Thursday, January 28, 2010

~ Merry Heart ~ - my 2nd Dilly Dally Daisy design for 2010! Plus more Challenge entries...

It was lovely to receive such a positive response to my first Dilly Dally Daisy design for 2010, ~Bloom~, earlier this month!

Now I'd like to show you the second of my Dilly Dally Daisy stitcheries...
~Merry Heart~

I cannot help but smile every time I look at this design! It was pure joy to sketch and then stitch.
If you would like to sew this design yourself it is available as a PDF download purchase HERE in my Etsy Shop for $4.95 USD.
The first Dilly Dally Daisy design, ~Bloom~ can also be purchased HERE in my Etsy Shop for $4 USD.

It's almost the end of January and the end of my Tea Towel Challenge. All I can say is WOW! Some of you have been showing just how creative and talented you are in this Challenge, and I am so impressed!!

Here are some new entries I received today.

Janice made my free tea towel design first, but then she was a clever bunny and made a matching pot holder! (Have a read on her blog how this project accomplished more than one objective!)

Manda has been busy again, this time with an aid to her sleeping! What a cute sleeping mask!

Susan found a very useful purpose for her tea towel - a Peg Bag! She took the photo with her phone so it's only small, but you can see that it's really cute!

Cath made me so envious when I saw what she made for the Challenge...I adore aprons, and this one is gorgeous! Can you believe this beauty is made from a tea towel!?

I encourage you to  go and visit Cath's blog because she designs THE most adorable Raggedy dolls you've ever seen. You can purchase patterns for them from her shop as well as many other gorgeous Raggedy items! Plus, she has a giveaway for her doll Gracie on her blog, and I am crossing my fingers and toes that I win her! Of course, now that I have told you about Cath's giveaway that lessens my chances of winning, so I may just have to make my own Gracie doll - you see, Cath has a a free download pattern on her sidebar for sweet Gracie. What a generous designer!!

I'm being very good with my hands, no stitching. A lovely blogger, Monica, emailed to offer me some wonderful creme that may just help my tendonitis prone hands - Oregon Creme is its name, and one of the ingredients is Comfrey which I've heard is a wonderful herb for inflamation. She's posting a jar off to me so I'll be sure and let you know how I go with it. Thanks so much Monica!!

Now, it's time to  go watch the men's semi-final of the Australian Open tennis.
Have a lovely evening!


Annie Bee said...

Your Dilly Dally Daisy's designs are gorgeous and they sure do make one smile. I am on a very strict stash diet this year due to unforseen circumstances but it is lovely to look at all the beautiful eye candy. Isn't the tennis exciting. And what talented women there are out there in blogland.

Rae Ann said...

Jenny ~ you are amazing! I love the Dilly Dally Daisy designs, especially the Merry Heart. I always love your posts.

Allie said...

Jenny, I LOVE those Dilly Dally Daisy designs - oh girl you have so much talent! You are my favorite designer ever. I'm so glad you're taking a rest though - we don't want any permanent injury.

Love looking at everyone's creative projects! I hope the cream helps you, sweetie, I am praying for your hands!

SewAmy said...

was that a little catipillar I saw? so cute.

Maggey and Jim said...

Don't we have lots of talented people out there.. Clever and cute. I am enjoying all the entries..Thanks for sharing everyone!

Anonymous said...

Your design is so cute. I love your work. Thank you so much for sharing. I love looking at all the tea towel entries. I have none myself. But it is really nice to look at all the ideas!

Ann Flowers

Mila said...

What cute and beatiful desing!!! lovely, Jenny. And a very useful challenge, sure.

Cath Ü said...

You are too kind...

I love the t towel and matching pot holder.. good idea that one....

Cath Ü