Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'Shabby' sneak peek, published again, and mail...

Look what arrived in the mail!
It's my box of Advent presents from Jeanette!
Now I have to sit and look at this bright and bubbly box in my sewing room, unopened, for the next two weeks! I knew there would be a down side to this Swap.
Jeanette's parcel from me has arrived at her door too, so we're both bursting with anticipation at the daily treats from each other through December. Thanks to Jo and Fiona for hosting the Advent Swap - wonderful idea!

Speaking of Swaps ~ earlier this year I signed up for Maree's Paper Bag Swap. The idea was to post off some fabric, threads and trimmings in a paper bag (with some chocolate!) to your swap partner and they were to make you something from them, then post the finished item back to you.
My partner was Peg, and she is a real sweetheart (look at her blog, she does gorgeous work)...I designed this for her, stitched it up and posted it off just as we were leaving Esperance to move across country.

Creating Country Threads magazine showed an interest in it, so I decided to remake it for them to publish but I altered it slightly so that Peg's was her very own 'original'. :-)
The latest issue of Creating Country Threads arrived in the mail this week and now you too can make 'Hearts for Peg"...

If those outside of Australia, or unable to purchase this issue of Creating Country Threads, would like to purchase this design please let me know in the comments and I'll do up a pattern pack this week for my Etsy Store. :-)
What are you going to make for yourself in the coming months? Are you like me and send most of what you make off to friends and family as gifts?
In the current issue of Homespun there is a gorgeous bag design from Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches, and when I saw it I knew I wanted my own version. At the end of the pattern instructions there is the supplier details for the lovely leather handles Natalie used - so guess what else arrived in the mail for me this week?
Yep, those leather handles!

I bought them from Studio Mio, and in the package they had added a little pack of fabrics - so cute!
I'll be using Snippets from Moda for my bag, because I love the fabrics, and also because the bag is made using a honey bun and I have one sitting on my shelf waiting for a purpose. It must have been destined for this. ;-)

Hmmm...can you guess which DMC thread is my favourite colour???

More mail goodies! Dawn, a fellow Gum Tree Designer, knows how much I *love* DMC 99.
News has been buzzing around that this is one of the colours DMC will be discontinuing so within hours of learning how frantic I was at being denied my precious #99 she planned her strike on the local Spotlight Store and armed with purse and babies she gathered 10 skeins off the rack, packed them with military precision and sent them off through the post to the opposite side of the country and into my waiting hands. Now, is that a friend or what?!

And of course, when one receives a gift like that one decides a new stitchery must be had to display the lovely and soon to be rare thread. So to my sketch pad I turned, then to tracing and fusing applique pieces...

...all ready to stitch now. Thank you darling Dawn!

And look at this sweet teaspoon another of my Gum Tree Designer sisters sent me! Vikki is a tea lover too, and when she saw this she knew it would bless me. It's too pretty to use of course so I have it in a gorgeous china bowl of lavender petals. Thank you darling Vikki!
(Vikki has a giveaway on her blog right now to celebrate her new designs!! You should hurry on over and enter because there are 3 double pattern packs to win!)


How are you going with your Shabby Roses quilt blocks? Have you caught up? All the blocks, 1 - 12, have been released, and if you haven't begun this quilt I really hope you do soon. It was a true labour of love to design and make, and an experience that I will always cherish.
On December 1st I will release the free quilt label design for you to download, as well as the quilt assembly instructions. Today, however, I'll give you a sneak peek of the label....

Blocks 10, 11, and 12 are available for free download until December 31st.

Blocks 1 - 9 are available to purchase in sets of three as PDF downloads I will email to you, through my Etsy Store.
Perhaps you prefer a paper pattern set? You can choose to purchase the complete printed pattern set with all instructions and photograph for free postage worldwide through my Etsy Store as well.

If you are Scandinavian, you can purchase the complete printed pattern set with all instructions and photograph, in your own language, from Maggi's Handmade in Sweden. Just click on the photo below to visit her store!
Maggi's Handmade

Today Blossom has been sent home from school with a very sick stomach so she's back in bed with the fan on to keep her cool. I pray she recovers quickly as she is going to receive an Academic Excellence award at the end of year Speech Day on Friday, so if you could offer a pray for her that would be most welcome. :-)

It's very hot here every day, but Bob-the-dog sits by the door at dawn when it's cool enough to have it open, and watches me as I sew through the sunrise...

...and the sun is rising high in the sky now, so I'll go make my Blossom a cool drink and sit close by and stitch while she rests. Bob-the-dog will be by our side, of course. My little shadow.

I'll do another post later today as there have been some questions asked that need answering.



Jane said...

Get well soon Blossom sweetie. hugs xxx.
Oh jenny yes I would love to be able to buy the pattern for the little hearts,and the shabby rose quilt is most defiantly a labour of love and is my most treasured possession. looking forward to the seeing the label. Hugs Janey xxx

Terri said...

Saying lots of heartfelt prayers for Blossom.
I really wish I could get those magazines here. I feel like I'm missing so much! I love those little hearts.
Looking forward to the quilt lable.

Allie said...

What a lovely box - oh Jenny how can you stand it! I could never do a swap like this. My heart couldn't take it.

