Monday, November 23, 2009

A day in a life...

What did Jenny do today?

She oohed and aahed over Fiona's Christmas Cheer apron.

She oohed and aahed over the packages her husband brought home from the school office for her.
From Stephanie she got lots and lots of dots and spots,

and from Sandi she was wrapped in Christmas Cheer!

She took time out to read about New Zealand's finest quilters, and various women who inspire.
These magazines were included in a care package flown over from her sweet friend Deb, 'across the ditch' in New Zealand, last Friday. I'm sure there was chocolate in this package...NO IDEA where that got to? Jenny must have gobbled it!

She finally got to organise her fabric shelf in colours...

....and don't they look so pretty?

She finished sorting through all her tubs of odds and bods, and now has only three instead of six!

She set aside small pieces of fabrics she found in her clean-up and put them aside to cut into charm squares and strips over the holidays for that 'one day' scrappy quilt she'll make.

She read through all the lovely cards she has been sent this year. She keeps them all in a pink cane bowl by the window. There's about 40 so far.

And she put the latest one in the little antique stand she found at a market many years ago. She changes the cards every few days, and prays for the sender each day the card is displayed.

She tried to have a conversation with Blossom but Blossom's mind was nowhere to be found. It seems she lost it somewhere in a Tilda book.

Now she's updating her blog before she makes a late supper for her husband and trips off to bed to read her *newest* country home-decorating book.

We'll just tiptoe out softly shall we?
Would you mind turning off the bedside light before you close the door?



  1. Good grief you have been busy I'm worn out just reading this. lol...

  2. oops sorry the door squeaked on my way out,cheers Vickie
    P.S. your fabric looks might dandy in it's shelves all so lovely colour coordinated.

  3. :))) I love reading your blog, you are such joy and fun to read!!

  4. Sounds like a GOOD day there Jenny.. Hope tomorrow is as good. Thanks for the great read, take care

  5. Such a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it (twice in fact) hugs xxx

  6. Lots of goodies and boy were your productive! Such a neat fabric shelf.

  7. You bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face. :)

  8. Hello Jenny,
    What a nice bunch of gifts..I love that card with the quilt blocks..And you certainly have things arranged neatly now. I like putting colors together and I have 2 small chest that I have mine color coded.We are getting ready for Thanksgiving here and all my family will be here, I am so blessed with that. I will be praying for your family today.

  9. How organised are you? I'm totally impressed!! My materials fill 4 or 5 "old style" ports. I do have some of them sorted into the blue port, the red port, the pink port, and you know how it goes! Now I have a challenge to get mine looking spiffy, so I can take photos too!! What a thought!! Rainbow smiles....Gloria

  10. Cute post! In your last picture, the statue on the right "Together" by Willowtree. My Husband got that for me for our anniversary a couple of years ago...isn't it lovely! So neat to see someone halfway 'round the world has something the same as me!

  11. ¡qué maravilla de cosas!!! me encantaría tener una muy pequeña parte de todo lo que muestras..... ¡y lo de Navidad ideal!!!


  12. Wow, Jenny really got a lot done today, and I love to look at her piles of fabrics, they are so nice!

  13. You really got a lot done Jenny! I am tired just reading about it.LOL

  14. You've been busy - what lovely surprises you recieved in the mail! Your shelves look so organized!
    You don't want me turning out the light - I'll stumble over something in the dark and scare you half to death, lol!

  15. Cute've been busy!

  16. Lovely gifties there. Your fabric displayed on your shelf looks too good to use, but I'm sure you will.

  17. Thanks for the great read-like reading a fairytale.
    Love that recent card you got from Deb.
    Have a great day today.

  18. looks like the quilting bug is in the genes!!!!!
    loved the post today Jenny...thanks for putting a smile on my face!!!!
    sugary hugs 'o) XX

  19. Your sewing room is looking fabulous Jen!!! Well I've been putting it off and putting it off, but maybe it's time to give mine a good cleanout too ;o)!!! If only I had a few spare hours he he he ~ aaaah, I'm the Queen of Excuses LOL.
    Love ya,
    Joy :o)

  20. Oh I do enjoy reding your blog
    Makes me smile

  21. Looks like Jenny had a very nice day. Congrats on your goodies. Very nice.

  22. Just how many hours long is your day, Jenny! I can't believe how much you accomplished! I would like to organize my stash on shelves when we move and my question is: do you have a plan or directions for how you folded your fabric to make such neat and pretty piles???

  23. HI Blossom---I am with you--reading the Tilda books--i have the two on your lap and two of her other ones--but i still need the one you are reading!!! so what will we make first of her;s--should probably do an angel as Christmas is coming--she also has a cute snowman in striped PJ's I plan to make and then there is the gingerbreads---I love gingerbread men!!!
    Hugs, Di
    PS tell your mom--cute post!!!

  24. What a lovely, relaxing post, Jenny. :-) I wish my shelves looked as organized as your shelves do! Lovely gifties, too. I think I recognise those Christmas fabrics. :-) I love the thoughts and prayers that go out to those who send you cards. Hmm, I feel it!

  25. Dear Jenny, After reading what you have done in 1 day i was tired and needed a cuppa. Then thought that i had better get off my butt and do something as good as what you have done. MMMM now where did i put that book hehehehe.
    Big Hugs

  26. Hi Jenny what a lovely day...much better than mine the dishwasher at work broke & we had to hand wash & dry plates cups bowls cutlery from 265 patients !! 7 of us got it done in 40 mins !! needless to say I DID NOT do the dishes that night!!lol I did manage to fold & put on a shelf my range of Kansas Troubles fabric waiting for inspiration to your blog

  27. shhhhhh.....just peeking in to see where Jenny has been hiding....I knew she was up to something.....what a nice clean-up job deserve a cup of tea and a foot rub.....
    hugs, Terri


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