Monday, October 5, 2009

Free pattern and tutorial ~ OUR YEAR ~

Don't ask about that electrician. Just don't. I think he is a figment of my imagination.
If only I had the same 'world of pure imagination' as Willy Wonka. ;-)
My song tonight is, "Tomorrow, tomorrow...." I'll see if I have more luck with an 'Annie' repertoire.

Today was hot, but productive...I do not think being unproductive is part of my nature, do you?
Firstly I posted off the giveaway parcel to Denise in Alabama, USA....

...and then I finished making this!

I thought it might be a good project to share with you. A calendar hanger is a great Christmas or New Year gift, and I did some unusual things with my design, because I am always looking to do things I haven't done before.

Firstly, you'll need to buy the calendar so you know how wide to cut your fabrics and batting. Then you'll need to choose the fabric, some matching wool felt, and some glass seed beads.

Cut two pieces of fabric about 2 inches wider than the calendar, and as long as you like. You'll need 8 inches on top of the calendar, though. Using Iron-on Pellon, fuse the Pellon to the back of the front piece of fabric.

Cut out the flower and leaf shapes from the pattern sheet (download them HERE) , and pin them in position on the calendar front. Stitch the curved line on the leaves with backstitch.
Secure the centre of the flowers with a stitch, then sew the seed beeds into the middle of each flower - I backstitch and slip a bead on the needle, then sew in and backstitch again etc.
When you finish all three flowers, use a small running stitch to gather between each petal of the upper flower.

Now, do a running stitch around the bottom flower petal, not too tight though as you're going to be stuffing it later.
Take some cotton balls and gently pack small pieces into the cavity of each bottom petal.
When they are all stuffed, use some small evenly spaced stitches to secure them down. Don't pull too tight on the thread as you do not want to pucker the fabric underneath the flowers.
Cut a piece of contrast felt 5 inches square. Cut a piece of contrast fabric 4 1/2 inches square. Draw the outline of "Our Year" on the fabric. Lay the fabric on the felt, and place in position on the calendar hanger. Running stitch with 2 strands of DMC thread around the square, adding little crosses in the corners.

Embroider the words in backstitch, then running stitch around the outer edge of the felt adding seed beads in a pattern as you go.

Cut a piece of fabric 2 1/2 inches wide and as long as the width of your calendar hanger. Fuse some more Pellon to the back. Fold lengthwise, right sides facing and stitch a 1/4 inch seam along. Turn right way out.

Cut a piece of template plastic OR strong cardboard 3/4 inch wide and 1 inch shorter than the width of the calendar hanger.
Cut the ends to a curve...

...and insert through the prepared tube of fabric.

Sandwich the finished hanger front with the backing fabric. Machine quilt them together.

Lay the completed tube across the front, 8 inches from the top of the hanger, and sew a strong 1/8 in seam down the side to secure it in place.

Make a small hanging sleeve and sew in place 1/8 inch from the top of the back of the hanger.
Choose a contrasting fabric for the binding and stitch in place with a 1/4 inch seam.

Turn the binding to the right side, mitreing the corners, and slip stitch the binding in place.

Your calendar hanger is complete! You can either use a bought quilt hanger to slot through the hanging sleeve for display, or do what we like to do here and find a lovely branch that can be pushed through the back for that rustic look.

This one is a gift I've made for someone, but later in the week I plan to make another for our family, in reds to match the kitchen.
I hope you've enjoyed this!

Happy stitching days,


Unknown said...

Hello Jenny, I am so sorry the electrician hasn't been to connect your air conditioner, hope he comes soon, as the weather up your way will be getting hotter and hotter. I hope you have had some refreshing swims in the school pool. I like the calendar holder you made. Thanks for telling us how it was done. Our school holidays are just starting in NSW and hopefully we will have our new grandchild by the end of them. I can't wait. I have made about 6 fine cotton wraps for him/her to snuggle up in.

carole ann said...

It seems odd to me, hearing about all of the hot weather when I am getting ready for the cold, but it is interesting. Thanks for the calendar holder, great idea for gifts as I am making calendars for my children for Christmas.

Fee said...

Unproductive?? I don't think that word should ever be used in a sentence along with your name!

Fee x

Loralynn said...

This is such a great idea! Thank you!

Carin said...

What a great idea for easy Christmas gifts! Thanks!

Crispy said...

What a cute idea, thank you for sharing it with us Jenny :0)


Margie said...

Such a cute idea, and I'm seeing a few Christmas presents. Jenny, If I could I would put some of this 42 degree cold in a pkg. and send to you. I'm not looking forward to this winter! Thanks for the pattern directions.

el taller de sonia said...

Jenny please the traductor again, no se ingles y me gusta leer tu blog porfavor un beso gracias

Allie said...

LOVE this!!!!!!! So much prettier than just putting a pin in the wall, lol....this is going on my to-do list ASAP!
You...unproductive....the universe would shift on its axis if that ever happened.

jugglingpaynes said...

Good luck with your imaginary electrician! This is why I'm hoping at least one of my kids becomes an electrician or plumber. Always high demand. ;o)

That is a beautiful calendar holder! And while I still consider myself needle-impaired, I think I can use that idea for a calendar holder. hmmm...

Peace and Laughter,

Joy McD said...

How gorgeous! Oh my, yet another project to go on my to do list!!

Vicki ♥ said...

Oohhh. Jen.....I love are thinking up things left right and centre! Just fab :) hugs Vicki