Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting there!

My new daily plan worked - machine sew in the sewing room early in the morning when the room is coolest, then leave by midday and spend the afternoon next to the air-conditioner in the living room doing my hand sewing.
Today I added the next two borders to Blossom's quilt...

...and tomorrow I add the final border. On Sunday I'll sandwich it with a vintage flannel sheet and the backing before I machine quilt - remember this is a summer quilt for a tropical climate so no thick batting, just lovely soft cotton flannel.
All going to plan I should have the binding finished on Monday!

Once this is done I'll get back to my neglected Churn Dash quilt, and hopefully finish it by New Year. I also have a split 9-patch quilt top I put together over a year ago that needs to be finished.

If I can finish three quilts in December that would be amazing!!

My hand sewing each afternoon is completing the blocks for my first 6-month BOM in 2010. I'd like to have this quilt finished by January 7th (the day I'll share the first block with you!) so I can give you the fabric requirements at the start. It's not a large quilt, just 36" x 34", so perfect for a wallhanging.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll share another little sneak peek...

Happy Advent!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Blossom's quilt is going to be so cute! Can't wait to see the peak of your 2010 plan!

paulette said...

You are one busy lady!! Everything looks lovely as usual! I look forward to Jan. 7th and the big unveiling!! Take care and enjoy the's VERY cold here and the forecast is for snow!

Maria said...

Blossom's quilt is looking great. Colours are lovely.
Your churn dash top is nice too and you plan to do the 9 patch as well. You are on a roll.
Yes we are getting hotter weather too in Dongara so hand sewing with the air con on is good.It is beautiful in the mornings for my swim though.

Allie said...

Oh Jenny-girl, these quilts are gorgeous!!! I'm so glad your plan is working out. You're so productive, and I feel like a slug, lol! I can't wait to see the new BOM.

Cattinka said...

3 finished quilts in one month would in deed be stunning! You can make it! You are the busyest person I know at all!

Terry said...

Blossom's quilt is so pretty! I love the nine patch too! :0)

edyB said...

Love following the progress of the quilt and the split nine patch is equally wonderful.
New Mexico is still cold but nothing like other parts of the US. At least we're not covered with snow!
Good luck with your December projects.
edyB in NM

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Blossoms quilt is looking fantastic.
Do you mean there is no batting at all? Now that's my kinda quilt! lol
My worst task when quilting.
Stay cool,
PS: Yes, I'm waiting to see what you will come up with next.
Ha, my word verification is TRICKED

Vicki ♥ said...

You are progressing along fabulously Jen :) I love the colours that Blossom chose for her quilt. Lovely! 3 quilts finished soon eh? Well done! hugs Vicki

Carrie P. said...

Blossom's quilt is looking very pretty. Sounds like a plan. Staying cool even though that sounds funny on my side since it is 30* as I write this.


Hi Jenny--all your quilts are coming along nicely--your daughter really knows how to pick pretty fabrics!! You are trying to keep "cool" we are trying to keep "warm"--crazy isn't!!! Hugs Di

Gloria J W said...

Ohh.. Jenny... you leave me flabbergasted... all that sewing!! We know what the heat is like...hehehe... just bewduful...drippy chins, sweaty brows.. so I am in awe of how much you have got done. Never thought of using a flannel sheet for the inner!! Clever girl..
Rainbow smiles.. Gloria
PS the yellow tree is a cascara - has the same effect as the castor oil bush if you eat the seeds [I think it's the seeds]?

Unknown said...

I've circled Jan 7th on my calendar!!!! can't wait, you know I love your designs!!!1

Orcsmom said...

Blossom's quilt is coming along beautifully! I can't wait to see your new BOM! Have a wonderful week-end, and here's hoping a cool breeze comes softly blowing your way!


Shari said...

Blossom's quilt is coming along nicely - glad to hear you have overcome a few climate challenges to keep up with your sewing!

Hugs - Shari

PS January 7th is my birthday - looking forward to what you have for us!

FlourishingPalms said...

There's no stopping you now! Keep up the great work. I especially love your split nine-patch. Gorgeous colors. Is that the same as a Disappearing Nine Patch? Do you know how you will quilt it?