Monday, January 25, 2010

More Tea Towel Challenge ideas!

Today we bought Blossom some soccer boots because she has joined the local girls soccer team and practice begins on Thursday night. She has never played before but is raring to play - especially as one of her favourite movies is Bend It Like Beckham! In fact she watched it this afternoon for some practice tips. :-)
It's very wet and muddy here right now due to the wet season arriving, and as I looked over my pile of sturdy tea towels I realised they are made from exactly the sort of fabric I'd need for a shoe bag that Blossom could put her boots in after the game - thus avoiding the muddying of everything else in her soccer uniform bag.

I embroidered her name on the front, and used some Fat Quarter Shop twill tape for the ties. Blossom insisted I show you her new soccer boots too...

This tea towel came free with a copy of Real Living magazine last year, so it cost me nothing. It's like canvas, lovely and thick, perfect for a shoe bag!
Some other crafters have been busy with their own tea towel projects, and are now entered in the giveaway for January.

Jules made this fabulous Odd Socks bag! You can see more photos on her blog.

Lyn made two items with her tea towels so she'll have two entries in the giveaway.
Firstly she made a plastic bag holder...

...and then she made a bag to hold pantyhose, socks, and other smalls.

Great uses for tea towels, girls!!

If you haven't entered my January Tea Towel Challenge yet, you'll need to get your thinking caps on and start sewing. Only 6 days left!



Cath Ü said...

Almost finished mine... geeze I love those pink T Towels.. gorgeous....
Cath Ü

Annie Bee said...

Great ideas for the tea towels. Love the soccor boots. Both my nieces play soccer in WA.

Vickie said...

love the soccer bag -reminds me of the library book bags I used to make my kids,out of tea towels and then I would use that puffy paint and pop their names on them..Lyn's lingerie bag is charming & hmm must keep my eye out for some pink ones,cheers Vickie

KaHolly said...

You are all "oh, so very clever". I can't wait to get back to my sewing machine so I can play with tea towels, too. Might be a super challenge for the little sewing group that meets in my community....nothing formal. Just a social get together while we sew each week. ~karen

SewAmy said...

i love the odd sock bag. so cute.

Cattinka said...

I hope Blossom will enjoy playing soccer! Thats a very nice shoebag you made for her, great idea.

Maggey and Jim said...

First of all Happy Australia Day.. Heard that on Ellen today.. The shoe bag is so pretty to put muddy shoes in but will be lovely.. Some really nice tea towel projects there.. Have a great week.

Kimberly Jolly said...

I love the bag - Super cute!

Allie said...

What fabulous projects! I'm glad you got a pic of Blossom's new shoes, they'll never look that good again, lol! Love the bag you made for them.
I adore the odd socks bag, and all the projects - how inspiring!