Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A surprise, pretty projects, and another published design!

I've had a hard time coming up for air the past few days.
On Friday I was surprised by a phone call from Danielle, the editor of Creating Country Threads, asking me to be their Profile designer for an upcoming issue (you'll know if you read our Among The Gum Trees blog that Cheryl is the profiled designer in the current issue, and it's a wonderful read, plus you get to see lots of lovely things she's made!)...I was a bit shocked about being asked, but also I felt so incredibly blessed and humbled.
I love Creating Country Threads - it's always packed with lovely projects and not an issue goes un-bought in this house! It's quite goose-bumpy to find ones own name captured within the pages, and projects borne of my own imagination so beautifully photographed and presented. :-)
I appreciate Danielle having faith in me to be a regular amongst the other contributing designers.

Of course, there IS more to this story.
I need to make a number of original items for the photo shoot that goes with the profile article, and I need to have them posted this week. Have I ever told you how I work much better under pressure, and I design my best stuff when I have a migraine?? Odd, I know.

Fortunately I've always got a number of embroideries patiently waiting to find a home in an actual project so I rounded them up over the weekend and had a play! You already saw a few things HERE, but now there are some more.
This is the tree block from In My Garden, my favourite of the set! I have made it the feature in a pocket for a bag. The pocket is the perfect size for a small cutting board so I have a feeling this will be my new sewing tote. I call it "Save The Trees!" just because I totally love trees, especially those gnarly old ones that from a distance could be a 100 year old man, all bent over and withery. The green spot fabric has also been patiently waiting to be used. I adore it, and often just pull it off the shelf to stroke - it's from Tanya Whelan's 'Barefoot Roses' range and matched the fabric in the applique block beautifully.

And then I decided it was time to display the original Oopsie Daisies blocks! I used one on a cushion for Blossom's birthday back in May, but the rest have been peeping at me ever since, expectantly squealing with anticipation every time I walk by. Poor loves, it's been a long wait for them, but it was worth it I think you'll say!

Do you hand sew with a little pillow on your lap, where you can rest your hands while you stitch? I have ever since I stopped using a hoop. It also bring the embroidery up closer to me and makes it easier to see without my bending over my work. I used one of the Oopsie Daisy blocks to make a new sewing pillow for myself - it has lavender sprinkled all through the pillow stuffing so the warmth of my hands as I sew releases the lavender fragrance. Now, that will add to my calmness as I stitch! Then I used another of the blocks to make a matching pin cushion, and the third block I used to make a pouch for my sewing glasses!

They are so much prettier close-up but I think you'll agree they look lovely in their new display. :-)

After three months of gracing the pages of Creating Country Threads this month I have a project in another Express Publications magazine - Patchwork & Stitching!
I'm a bit of a retro girl when it comes to the kitchen or the laundry, so I made this fun peg apron, aptly named Peg Me!
You can wear the apron in the kitchen because the peg bag unbuttons!
When you need to go out and hang up your washing you simply button on the peg bag full of pegs and you'll never need to bend over, or reach up to, that peg basket again. You see, that's where the idea came from - it's SO much easier having the pegs right there in front of you, and when you finish pegging up the clean clothes you can unbutton the bag from the apron and go back to work mixing up those chocolate brownies for afternoon tea!

Well, now you know what I've been up to the past few days....and I'd better get back to it! I still have a few more things to get done. I also have three swaps to post off over the next two weeks - where DID the time go?!

How are going with the November Challenge?
I'll have something cute I made to show you in the next day or so...



Vickie said...

ohhhh ahhhhh...woww geeeee....look at that work hmmm yes-ok I'll slap myself..but gee girl your work is sooo lovely and you are always so busy I am tired now from reading it all and must be off to bed,cheers vickie
Apron looks funky-well done,love the fabric

marina said...

congratulations Jenny, well done. Your work deserves to be published as it inspires so much.

Karmen said...

Congratulations! How cool is that? I can't wait to see the how the feature turns out. Karmen

Fee said...

Love it all especially the glasses case - That is super cute !! You are turning out so much lovely stuff Jen - Almost enough for an Elefantz publication I reckon. XXXX

Sew This N That said...

Congratulations Jenny! Your creations are awesome and very inspiring, I love the apron with the button on peg pocket what a great idea :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Colleen said...

