Friday, October 23, 2009

An abundance of creativity in our home...

Despite my head cold, which is now on the mend (thank you for all your prayers, good wishes, hugs, and remedies!) I had a frantic surge of creative energy today, which went something like this -

5 new designs sketched....

...Vikki's gorgeous design stitched and being made into a door hanger (I'll show you it finished tomorrow)...

...and two funky placemats made from some Wonky Treehouse designs of mine!

Hubby is feeling creative too.
See this big box? It arrived today.

Look what was inside!
My darling has a new project of his own. He's going to restore this retired and partially mangled Yamaha RJ1100 racing bike over the next 12 he'll duck out to the shed while I duck in to the sewing room. ;-)

What have you been creating?



  1. Busy, busy people!!! Good for you!!! Cathy

  2. Love the 'Look'... and Wow that is a beaut bike... he sure will have fun in the shed...Lol....I like the sneak peak of your new designs Jen..
    Hugs Dawn x x

  3. Hi Jenny! I'm happy to see your creativity is in good health ;)
    I'm waiting to see your designs completed.

  4. Wow! You have been busy! Your new designs look wonderful!

  5. Wow, busy woman!I like the sneak peak on your new designs, they look fantastic!

  6. Jenny you hav been busy...the sneak peak looks interesting....all this with a head cold! Imagine what could have been if you were feeling well!
    Rainbow smiles..Gloria

  7. You really make beautiful sketches, they already look perfect to me.

  8. Oh MY. 5 new designs? Jenny, a cold sure doesn't slow you down, does it? They look wonderful! Love Vikki's design too, that's on my to-do list. And your Wonky Treehouse placemats are incredible - how cool is that!

    I love dh's bike project, good for him - and it's red! The proper color for racing, I've always felt. [My first car was red. And I raced it.] Such a creative household you have!

  9. Like the sneak peeks of your new creations.
    My sons would love to work on that motorcyle too. Will your husband actually race it?

  10. Busy, busy! Great that your hubby has something to occupy him as you stitch/create... 8-)
    Hope you feel better soon Jenny!

  11. I love your new sketches. You've been very busy. Is it going to be like our house with the bike? Mick reckons he should be able to have as much time playing with his bikes as I do sewing. He also reckons he has lots of time owing to him. It should be a fun project.

  12. Pleased to hear that you are feeling better. Love the designes and my DH is rebuilding a bike as well I think its his second childhood. I don't mine as I get more sewing time with out feel guilty for it .
    Hugs Bec

  13. Jenny what great creativity. am so glad you are feeling so much better. I am working on some thanksgiving wall hanging for my daughter.

  14. Hi Jenny,
    Wow, your hubby will be as busy as you soon, getting that bike up and running.
    If he has any problems getting it together I know a few good men that have a lot of knowledge on motorbikes.

  15. I'm glad hubby has a project of his own that's fun!

    You sure whip out those designs!

  16. Yay Jenny...glad you're back on track!! Love the look of the new designs..can't wait to see them 'in the real'!!! You are getting your house challenges done at a rapid rate!!...I've still got 7 days to keep the promise!!!!
    A racy red bike??'ll both be going really fast now!! hehehe
    sugary hugs 'o) Wendy

  17. Must be a creative kind of day all around the world--Love your designs and love that you just keep on doing them--I was creative today too--you can see it on my blog site--have a great weekend!!!! Hugs, Di


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