Saturday, October 3, 2009

~ Jenny of Elefantz ~ The Collection ~

To make it easier for everyone to purchase my designs, and so as not to clutter up this blog page, I have set up another web page as a shopfront for my original patterns to be sold.
I'd love your input on this. Have a look ...

~ Jenny of Elefantz * The Collection ~ you prefer this to Etsy? Do you think it's better than a cluttered blog page here?
I'd like to make this side of things as user-friendly as possible so if you have some helpful ideas, please leave a comment on the shop blog. :-)

I will be uploading more designs for purchase in the coming days.



  1. Jenny I love this idea and have checked out the page, it looks GREAT! You're a smart cookie, m'dear.

  2. Hi Jenny, it's a great idea! Just remember to have prominent, easy to find links to your new blog on your old blog!
    Your work is fantastic!
    Carole :)

  3. You are a clever girl!!! A great idea and it looks good to me..I'll have to check it regularly!
    XX Wendy B 'o)

  4. A great idea, Jenny and best wishes for the success of your new venture!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Jenny what a fantastic idea, i had a look at the page, and is great so easy to see all your lovely designs, still trying to sort paypal so I can buy some (VG)
    Can't wait till tomorrow!!!


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