, in the basket - they look very comfortable there! Don't worry too much about your sewing machine cover - these things take time! Gosh I am pretty slack - don't usually cover my machine.... naughty naughty!

Cattinka said...

Thanks for linking back to me.... I guess I´ll be making some more hearts soon, the first request came from Italy today... I love your sewing space, I hope you fell good in it now that you have changed it!

DIDI said...

Hi jenny! Can you just stop uploading photos of yummy biscuits and loads of neatly piled up stash and perfectly arranged sewing room? Could you? Please?

lol... biquiños

Michelle said...

Hi Jenny,
Got any old pillow shams just sitting around? Make a pretty cover in about 5 minutes. Here's what I did.






Do you have thrift stores where you live? I bet you will find something!

be blessed,

Abby and Stephanie said...

Yes oh yes, a pretty Jenny style sewing machine cover is in order! I made one for my Pfaff and then bought a new machine, Janome. Poor thing needs new cover too.

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

Your cookies look delicious. I can never resist a cookie.

Joy said...

What a great, sewing spot you have, very organised :o)!! I really love your sewing chair Jenny, so pretty.
Joy :o)

Crispy said...

Your area looks so nice and neat and comfy. I would worry about your pretty quilt in the window...I would hate to see the hot sun eat it :(


Sweet P said...

I understand how a room needs to be reorganized to make it work. I'm in the slow process of reworking my studio as well. The hearts are perfect in the basket. I wouldn't put them anywhere else.

aussiequilter said...

Love your creative space you have made for yourself!Hope it breeds lots of creativity cheers teri

Carrie P. said...

Well, it looks like you are getting settled in your new space. I like those little hearts in the basket.

el taller de sonia said...

que ricas se ven esas galletitas, cuantas cosas lindas y me asombro como el tiempo te da para todo un beso

Leslie said...

I would die for a room to put my craft stuff into. We live in a small house with very little space so my craft stuff is stashed throughout the house, in some weird places like in the vanity in the kids' bathroom and under the kitchen table benches...but I found a place for them all. When I sew, I sit my sewing machine on a bench at the foot of my bed and sit on a small stool to sew in a cramped space, but it still doesn't stop me from sewing :) You have to make the best of what you have!

At least I know I'm not the only one that goes off and does something else while I think of another project that I want to do! LOL I forget what I was doing yesterday when I came up with ideas for my front porch. I have even had DREAMS about what I should do! LOL

Have a great day :)


Sandy said...

Yummy cookies....love your sewing room too!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hiya Jenny!

My mouth is watering looking at your sweet treats!

And I love your sewing room - it looks very tranquil and a great space to create. I keep meaning to make a sewing machine cover for my "friend" too! For all their hard work, they deserve a bit of pampering don't they?!!!

Hugs sweetie!
Vikki xxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah - Kala said...

Your sewing space looks fab, dahling! I like those hearts in the basket, too. Those cookies look so delicious!
My husband pointed out that the master bedroom in our house (the one we move into on the 18th) is huge and there's a nook . . . he said I could set up a crafting area there and I was just chuffed to bits! usually nooks in our room is for the PC . . . I'm so excited!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Your sewing room looks peaceful and creative. Oh, look at your stash! lol

sandra said...

Great space!

Nanci said...


Thanks for sharing your space with us all and those cookies make my mouth water. It's nice to see where you'll get your new inspirations off the ground and being so far away (Texas) makes it feel like we're neighbors.

Allie said...

LOL! Trust me, you don't need to move to find out things aren't working - I spent the day today doing the exact same thing! How funny is that.
Love the new look [and the little basket of hearts] and it's killing me to see that secret notebook. KILLING me.

Sewinokie said...

Love your sewing space. It looks sooo great. Your cookies are yummy looking as well. I can never get mine to look as good.

Have a wonderful day!!!


Sonia said...

Wow Jenny, how things happen at the same time, I recently was pondering your dillema of the stitching space, so after almost a month I have completed my room change from upstairs to downstairs....and then yesterday when i was working in it for the first time, decided that my machine needed more than that plastic cover too...so as late as it was - I made it a cozy little quilt to sit on and today I have cut and am just about to sit and stitch it together a lovely little cover....

hope to post pics today later or tomorrow....

Love your new look just had to share my thoughts too.