Monday, December 7, 2009

A quilt for Blossom, and published once more!

It's almost five months since we arrived here in Charters Towers, and during that time my darling Blossom has patiently been waiting for me to make her a light summer quilt.
Yesterday she chose a large quantity of my "Birdie" fat quarter stash, and some "Clementine" yardage... make this quilt.
(I saved it from an old copy of Country Threads, and the designer is Colleen Archbold)
It's going to look very different in bright colours.
When I bought the Birdie fat quarter bundle a few months back there were two panels featuring birds (of course!), and Blossom wants the circular outlines of the birds appliqued into the large corner squares in the final border of the quilt.

I've stitched the middle panel, and spent 4 hours cutting almost all the pieces for the rest of the quilt top...

...but I still have to cut 96, 3" squares from these.

I'm hoping to finish the quilt top in a couple of days, then perhaps quilt it over the weekend.
An added bonus for me is all the lovely selvedges I get to add to my selvedge stash! If you've seen this month's Down Under Quilts magazine you'll have noticed two fabulous projects using selvedges. You can browse the magazine free online HERE.

My "Sunshine Lollipop" wallhanging is featured in this month's Patchwork & Stitching magazine. It's so strange seeing it in print now, because I posted it off to the magazine six months ago! It was the very beginning of my "Garden" designs (which have proved very popular in my Etsy Store!).

Also in this issue is a profile article on my dear friend Vicki Tucek of Tozz's Corner, so if you haven't got a copy yet run along to the newsagents and read up on her crafting journey.
Some of you asked for the recipe for those Chick Pea and Spinach sausages in my last post. Sorry ladies, but I bought them pre-made! They are really lovely, and I have made my own in the past so next time I do I'll write down the recipe for you.

Better go and do something about tonight's dinner...I hear tummies rumbling from the other end of the house!


Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Jenny! Congrats on your latest pattern publication - how exciting! And what a great Summery project it looks to be, too! Can't wait to see Blossom's quilt take shape - the colours are so fresh and lovely for summer - bet she's hovering nearby as you sew, waiting impatiently to have it on her bed! :0) Have fun - Bear Hugs! KRIS

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations to you! And won't blossom be please with her quilt?!! have a grand day1! Cathy

Colleen said...

Jenny, Blossom is going to have a fabulous quilt. Those fabrics are wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived next door, so I could pop in and see all of your treasured quilts...they look gorgeous. Congrats on the publication. Kristy in Ohio

Maria said...

Congratulations on you publication. My copy should be in the mail.
What beautiful fabric for Blommoms Quilt can't wait to see it finished.

Fiber Babble said...

I really like the pattern you're using for Blossom's quilt - and she's done an incredible job choosing the fabrics!

I am a teensy bit jealous of those selvedges, though... ☺

"Sunshine & Lollipops" is stinkin' adorable. Congratulations on being published - you deserve all the praise and credit that's possible for your designs. I know that in my home you're already a household name!

Orcsmom said...

I can see where Blossom gets her creative taste from! I cannot wait to see her quilt completed. Congrats on your newest publish. I will look for it once it gets up here in the States.

Cattinka said...

Blossoms Quilt will look very nice with the beautiful colours she chose.
Congratulations on having the lollipops in the magazine, you see, everybody likes your designs.

Unknown said...

Blossom will just love this new quilt!! Congrats. once again on having a craft item published. Suj & Pete arrived safely back on the East Coast, after a mishap at Cobar. $500 and 24 hours later, their trailer had new springs. I thank God for his mercies!! I am off to Nundle today for our SS Swap and party. Thanks for your prayers Jenny!!

Myra said...

That will be a lovely quilt you are preparing for Blossom!!!
Congrats for being published again! Just this past weekend I bought the magazine that has your "Oopsie Dasies" in it. Fun stuff! 8-)
PIF package is on the way...

Leslie said...

Blossom's quilt is going to be so beautiful and I know she'll love it!

Congrats on getting published again :) Great work!

I still need to get Af to pose with her gift from you so I can share it. She's not been in the best mood the last few days. Right now your little mini hanging is hanging on Af's tree. She hung it on the side so she can admire it from her bed :) She also immediately made you a card and I have to get that in the mailbox! She is sooo excited to get something from you :)


Robin in New Jersey said...

Congratulations, Jenny! I am so happy for you!

Blossoms quilt is going to be beautiful!

edyB said...

Congrats on the latest published article! Love the fabric choices of Blossom's quilt...especially the birds since I'm a bird lover!
Will enjoy following the progress of this beautiful gift.

Shari said...

Blossom's quilt will be just so lovely and perfect for summer. Have fun!

Phyllis said...

Oh my gosh - those fabrics are so sweet. And Blossom is quite the designer (like her mom) asking for the circles to be placed that way.

I can't wait to see the finished top :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Jenny,
Congratulations on your latest publication. That's fantastic
You may like to pop over to my blog, I've left you an award.

Carrie P. said...

OH, the quilt for blossom is going to be perfect for a young girl. Love the birdie fabric too. Congrats on your pattern being published. That is awesome.

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny,
Congratulations on your "Lollipop" publication! too cute! I am really liking Blossom's summer quilt colors...crisp, fresh - like cool cucumbers! love those lovely floral colors! It must be beautiful in that part of the world during summer!

jugglingpaynes said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I can't wait to see the finished quilt for your daughter!

And congratulations on being published again! You truly deserve this, your work is fantastic!

Peace and Laughter,

Gloria J W said...

Oooh Jenny... you are a marvel.. that quilt looks delicious, and yes I have seen you in print!! Clever, clever girl..
Rainbow smiles... Gloria