Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finished garden pillow, a swim for the family, and the giveaway prize you're going to love!

We had some reprieve from the constant heat today - it was still hot, but we had a lovely cool breeze at last!
After a trip to the local markets for some morning tea, a call to OOO about a local fire beginning to blaze up the road, and a good 20 minutes spent browsing the local newsagents for magazines each family member could 'chill out' with, I settled down to finish the "IN MY GARDEN" pillow, a larger companion block to my "IN MY GARDEN" stitcheries ....

I'm sorry I can't show you any more but it's going to be packed off to the magazine next week to be published next year. I do realise that a lot of overseas readers don't get the Australian craft magazines, so I'm going to do the stitchery design up for sale next week in my Etsy store - just for my far-away friends! :-) It won't be a pattern for the pillow, just the stitchery itself.

Living on the school grounds affords us a few bonuses, one of them being access to the school pool each day. Here we are relaxing after a swim this afternoon...hubby, Slicer, me, and Bob-the-dog.

Blossom rarely leaves the water once we arrive...she's a true water-baby from way back!

Walking home...that's our house in the distance behind Blossom's head. Only takes us 4 minutes to get to the pool from there. By the way, hubby does not like having his photo taken so he's poking his tongue out at me. ;-)

How are you going with your sewing machine mat challenge??!
You still have 3 more days to make one!!
I think you REALLY should....because this is the prize if your name is drawn from all those who enter!!

To read more about this GORGEOUS book/pattern go HERE. I wanted to offer something really inspiring to push you to give this challenge a go. Today I ordered 2 copies of this book/pattern - one for me and one for YOU if you win this challenge giveaway!

Come only took me an hour to make mine! You CAN do it!!

Happy stitching days,


Denysem said...

Hi Jenny,
what a wonderful day:0)
The cushion was beautiful!
Here is beginning to spring, but is still a little cold ...
Loved having reminded us, because here is more difficult to access the wonderful Australian magazines.
The award is super exciting, thank you

Vickie said...

very clever girl you is that is looking way cool..the bag pattern is divine -lots of stitching in it ouch-..oh yes the pool to cool down ahh what relief..Umaaah it's rude to poke your tongue out hehehe,cheers vickie

Crispy said...

I would be in the pool with Blossom. I don't swim very well, but I can float for hours, without any help from floating cushions LOL.


Karmen said...

I thought you meant it took you an hour to make the Embroidered Village Bag! Oh my, I thought you had to be crazy, but then I looked at the link; you mean the sewing machine mat. Thank goodness! I was briefly consumed by more jealousy than I could handle. Now I am just normal jealous. Karmen

Vicki ♥ said...

Lucky for you all the pool is close and it looks very inviting :) I love your cushion the colours :) hugs

Joy said...

How cool that you get that great big pool all to yourselves - darling Bloss is making the most of it too :o)!!! Love your stitching Jen, soooo pretty :o).
Big hugs,
Joy :o)

Miriam said...

The pillow is beautiful! That swimming pool does look very inviting!

Janice said...

That pool looks like the place to be with your tropical weather. By the way - Challenge met!...But it took two and a half hours. There are photos on my blog.

Wendyb said...

Do all school pools look the same???? Our school pool looks very similar (just with different backgrounds!!! - the prinicpal's house is much closer!!)
I loooove the design on the garden pillow...will be looking out for that one!
;o) Wendy B

Loralynn said...

I managed to finish last month's challenge AND this months! Hop on over to my blog to see pictures! BTW, I have that book and it is so inspriational. I haven't yet found the courage to try any of the techniques, but it is truely eye candy!

Chris said...

Your designs are wonderful! I enjoy reading your blog. Can you share the desginers name of the fabric used on the pillow? I thought it was the beginning of Spring ...swimming already? Keep up the great work.
Tennessee, USA

Anonymous said...

Terrific cushion Jenny. Thanks for the link to the book, I've just ordered my own copy.

paulette said...

Ahh to have a pool to yourself!! AND I love your new pattern in the works-stunning! And the bag is a work of art! Love them all!

Nina Morelli said...

Oh, Jenny! The pillow is wonderful.
Here in Brazil, spring is beginning and your work, as well as other australian ladies designers, has inspired a lot to us all.
Thank you for sharing such beautiful things!
A big hug to u and ur lovely daughter, Blossom.
Jesus bless you and your family.

liloca, liloquinha said...

My work is almost completed ... I'll post before the end of the period.
Jenny your translation bar disappeared and fouls.

Lurline said...

Just love that pillow - the colours, wow! We did have sunshine today but not warm enough for 'your' gorgeous pool!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Diva Kreszl said...

just beautiful!!!

QuiltSue said...

What a lovely looking place to live. The pool looks so inviting. I do envy you having that on your doorstep.

Cattinka said...

The embroidered village bag is a true inspiration, but one can´t participate in everything. I hope you had lots of ladies sewing for your challange anyway.

Grethe said...

Your designs are wonderful! I enjoy reading your blog.
Just beautiful!!!

Carlie said...

Jenny..Almost missed this challenge, glad you posted again about it as I overlooked the first posting. So i zipped into my sewing room and made my mat to match my sewing cover. Also you have another hit with the new pillows...they are great...can't wait for the magazine to come out with them. And Happy Spring!

Sarah - Kala said...

Oh, my hubs gets a good snogging if he sticks his tongue out at me! he he he. I love the pics and lucky you to live so close to a pool! WE do, too, but it's being renovated. I wish they'd hurry up as two of my three kids are water babies!! BTW, love love love that bug crawling up the stem!!!!

Lauren Colless said...

Hi Jenny,
What a lovely cushion - just gorgeous! The prize for the challenge is just divine - if I don't win I'll have to get myself a copy... better go upload my photos to my blog and find your challenge post :) Thanks so much for being so inspiring!!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

I love the bag on the cover of that book! It is just gorgeous! I am in awe of the creativity in this world of our!

Allie said...

Well that cool breeze I've been trying to blow your way must've finally arrived, yippee! I hope it lasts. I cannot WAIT til that pattern hits etsy, girl! Wowzers.

You guys are just spoiled rotten with that beautiful pool all to yourselves, lol! I think I'd have to start every day off with a swim. And end it that way, too. Too bad it's so far away from you. *rolls eyes*

Bob is just the cutest little thing. He reminds me of my mini-toy poodle I had when I was five.

I planning on sewing on Tuesday. That bag pattern looks fabulous! How many projects do you have going on now, dear Jenny? *G*

Robin in New Jersey said...

That pool looks so inviting!

I love your newest stitching. It is so pretty!

Julia said...

Love your cushion design..Sunshine here at last!
Julia ♥

Unknown said...

My sewing mat is finished, and posted on my blog.

quiltmom anna said...

No time to make a sewing mat just now as my work schedule is a bit hectic just now. The fall term just started a month ago so we are beginning to get to the meat and potatoes of life in a kindergarten class.

I do love your beautiful stitcheries and had to write and tell you so- the first one is particularly stunning.

You are going to make someone very happy as your challenge winner.
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.
Warmest regards,

Granny Goose said...

We are so cold here and it is supposed to be spring, lucky you to be able to go swimming, love the new pillow stitchery, can't wait for it to come out in the magazine.


Maggey and Jim said...

Oh, Jenny,
You never cease to amaze me,, what a gorgeous pillow.. I really like that new pattern.The bag is awesome and would love to win, you must show more pics of it..That pool has got to be a life saver with the heat you had. We are having cool 65 now and only in 70's but sunny.

Béa said...

Wonderful book, hope to win, I finish my challenge just under the wire !kiss from France