Thursday, November 12, 2009

A bit unwell, buttons, and some things to tell you...

I've been feeling a bit poorly lately, or as my darling grandfather used to say "she was a bit crook", so I've been spending quiet time winding down and recuperating. My husband waved his finger at me and declared I needed time out, bless his heart, and that's the real reason I rested. He knows I will push till I drop so he steps in before I crumple.
In the middle of this week our sweet Slicer had his 17th birthday but he's such an easy going lad that the day's celebrations were also simple and slow - a good movie to watch, popcorn, chocolates, and his favourite dinner - my Lasagne. He didn't want a birthday cake, just a huge bowl of jelly (jello), peaches, and ice-cream, which was handled easily and enjoyed by all. How did that little waddling boy turn into this tall, gangly, hairy man so fast? Hold onto those boys of yours tonight and give them an extra cuddle - in the blink of an eye it seems they morph into men.

I'm responding to the easier pace of the days and feeling much better today. The downtime began on Sunday when Blossom and I decided we'd finally sort out the button bags...

All done! Now I just need to make pretty covers for the colour-filled bottles and jars, but I'm keeping all the blues and reds in slide out stackable draws.

What else have I been up to?
Here are a couple of gorgeous fabrics that are destined for a bag design...

...and I discovered another way to use my Moda Twill trim! This is on the pocket of a Christmas gift I finished stitching this morning.

What have you been doing for the November Trims Challenge? Have you found some interesting uses for your trims? If you have, please leave a comment and let me know - photograph it for your blog and I can share the link!

All the parcels for the Very Quick Christmas Fabrics, Buttons & Trim Swap should be posted no later than tomorrow, November 13th.
I have received a couple of emails from swappers who did not receive notification of their partner - I did send all my list, as did Vicki, but it seems some of my emails have gone astray! If you signed up and have not heard from me with your swap partner's details please email me immediately so I can re-send the information for you.

I would also like to clarify about orders for my design packs made through Etsy. Occasionally I receive emails from customers who have ordered a pattern wondering why they have not received it. Usually it is a simple mis-communication with the Etsy process - ordering through Etsy is not paying through Paypal. That is a separate transaction and you must do that 'after' you make your Etsy purchase. Paypal will send you an email receipt once the payment is made, which they also send me. As soon as I receive that receipt I email the pattern to the customer.
If you have ordered a pattern from me through Etsy, but have not received an email receipt from Paypal, then you'll need to revisit your Etsy account and follow through with the Paypal side of the transaction.

The other reason a customer may not think they have received their pattern from me is that it has been dumped in their Junk email box and is not noticed. This has happened many times, and always the dear customer feels foolish after sending me a reprimanding email about tardiness of delivery. Please, if you order from me make sure you check your Junk email box if the pattern has not arrived within the promised 24 hour period.

Robin asked about the Hummingbird Cake that I had the other day when out with Blossom. I made one a few years back and they are lovely, but do not have the recipe handy so I'm sharing this link with you, Robin.
Hummingbird Cake Recipe
It's made with banana, pineapple and coconut, and I have no idea why it's called that! :-)

And lastly, have you been loading photos of your finished Shabby Roses blocks onto the Shabby Roses Flickr Group?
Please do! It's lovely to see all the different fabrics being used - it completely changes the blocks and I find it so inspiring to look at what you have made!

Happy stitching days


Dolores said...

I'm so glad to hear you have slowed down a bit. Your health is of utmost importance and I'm glad your hubby pointed that out. I love your button collection. Most of mine are white or black. That bag made out of that great looking fabric is going to make someone really happy. Thanks for giving us a wee peek. Now, go take it easy.

Jo in TAS said...

Kids grow up so fast. My 12yo son has just grown past me at 5'11", I think he's headed for 7'. Best wishes to Slicer he sounds like a fine young man, lasagne and jelly what a great combo!

Jo in TAS said...

PS Forgot to say look after yourself!

Maggey and Jim said...

Sorry you have not been well and you know sometimes things like that happen to slow us and make us just breathe.... I love the things you have done with the twill tapes. I am still working on my Shabby Rose but will send you post when I finish. I am trying without hoop now and it is going well.

jugglingpaynes said...

