Saturday, December 5, 2009

A summer weekend...

One of the nice things about summer is the simplicity of the evening meal.
Cool crunchy salads, barbeques at sunset, fruit salad desserts...all fresh and tasty! Last night we had chick pea & spinach sausages, with bruschetta, snow pea sprouts, and wasabi mayonnaise - finished off with jelly, fruit salad and vanilla custard. The whole meal took just 15 minutes to prepare (apart from the jelly which I made that morning in about 2 minutes!).

Do you have a favourite quick summer meal? I'm always looking for ideas!
Okay, you asked for a sneak peek of next years first BOM...

....mmm, beading added this time.
The fabrics are Robyn Pandolph's "Somerset Cottage" and they are scrummy indeed!! The first BOM will run for 6 months, and I've finished stitching the first two blocks, but hoping to have them all done by January 1st.
Of course, I need to finish some Christmas presents too!
In the little project below I'm using some new thread - lovely hand dyed stranded embroidery cotton from Cottage Garden Threads. I won this skein in a giveaway a few months back and have been waiting for something special to christen it on.

It's lovely to stitch with and the colours are really pretty. I'm going to be buying more of these!
All the panels are finished for my Baguette bag, I just need to begin assembling them.
Using the Snippets honey bun has certainly given it a different look to Natalie's original, don't you think? Hers is quite elegant, and if you look at Fiona's (hers is being made with Aviary) you'll see a very romantic version.
Mine, in contrast, is quite bright and very summery.

The family have decided to spend as much time as possible making use of the tennis courts, the swimming pool, and the billiard room over our summer holidays. We are so blessed to have these at our doorstep! This morning at dawn we headed out to the few local garage sales and found some great tennis racquets - Blossom has run off with the Roger Federer endorsed one though!

The Australian Open starts next month and as is our family tradition, we'll be glued to the television cheering for Roger all the way! He's the family favourite every year, and I'm sure Blossom's new racquet will be by her side through every one of his matches. Perhaps one year we'll actually get to see him play for real. Now that would be amazing!
My Advent swap partner, Jeanette, is still spoiling me with her daily gifts!
Yesterday I opened up package number 4 and inside was the sweetest pot pourri filled angel hanger...

...and today a set of 3 appliqued tea towels that are just TOO lovely to use!

Tomorrow I'll be in the sewing room very early while it's still relatively cool, finishing up some machine sewing. Once lunchtime arrives the room is too hot to be in so I'll take my hand sewing into the living room and sit with hubby in the air conditioning while we indulge our favourite sport, the grand final race of the V8 Supercars calendar for 2010.

What are you doing this weekend?



Colleen said...

Jenny, we make Pasta salad with bow tie pasta, peas, carrots and canned tuna and mayo for a fast summer dish.

Unknown said...

OMG!!!!!!! The next BOM, looks amazing!!! Can't wait!!!!!

Lurline said...

A lovely Post, thanks, Jenny! Do you have a recipe you would like to share for the vegetarian sausages, please?
Hugs - Lurline♥

A Bit of the Blarney said...

ENJOY! ENJOY! It's a little nippy here! BRRRRR! Cathy :)

manda said...

I'd love the recipe for the chick pea & spinach sausages! Ever tried hay stacks? My version is a bit differnt, as I use nut meat, a type of vegetarian canned food made by sanatarium, which you can find in the health food isle in woolies. I just put a handful or doritos on a plate, cover with the sauce (home brand chunky pasta sauce mixed with a can of nutmeat with has been mashed, heated on the stove until hot) then add lettuce, tomato, red capsicum, carrot, and grated cheese. It's one of my favourite meals! We never ate it in NSW, but learnt about them once we moved to QLD. I think it could be a Seventh Day Adventist thing too, as we eat them all the time, and I haven't seen many other people make them. But it's fantastic!
The next BOM looks great! Can't wait to see more!
Don't tell my Dad the racing is on. He probably already knows...
Ford or Holden? We're Holden freaks. Dad owns a 1985 Peter Brock Group A Commodore V8. He has a photo hanging in our hallway signed by the man himself too, and Bev Brock remembered us from way back last time we saw her (2 months ago). He also owns one of only 35 manual monaros that were turned into some kind of V8 supercar. Cool huh?

Allie said...

Now I'm REALLY cold, lol! I'm sitting here in several layers dreaming about your summer. That meal looks absolutely delicious.

The new BOM looks wonderful, Jenny! Love the beading. And there's a new-to-me bead store not too far - I found it when I looked for crystal beads for the milk jug project you made.
Your bag looks great, very summery, love the Snippets line as you well know.
How lovely to have so many enjoyable activities on your doorstep - something tells me you're really going to enjoy your summer! Aside from the heat, that is. Darling little gift from your swap partner - what fun that must be!

Anne said...

Wow, my mouth started watering with the first picture already. Any chance for some recipes?

Country Nanny said...

Here in Italy the typical summer meal is "la Caprese" which is mozzarella (better if it's buffalo mozzarella), sliced tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. It's very simple, isnt' it? And tasty too!
Have a nice w.e.
P.S. The new BOM augurs well :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Tennis is my favorite too! Can't wait for the Australian Open either! That sneak peak of the BOM is so cute!

MissesStitches said...

That embroidery thread is indeed yummy! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Maggey and Jim said...

Hello Jenny.
I have been making some small vignettes for my Christmas decorations. It has been fun. I went to a craft show this morn and got a few primitives that will be so fitting for my theme..The new BOM looks very interesting..
Have a cool day..21 here this morn with wind chills in the teens,, brrrrrrrrrr

Srinity said...

We love to grill champignons filled with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. Yummy! :P´

Janice said...

It is certainly the weather for simple cool foods. I love your interpretation of the Baguette Bag. So cheerful. The tennis racquets were are great score at the garage sales. I see lots of early morning tennis. Stay cool.

marina said...

Your natalie Lymer stitcheries look great in the Snippets fabric. Really bright and cheery.
I think barbies and salads are a staple for the summer. I love lots of different salads!
We like Roger Federer too he is just such a good sport and a gentleman.

Debbie said...

Hi Jenny, the sausages look great, I'm a vegetarian that can't eat cheese or tomato so it can be difficult.I look on the net a lot but it has to be something the whole family can eat.
I'm loving all the ideas on your blog at the moment, the tea towels look fantastic. Better get back to the card making.

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Jenny,
Your sneak peek looks good as does the "first" BOM comment. :) and I haven't even started the last one yet LOL. I do finally have the fabric though, but Christmas stuff has to come first.
Your advent angel gifts are lovely too.

We love the tennis too, living in Melbourne we have been, though its too difficult at the moment for me with the little munchkin LOL

The chick pea and spinach sausages sound delicious too.

Have a lovely Sunday,

Deb said...

Yummy advent goodies Jen. Jeanette was my SSCS angel so am excited as she is so talented isn't she.
I can't wait for next years BOM, I know just where I can get some of that Robyn Pan dolph fabric too so a shop may be on the cards..shssh don't tell DH.

I love making big frittata's on the summer with anything thats available, cheese and eggs of course all mixed together, poured into the oven roasting dish and popped into the ove n to cook then served with a big green salad. MMMM.
big hugs and loves Deb

Cattinka said...

The sneek peek of your new bom looks very promising, and I love the gifts you received from your advent swap partner, she makes very pretty things, you are lucky you got her as partner. I´m still waiting on my stitchers angels package.... but hope is fading.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the sneak peek! I can't wait...