Sunday, November 1, 2009

SHABBY ROSES ~~ Blocks 11 and 12 ~~

This is quite a big day for me - today I share with you the final blocks in my Shabby Roses Quilt BOM!
I was only going to share block 11 this month, but I know many of you are struggling to keep up with swap commitments and Christmas gift sewing, as well as your own. By sharing both blocks today I hope to give you that little bit of extra time to finish the quilt if you are making it as gift.

I also have another reason!
Next month I will share the complete quilt assembly instructions, AND a gorgeous Shabby Roses quilt label to stitch to the back of your quilt when you're done. :-)

But enough news, I think you'd like to see the blocks? The colours have turned out very pink in the photos, but you can see the true colours in the full quilt photos below them.

Block 11 ~ INSPIRE ~

Block 12 ~ ROSES ~

Do you like them? Inspire became my favourite block in the quilt, because I find so many wonderfully inspirational things to nourish my soul between the pages of a book.
And what does the finished quilt look like?
If you click on the photos below you will get a much larger view of the completed quilt.

These blocks are not available for download after December 31st, 2009
They can purchased in a set through my Etsy Store.

Remember that we have a Shabby Roses Flickr Group, and there are many completed blocks by other stitchers already shared for you to look through. Perhaps you'd like to upload your own? Go on, we'd love to see them!
Don't forget to sign up through either Vicki or myself for the "Very Quick Christmas Fabric, Buttons & Trim Swap"! You must have registered with us by November 6th, and have your swap parcel containing *2 fat quarters of cotton quilting quality Christmas fabric * 2 Christmas buttons OR sew on decorations * 1 metre (yard) ribbon or trim, ready to post by November 13th!
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Have you caught up with the news from The Gum Tree Designers? Our November newsletter post is on the blog now, and tomorrow you'll be able to download the next Monday Christmas Freebie!

Have a joyous day my friends ~ remember to enjoy the process of weaving your time into the lives of those who love you, and stop occasionally to count your blessings one by one....



Sylvia said...

The blocks are lovely. Thanks so much for giving us this BOM. I haven't made it yet but it is on my "to do" list. I used one of the blocks for one of my Stitcher's angel projects. Just thought you would want to know that the links to the blocks both go to the inspire block, and not the roses one.


Hi Jenny--I love both of the new blocks--especially the inspire one--my other very favorite was the shoe!!!!
Also just read your post on your stitching history--loved learning that about you and how you have developed your work--and I have also noticed that if I work too fast--my stitches get bigger!!!!!
Hugs, Di

paulette said...

Jenny, thank you SO much for rose blocks! They are gorgeous and the finished quilt is stunning! You must be so please with yourself-or you should be!! I too love the Inspire block best....perhaps it's the teacher in me? Thanks again!

aussiequilter said...

Thanks Jenny-the blocks are so sweet cheers teri

Allie said...

Inspire is my absolute fave - oh Jenny these are too sweet! You know, my dear, I count you as one of my favorite blessings.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Thanks so much Jenny...I am saving them up for another time...Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon♥x

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Thank you so very much for these delightful Shabby Roses blocks.
How very generous of you and especially two in one month.
PS: How is hubby going with the motorbike?
Is he roaring down the street yet?

Karen said...

Thank you Jenny,

You have been very generous in sharing you Shabby Roses blocks, I do appreciate the amount of time and effort you have put in to designing them, they are beautiful.
Your finished quilt is lovely and I look forward to stitching my own.
Karen J

Carrie P. said...

I am all caught up so far. Now these two and hopefully I can do the top soon. Love them and thanks again for sharing your talents.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for blocks 11 and 12.....I love stitching your designs and having both blocks means that the stitching will last longer. Your quilt is lovely, hope to have mine done by my granddaughters birthday is a way off but I hand quilt so it will take me a little longer to see the end of this little journey.
Thank you again for the Shabby Roses Quilt it has been a blessing to me.
Hugs, Barb

Crispy said...

Oh Jenny, the Inspiration block is my favorite one too, what a great finish for a wonderful project. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with us.


Cattinka said...

Thank you very much for the last two blocks! The quilt will look very nice! And... I really like the winter recipe book you made!

Anonymous said...

Happy to get two more blocks for the Shabby Roses Thanks Louise D

Cattinka said...

Hi Jenny,
while stitching the "inspire" block I noticed that you forgot to add the reversed pattern for the vase to applique.