Feel better soon Jenny!

I can't believe your son is seventeen already! Where has the time gone? Happy birthday to him!

Peace and Laughter,

Jeanette said...

Hey Jenny, sorry to hear you are unwell. Luckily you have someone to tell you to slow down. :). Kids sure do grow fast. My 2nd son is 19 in 2 weeks & i'm wondering where the years have gone. Hugs, Jeanette

By Hoki Quilts said...

Get well soon Jenny, enjoy the pampering - what a honey of a husband you have,

Unknown said...

Oh Jenny,
Yes, please do take some time for yourself, relax, replenish, refuel as you know how busy the holidays will be. Congrats on your boy becoming 17...mine is 15 (he is the baby!) lol. Hope that you feel better soon. Here's a big old bear hug (((((Jenny))))) for ya...take care

Amanda said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather, but not surprised, you've had a more than hectic year and it does catch up in the end. Do take it easy and let everyone else look after you for a while. I can't believe that my sons will be 26 and 28 in September, it seems only yesterday that they were little boys charging about all over the place.

Cattinka said...

Hope you will be feeling well again soon! And please leave a link to the shabby roses flickr group in your next post.

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

I can understand why you have been feeling poorly. I often wonder when you have time to sleep. You do so much. Colleen

Shari said...

Buttons in glass always look good... and I do so hope you are feeling better soon! Please don't think you have to keep up with us or anything! It's ok to not blog everyday!!

Hugs - Shari

PS Congrats on the son's 17th birthday! Do I hear "P" plates in your future - LOL.

Carrie P. said...

Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. Take care of yourself.
Love the photos of the buttons.
I was going to send my swap package yesterday but the post office was closed for Veterans day. Will get it in the mail on Friday.

Country Nanny said...

Dear Jenny sometimes it's important to slow down and let our body and our mind have a rest. It's important to have a husband who has such a watchful eye and two fantastic kids such as Slicer and Blossom who can take care of you.
Happy Birthday to Slicer! Mmm that Jelly should be very good...
Lots of love,

Fee said...

Hey Jen,
BIG HUGS - glad you hear you are taking things easy when you need to.
I can't believe Slicer is 17!!! Happy birthday from the Gero mob to him.
Fee x :-)

Micki said...

Get well soon, and it is amazing how fast time flies by!

Carin said...

Jenny glad your feeling better. The buttons are beautiful! I am so not ready for my little guys to be men.

Anonymous said...

Take care! Deep breaths!
Enjoyed seeing all the pretty buttons.

Happy Stitching,

Allie said...

You have a wise hubby, dear Jenny. Happy Birthday to Slicer - they grow up SO fast!

Hey Jenny, I think you need some more buttons. *snort* Looks like you don't quite have a lifetime supply yet.

Love your fabrics and the trim on your Christmas project....oh so pretty. I'll have to take a pic of Garden stitcheries hanging on my moda tape. I didn't realize you had a flickr group for the Shabby Roses, I'll have to upload after I take some pics.

Crispy said...

Oh Jenny I hope you feel much better very soon. Down time is a GOOD thing!!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Yes, I gave my "boy" a big hug last night for his 32nd birthday!! How did that happen?

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Hope you feel better soon, Jenny.
The photos of the button bottles are lovely!

Janice said...

What gorgeous buttons. I'm glad to hear that you are slowing down a bit and listening to your body (and wonderful husband). Happy birthday to slicer. It sounds like you had a lovely evening together.

Janelle said...

Hi Jenny
Your buttons remind me of my four children sorting all mine some years ago. Every now and then they beg me to buy more buttons, just so they can sort them! I rarely succumb as I now have a very good button stash, but it certainly makes me smile! They do look great in glass - mine are all in plastic honey buckets, so maybe I'll have to find some nice glass containers to put them in.

Blogless me said...
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Blogless me said...

Take it easy - slow is good sometimes. I often lurk at your blog - it is in my Google Reader - and wanted to let you know I enjoy it a lot. Thanks for all the beautiful projects you show!
And BTW your daughters name is beautiful, as I suppose she is herself...