Monday, February 1, 2010

Final entries for the January Tea Towel Challenge!

Here are the final entries in my January Tea Towel Challenge - and once again we see how creative you are with a simple tea towel! 

Hanna has used tea towels that were handed down to her from her husband's side of the family to make this sweet little bowl, and a matching table runner...
Jeanette made this beautiful bag...
Barb has made another bag, this one for her lucky sister!...
 Mistea has made a shopping bag from a tea towel donated by her boss!...
And here is our youngest entrant at just 5 years old!! Jennifer's daughter made a bag using her new little Singer!

Well it seems that this Challenge really taught us that the humble tea towel has more uses than drying dishes or wiping hands - I wonder if you will continue to find uses for them now that the Challenge is over? I hope so! I know I'll be on the look out for pretty tea towels from now on - you never know what new life it can have. 
To see all the entries for the Challenge click HERE and begin scrolling.

Not an entry in the Challenge, but if you have small daughters you might like to try THIS with a tea towel, too! They are the cutest skirts!

Thank you  to everyone who participated in this Challenge! You are so talented!!
I will be using the Random Generator to choose the winner of the Challenge giveaway later today, and will post it on my blog tonight.

I will also tell you what our February Challenge is going to be. Do you think you know? 


  1. Thanks for putting up my photo on your blog. It really made my night. It is almost midnight - but now I am so excited that I can't sleep. Everyone has done so wonderful things.

  2. Wow, you've got an amazing following Jenny, look at all the things made!!! Such creativity, I'm so glad to be a follower of your blog!!!

  3. She is so cute and sewing at such an early age..Great job.. Congrats to all the entries..

  4. What a clever little girl to make that bag. I might get little one to have a go. She loves sewing.


  5. ok but if you draw my name, redraw cause I really don't deserve it with so many other fabulous entries!!! Seriously, I'm, just happy with your free BOM! I have the perfect tea towel to make into an apron, and I'd bought all the supplies and everything, but totally forgot about it until today - way past the time needed to make it and before the deadline. But that's ok cause I can't actually remember where I put it....

  6. Lots of very creative ideas! Thanks for your inspiration...

  7. I'm really in awe of all these GREAT projects!

  8. Great ideas, but I think you know who should win.

  9. Looking forward to seeing what your next challenge is!
    Love browsing at all the teatowel entries.....

  10. It has been so inspiring seeing everyones fantastic ideas.

  11. What fun this has been to observe! I hope the next time you post a challenge, I will be in a position to participate, but in the meantime, is has been great to follow along~karen

  12. creative all these ladies are! Can I ask where to find the redwork pattern for the kitty on the wicker settee? Just darling!


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