Sunday, January 31, 2010

More entries for the January Challenge, and I can stitch once more...

Do you girls sleep!?
Wow - there are even more amazing tea towel projects arriving in my email inbox and I am totally impressed with how you've given a new lease on life to our humble tea towel!

Jeannie has made two beautiful projects - a zippered bag for her crochet, and a journal cover!
Celine has made the cutest cover for her marmalade pot! (She wasn't happy with the colours in the photo so she'll have a better pic later today on her blog)
 And Creative Hands has made a beautifully embroidered zippered purse!
Keep them coming my friends!! There is still time, only hours, but enough to make something with a tea towel!
Remember Jules made this Odd Sock Bag with her teatowel?
Well she's very kindly offering the pattern FREE on her blog!!
I'm sure we can all use a cute odd sock bag like this, don't you?!

My hands are recovering well after the rest, so thanks everyone for your kind thoughts. 
This is an ongoing problem so I am going to have to manage the use of my hands a little more wisely. The problem is not caused by stitching, but by lifting of heavy things, twisting lids, turning taps...but unfortunately it prevents me from stitching when it flares up.

Last night I gently stitched this cute Raggedy design by Cath while watching the tennis...
 ...and today I will be making Stina's Valentine's 2010 Hearts. Have you been making them? They are so pretty! I had some calico that I'd tea-stained a couple of years ago and traced Stina's designs onto it using the lightbox Mr Elefantz made me a while back (such a clever and wonderful husband is he!)...
...and I chose this 'Floral Melody' fabric to stitch around the blocks when I'm done. I think this will be a long runner across the chest of drawers in our bedroom.
(See the little box of DMC 99 threads? My sweet friend Dawn sent them to me - they are my absolute favourite DMC colour!)
Tomorrow a new free design will be shared on our Gum Tree Designers blog, plus our monthly newsletter will be up, so you can find out what we're all up to in February! Be sure and drop by our blog tomorrow!

Now, I'm off to make lunch, and spend the rest of Sunday with my loved ones.
Have a blessed day in your home too!


Terry said...

Oh you're going to love stitching Stina's hearts! They're just so cute and they work up so quickly! I'm on number 5 now! Have fun! :0)

Allie said...

I'm so amazed at the variety and creativity of these tea towel projects! LOVE that zippered bag.

I'm glad your hands are recovering, perhaps you can find a new way of doing things - a new way of moving that won't cause injury. It's no fun getting older. But I'd rather wear out than rust out!

Looking forward to seeing your hearts runner, I know it will be beautiful! Mr. Elefantz is the best - that's a marvelous light box.

Unknown said...

I have wrists that play up like yours, and end up wearing a wrist brace a few weeks a month if I am not careful. Lifting cans at the supermarket from the shelves into the trolly is my biggest downfall and I seem to forget to be carefull. Good luck with your stitching of the hearts

Jennifer said...

Aren't the projects so talented. I'm rather proud of this extra entry - my daughter of only 5 years of age has made a bag from a tea towel - first time sewing on her little singer sewing machine - not as flash as some of these other designs, but I'm as proud as punch "as the saying goes" - all I did was put the pins in and the cord around the top once she sewed all the edges. I've put some photos on my blog -
Cheers Jennifer "Happy Mum"

Annie Bee said...

Such talented women. I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's work. Hope your hand keep okay so that you can do moooooore stitching.

Cattinka said...

Very nice tea towel projects, you can be proud of yourself that so many people participate!

Jules said...

This challenge has been such fun. It has been interesting to see what everyone has come up with. You raggedy stitchy is so cute. Hope your hands heal quickly Jenny.


Maggey and Jim said...

We are getting down to the finale and everyone has entered such an array of ideas.. Good job and can't wait to see winner..

Hanna said...

What time are you using for the deadline? It is now 4.40 PM here in Sweden - how long do I have left of the day? Hours or minutes? LOL

Celine said...

That's it I have a better picture on my blog now, not yellow anymore!
Thanks for the challenge. I had fun playing with my tea towel and my marmalade looks prettier now! Could even make a small gift for someone!
Celine in UK

Cath Ü said...

I am glad you were able to stitch one of the Raggedies.. it looks good...

hasn't everyone done a fantastic job on the T Towels... the mind boggles as to what we will see for this next challenge... my thinking cap is on again....

Cath Ü

Vanina said...

beautiful work!
A kiss from Argentina