Friday, February 12, 2010

A bit of show and tell....

hanks to everyone for their best wishes on Blossom's swimming last night. Unfortunately it was rained out so she is off this morning to do her postponed races at 11.30 - then tonight she'll be swimming again in what would have been the  2nd day of competition. She's had to miss soccer practive this week to train for the swimming so next week she'll be a sore old thing with all those different muscles in complaint. 

And of course, on Saturday night she'll be using different muscles again when she attends her very first dance! She's 16 this year, and stayed close to home all her life, but there is an 'all schools' Valentine Dance this weekend at the PCYC with staff from all 4 schools in our town supervising. She'll be wearing one of the gorgeous dresses she got for Christmas, and she is going with a new girl to the school. For those who may not know, Blossom was homeschooled all her life until last July when she began attending the boarding school my husband teaches at (and where we live). She knows first-hand how hard it can be at 15 to start school and make friends - she was bullied and ridiculed for months when she first got here. Praise God all is good now for her, but it made her determined to befriend all new female students this year - so her new friend is going to the dance with her and I hope they have a fabulous time!

With Valentines Day in mind, my free redwork stitchery for you this month is a little heart bursting with rosey red blooms...
I'm going to stitch mine into a pincushion using some of my Rouenneries for trimming...

You can easily print up the design below by clicking HERE
I'd love to see yours when you finish it. What will you use it for?
Thank you also for all the kind and encouraging comments on my Hopes and Wishes Bag in this month's Homespun magazine.
Many have lamented that they are unable to obtain Homespun in their country, so I have photographed the distributors list from inside the cover for you - if you contact the distributor in your country they will assist you in finding a supplier. (click on the photo below and it will enlarge for easier reading)

Good news for those in the USA - you are now able to purchase Homespun through your local Borders bookstore!
My bag is in this issue. No 81 (volume 11.2)
For those who already subscribe to Homespun, aren't this month's "Life Is A Celebration" BOM  blocks really sweet?!
Gail Pan has fussy cut her flowers and pot...
...and Natalie Ross has done a cute owl couple to celebrate marriage.
I'd love to sit on a branch with Mr Elefantz and cuddle all day!
Here are some more photos of items made by clever women.
Jude's friend Sandy has finished all her blocks in my Shabby Roses BOM and stitched the quilt top together. It's so pretty, Sandy!
 Janey is stitching her 2nd Shabby Roses quilt! If you pop over to her blog you can see her progress.
Janey is also stitching my new BOM ~Bouquet~. Here is her Bucket of Roses block...
Jeannie has been finding more uses for her binding scraps in the February Challenge! She bound this journal cover beautifully - and she has used Block 1 from my Shabby Roses BOM quilt to decorate the front!

I wonder if you have been using the blocks from Shabby Roses in other projects? If you have can you leave a comment to let me know, please? (and a link to a photo on your blog would be lovely!)

It's almost morning tea time, so best be away and brew the coffee for Mr Elefantz before he steps in for his 10 minute break between classes...might suggest we dress as owls and climb that Tamarind tree out back.

Have a special day - it will only come around once in your lifetime.


Carrie P. said...

Oh that is good news about the Homespun in Borders. I will have to check mine when I am out tomorrow.
Love seeing your work done by others. I want to finish mine so badly.
I found some Burt's Bees Res-Q ointment with comfrey in it. It
does help. Thanks for the suggestion.

Orcsmom said...


Thank you so much for being so generous to us with your free designs. I just love your style!I only wish I lived closer to invite you and Blossom over for tea! Until then, take care!



Janice said...

What a lovely newsy post. Go Blossom! I'm writing this at the time she will probably be swimming. Won't Saturday night be great. Remember the excitement and all the fussing with getting dressed just right for a dance. What lovely memories it brings back of those times. I love your new heart stitchery and the interpretation of your patterns.

Terri said...

Wow! Blossom sure has alot going on!! Hope she has lots of fun at the dance.
Thank you so much for the darling design.....I think I know exactly how I'm going to use it!

Elyte said...

You and your fellow designers do inspire us to create beautiful things. Can't wait to see the new project that you are all working on. Hope your health is good.

Lurline said...

Lovely new designs - sorry to hear Blossom was not treated very nicely, I'm sure she knows the ropes now and it is lovely she is helping others. Just saw on the internet recently Longton Station outside of Pentland is up for sale - I have wonderful memories as my aunt and uncle managed it most of their working lives!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Deb said...