Congratulations on your work being published. Hard work pays off. You deserve every bit of this. Too bad we don't get this magazine in the U.S.

Vintage Sandy said...

Congratulations Jenny, you certainly deserve to be recognized for your beautiful projects and the work you put into them just lovely!

Maggey and Jim said...

Ah Jenny, How wonderful the projects are..Your work is awesome. And to be published so many times just verifies that..I love the idea of a resting pillow, I am going to try it without the hoop and see how it goes.
Thanks for all the expressions of yourself that you give others

Graciela said...

HI JENNY!!!!!! te felicito por las novedades, te lo merecés , me encanta todo tu trabajo, y excelente la idea de la almohadita para descansar las manos mientras cosemos, y el delantal tambien muy buena idea!!!!!! y tus diseños son tan dulces! me gustan mucho te mando un beso enorme desde Argentina

Gloria J W said...

Jenny you are a love.....what wonderful work...and under so much pressure! We girls are made of steel!! Congratulations!!
Rainbow smiles ... Gloria

paulette said...

Jenny, You are amazing! Your work is incredible and you work so well under pressure! Congratulations on the assignment in the magazine...I always have such a hard time finding the Australian magazines...when I do stumble on them I buy one of each! I will definitely be on the look out for this one! Take care and congrats!

Unknown said...

Your work is spectacular, incredible, amazing and I wish I could get those magazines! lol! I love your blog and your work should be displayed in the mags!!! CONGRATULATIONS! keep them coming now! lol! no pressure...teeheehee!
Really, I would love that apron, yes I would. This is just a wild guess, but an ELEGANTZ book is in the works isn't it! Gosh, I guess I've spoiled the suprise! lol (very big smile)... I'm getting that book!

^A^ngel said...

Congrats!! Your works is beautiful and so inspiring...I love how delicate they all turn out...



SewLindaAnn said...

Jenny your work is always so beautiful, I'm such a fan! Congrats on the publications you so deserve the recognition. There's about 2 stores that sometimes carry more than P&Q, but you can't count on it. Perhaps the publisher will work on making subscriptions less pricey if the blog interest continues growing. I'm always inspired to create when I read your blog. Thank you for all the time you put in.

Loralynn said...

Wow! You are one busy lady! It doesn't surprise me that you will be featured. You work is amazing and you are such a nice person! Congrats!

Allie said...

My goodness you HAVE been busy - what gorgeous projects, Jenny! Love what you did with Oopsie Daisies. I love the Save The Trees bag too, what a great idea for shopping bags! The peg apron is too sweet. Girl, you are a phenom.

Janice said...

You have been busy! I love the projects you have created from stitcheries you had already done. It looks like you will meet your deadline. Can't wait to see your profile in print.

Val Laird said...

Congratulations, Jenny, on all your wonderful achievements. I smiled when I found we were again together on the front spread, this time Patchwork and Stitching magazine!
Many blessings

Vicki ♥ said...

Wow and wow and wow...you never cease to amaze me Jen...just gorgeous all of it :) Congrats on being published again :)hugs

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Wow! Congratulations! Your work is so gorgeous, you deserve the recognition! I love you lap pillows! They are such a good idea. I knit alot and use pillows to tuck on either side of me to rest my elbows on ever since I got a nasty tendinitis. Good body mechanis help to protect all those muscles! I never thought of doing that for embroidery or handsewing.


OH MY--you have done it again--how wonderful for you--can't wait to read and see the pictures in that issue--even though I live in the states my VERY favorite quilt magazine is Country Threads--I won't miss an issue!!!! ( we are always an issue or two behind here--but we do get them)--Take time to enjoy the adventure you are on--ok?????
Hugs, Di
Ps love all the new projects, too!!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Just *gorgeous* Jenny!!! ALL of your creations, as always, are gorgeous!

Lovely ideas too! I think I shall make me an oopsie daisy lap cushion! :-)

Love and hugs! Vikki xoxo

Myra said...

You have been a busy gal there Jenny! Come to think of it, you are always a busy gal!!! lol!
Great bag and OD projects! 8-)

Myra said...

Oops... forgot! Congrats to you too... 8-)

Robin in New Jersey said...

Congrats on being published again! I love this apron. It is so sweet. Maybe I like it so much because I love to hang the laundry out!