I love your Hearts for Peg. What a darling design! Congrats on having it published - girl, you are the darling of the design world!

Dawn and Vikki are just the sweetest. I think we should start a letter-writing campaign to DMC to keep making that shade!

I'm still catching up on my shabby roses - had to stop for a bit and work on something else, *ahem*. But I'll be back on track soon!

Give Blossom a hug from me and tell her I'm praying for her to get %100 well really quick, and congratulations on the reward, job well done!

Jeanette said...

Hi Jenny,
glad you mentioned about the DMC thread. I hadn't heard about it being discontinued. Now i better get myself a pile as i love that colour too. Congratulations on the hearts being published. They are so sweet. I'm way behind on Shabby Roses :) so will have to knuckle down & be ready for when you show us the lable. Sorry to hear Blossom is unwell. Hugs, Jeanette

Fee said...

I love the Hearts for Peg design. :-) I'll have to go and hunt out the mag now.
Big hug for Blossom (and you too).
Fee x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, the red handles are also available from your local patchwork shop in Townsville, Tinkers Cart and are available in other colours too!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sorry to hear that you Blossom is not well...I hope she is better soon..what a lovely big box, I wonder what sort of goodies are in there...I must start my shabby roses....and what can I say about my hearts....other than I love them, and tickled pink to see them in print.....congrats again Jen

Joy said...

Oh poor Bloss .... please give her some gentle get well hugs from me!!! I'm wondering why I haven't received my CT yet??? Dying to see your gawjus "hearts for Peg" in print!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Lurline said...

Sending best wishes Blossom's way and congratulating her on her award - loving your project for Peg - it is a must have for me, so hope I can get the mag!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Dolores said...

Congratulations to Blossom and I do hope she gets well soon. I will send a prayer for her.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi darling Jenny! ;-0

I can't wait to get my copy of Country Threads! I know it will be at least a week before it hits the stores! I wonder how short my fingers will become if I start tapping them in anticipation now?!!! I love Peg's hearts!

As for your advent... ooh don't you love the anticipation?!!! I do!!!

And isn't Dawn just a sweetie?!!You'll be glad to know we didn't end up getting into fisty-cuffs over the bread mix - I'll get it next time! LOL...
loves ya!! Vikki xoxo

Deb said...

Poor Blossom, hope you feel heaps better soon sweetie.

Jenny,Pegs Hearts are a beautiful pattern and make such a wonderful gift with such lovely sentiments for a special friend. What a scrummy box of goodies, it will be really hard waiting for the correct time to start opening them.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear Blossom is not well. I hope she is well enough to receive her end of year award. It is so important for them. Thank you for the line to Studio Mio. I have seen her at the last Craft Exhibition in Newcastle, probably 3 years ago now. I bout a vinyl set of mauve handles like the leather ones you bought. I skipped on over to her web site and splurged and bouth a lilac set and a pink set of leather handles. Can't wait to get them. I have plenty of fabric to go with them. I will have to put my thinking cap on a find two wonderful bag patterns.
A lovely quilt label to look forward to eh? Thanks in anticipation!! Your Hearts for Peg design is just wonderful. Congrats. yet again on being published!
Love those variegated threads, next time I'm in Spotlight, will check them out. Anchor has some lovely variegated colours, that is when you can get them!!

Unknown said...

What a shocker in the last comment.
Misspelt bought and it should read link to Studio Mio. I read on further and spelt bought again incorrectly!! That will teach me not to read it through to check it.
My apologies girls, I feel totally embarassed!! I am really a good speller!!

Janice said...

I thought I recognised Peg's Hearts when the mag arrived yesterday. Peg sounds quite excited. Give Blossom my best and I hope she is up and about very soon.

karenshopes said...

Oh I wish I had particiapted in some of the swaps in blog land.
I'm so jealous watching you all get your parcels. I love the item you sent to peg I was just admiring it on her blog.

Cattinka said...

The hearts for Peg are very pretty, I bet she loves them.

Kathy Raker said...

Hope Blossom is feeling better real soon. She can't miss her award program. The hearts are so cute.

Colleen said...

Love that teaspoon Jenny. You have inspire me to start collecting old china. I am sticking to rose patterns. I wish we could get those magazines in New York. Those little hearts are so cute. Peg is talented.

Micki said...

I just got my Advent box too! December is going to be a great month!

Kate said...

Jenny, in which issue is your Hearts for Peg (volume & number)? Can hardly wait for my copy of the magazine to arrive. Also, if you have a chance would you post how to use variegated floss (such as your DMC99) .. I'm never sure if I'm using it the right way. Love your blog and read it daily. Thanks, K

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

well done with Shabby Roses Jenny, it is looking really lovely. I jope Blossom is feeling much better for prize giving.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

well done with Shabby Roses Jenny, it is looking really lovely. I hope Blossom is feeling much better for prize giving.
Peg's hearts look great, and lots of scrummy goodies in your advent box I am sure, how hard to wait to open them all!!!

Maggey and Jim said...

Know I am goin' love thatlabel. Yes still striving for really good even stitch and using the pillow too.Love the peg's heart thingy too. Where do you get the hanger?