Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sunday mornings used to start with me baking a pile of lovely fresh blueberry muffins, but as I try to avoid heating our already-hot-house as much as possible, this lovely tradition has fallen by the wayside in latter months.
But 17yo Slicer has really missed those muffins.

Yesterday he nominated himself to be my official trolley pusher for the weekly grocery shop, something I am unable to do right now with my wounded hand. His reward for helping was to add a few special treats to the trolley as we wandered along - and do you know what he popped in? Two punnets of plump, fresh blueberries.

So what is a mother to do?!
Get up before dawn and bake those muffins for her boy!

I even added choc-chips without being asked.
Morning tea was around 11am, and this time the treat was mine.
Every year since Christmas 2005 Woolworths have had these unbelievably scrummy fruit mince filled shortbreads in December, and every Christmas since 2005 Slicer and I gorge ourselves silly on them all through December!

Fortunately he was busy with the muffins today so I got them all to myself while I read Country Style magazine and made notes for the dream house we hope to buy one day.
What is your favourite Christmas morsel to treat yourself with?
By Sunday afternoon the house was too hot to think about eating anything more than a chocolate ice-cream, so I decided to forget about food for a while and play with the Cath Kidston treasures I bought at Target!

One pedicure later and pretty pink toes were smiling up at me!

Alas, my stitching lies waiting, waiting, waiting.

My right hand and wrist are much better (thank you for your lovely care!), but now it's my left hand that is feeling the strain of compensating for the right. I think another day of rest for both hands will see me returning to the needle and thread by Tuesday.
Sunday nights I do not cook. I used to, but about a month ago I decided that we're all grown up enough to forage for ourselves on Sunday evenings. I do make sure the fridge is stocked with salami, olives, fetta, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, nectarines, grapes and watermelon (all their favourite snack foods), so it's really easy for them to make a plate of nibblies.
Personally I decided to have breakfast for dinner - a bowl of Sultana Bran and tinned peaches. It was as I sat down at the table that I noticed how similar my bowl was to the Rouenneries fabric range by French General...

...not the same of course, but there is something familiar to both. From now on I'm calling this my Rouenneries bowl, and I'll imagine myself in the south of France each morning at brekky. Now, if I can find a good croissant I'll be a very happy lass.

Thanks for all the tips on getting the stains out of that beautiful tablecloth! I found some Oxy Clean and used it today - it has definitely faded most of the stains (there are a LOT of them), but the bottle does say stubborn stains may need a repeat treatment so I'll do it again tomorrow.
A few of you gave me some natural remedies, but as I'd already purchased the Oxy Clean I decided to try it first. If it doesn't clear the stains after the second treatment I'll give them a go next.

Do your Sundays have a regular rhythm to them?



Maggey and Jim said...

Yes, Sundays are Mom gets ready for church and Jim has his frozen waffles..Yuk, don't know how he can eat them but sometimes I make fresh ones. Have had bad cold so it won;t be this Sunday. Good luck with the stains, what a treasure you have there and blessings on the hand. I may make some cranberry muffies this morn.. Fresh ones are so available now.
Hugs. Maggey

Maria said...

What a good lad,helping his Mum. Hope the hands are better soon then you can stitch again.
Your Blueberry Muffins look Yum!!
Love the pink toes.