Gosh Jenny, that beautiful daughter of yours must make you so proud. She is such a kind hearted person and so well rounded. What wonderful teachings you have given her as parents. You should congratulate yourselves.
Bloss, have a great time a the dance hun, enjoy every minute of it .
hugs Deb

jilly said...

It's OK, but you let the cat out of the bag!!! I thought I was the only one in my area who knew Homespun was at Borders. Now everyone knows...hehehehe

Competition, competition! It's a race to Borders now;-)


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Gosh, what a busy lady you've been.
Tell Blossom to kick up her heels and have a ball at the dance.
So sweet of her to make friends with the newies. I believe "what goes around, comes around"
Have a loving weekend,

Maggey and Jim said...

Like the new stitchery. Sorry to hear what Blossom had to go through. My Granddaughter has had some problems like that to deal with and I think it is awful.. I really like everyones shabby rose and one day soon I will show mine? On my last block.

Annie Bee said...

Love the little heart - it is so sweet. I can't wait to pick up my Homespun from the newsagents. I think here is Aust we are so spoiled with beautiful magazines.

Sue said...

Firstly I wish the girls a wonderful evening at their dance.
I rushed out to buy Homespun, thank you Jenny, it's one of my favourite magazines. I feel like know someone famous now.
Happy days from Dongara

Allie said...

Oh how lovely - I just googled Borders to find out where the closest one is. Yay! About 7 miles.

I hope Blossom isn't too sore to dance. Bless her heart - what a lovely thing to welcome all the new gals.

I LOVE your little heart Jenny, what shall I use it on??? A valentine for my mum? That sounds good....

Lovely projects again by your readers and fans - I finished my Shabby Roses, but have to get the top together, then I'll take a pic!

Cattinka said...

You are so right, we should always make the best of a each day, it really does only come around once. I´m very proud to see all the publications you get. And Homespun is a very nice magazine, but they don´t sell it in Germany, at least I haven´t found it jet. Oh well, if I ever see one, I will buy it for sure.
Have a nice day!

Bluebell said...

Thankyou for the little heart design I am sure this will get used a lot. I have nearly finished my Shabby Roses Cushion I will show you when it is finished.
Love Jillxx

Jenny said...

Always love to hear your news and see your new designs x

jenclair said...

Love that heart! thanks for sharing this adorable design!

Pam said...

Absolutely love the pattern Jenny, thank you. I was so impressed with Blossom's attitude, she sounds like a great girl. Hope she and her friend enjoy the dance.

Dawn said...

Thanks Jenny, just so cute and simple to ake in an afternoon....
Hugs and Happy Hearts Day!

KaHolly said...

Hmm, I was at Borders just yesterday and looked for ANY Aus. quilt magazines! Even commented to my friend that they don't carry them! I'll be up that way again today, so will stop in and check one more time. Love the little heart, thanks. I envy you your time with Blossom. My daughter's all grown up now and I long for those days back again. Cherish each and every moment, because they grow so quickly. ~karen

Anonymous said...

Alright! I have a Borders close by.
Love the redwork, thank you!

Jude said...

Thanks for the mention Jenny...Sandy will be so pleased when I show her!!

Dricca Kastrup said...

Jenny, first of all, thank you for your generosity about your lovely designs !

I made a pillow with one of them. You can see it at

Sandy said...

Hello Jenny - it's Sandy here from Crete, Greece. Wanted to say how much I really enjoyed sewing the prettiest quilt I will ever make, your Shabby Roses quilt! I loved it because I have never done any embroidery work before and it was so easy but with such astonishing results. I am blessed to have a beautiful Granddaughter Amalia Mai Fowle who lives in Kurnell NSW, so ironically it will be posted to her and adorn her little bed in Australia. Thanks for the opportunity to make such a beautiful quilt. Yassas from Greece!xx

Khris said...

Some gorgeous work there on show Jenny....well done to all the ladies..hugs Khris

Ale said...

Hi Jennny :D,,, i´m in Mexico... and.. ¡I do!!!,,, this pattern its my first red work..mmmm my first needle work really ... ,, I print so big,,, for a pincushion but... something cute will born... ( pictures in my blog) sorry,, my english its like a kinder garden kid... kisses..

Mrs Chicken said...

Hi There,
we just received some parcels in the post for our two kids. Each had a gorgeous quilt, hand made by their Nanny in Crete :) Amalia was very taken with her Shabby Roses quilt and pillow case, and can't wait for mummy and daddy to complete our renovation, so that she can admire the quilt in her new bedroom. A BIG thanks to my mother-in-law Sandra - whom you have featured in this blog post :)
Cheers, Deni in Sydney