Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting on with things...

The rains are still here and I admit I really love the tap tap on the roof through the night. There is something very soothing about listening to raindrops make their way from the heavens above to 'plop' softly on the parched earth below.
Of course, not everyone enjoys the wet season up here as it does make the logistics of washing and drying clothes a bit of a braindrain, but we manage to hang all and sundry through the house before bed and as it's still so hot we find the clothes are dry again by morning.
Today I sat at the dining table and watched the students at our school playing softball, taking photographs, picking up rubbish that had blown under the shrubs - and all in the rain! They are so used to it during these late summer months that they just 'get on with things' regardless. Sounds like a good life mantra don't you think?
Tonight Blossom will be swimming in no less than 6 events at the school swimming carnival (it's so hot here that we have our swimming carnival at night), and each afternoon she has been practicing in the school pool. She's a distance swimmer by nature - 20 laps and she's in heaven - but as only one girl from her sports House put her hand up to compete, our dear Blossom felt it necessary to volunteer for the other spot. (4 Houses, 2 swimmers from each house per event)She is not a sprint swimmer and she is quite sure she'll come last in all the sprint events, but she has decided she can handle the taunts afterwards - for her it's all about House pride and 'giving it a go'. I'm so proud of her for her attitude. She has decided to swallow her fear of failing and 'get on with things' for her team.
If you can say a few prayers for her energy levels she's sure appreciate it.

I have listed a few new items on Etsy for my overseas followers - you can see them down the left hand side of my blog page.
All of these projects will be published in Creating Country Threads, and Patchwork & Stitching magazines in Australia throughout this year, so Australian followers may like to wait till then. My 'Katie In The Window' bag will be in the next issue of Creating Country Threads, 
... along with Blossom's design "Vintage Simplicity" (a doll quilt and carry bag - it's gorgeous!). 
The rest of the designs will be published much later in the year.
Here are some projects made by lovely bloggers!

Janey has entered the February Binding Challenge! She used her scrap binding and new machine quilting skills to finish off some pot holders.
Ruth used the applique section from one of my Shabby Country Roses blocks to embellish some lovely hand towels for her sister.
Doda emailed me with a wonderful late entry idea for my January Tea Towel Challenge - a bread bag! Isn't that clever? I am going to make one myself - thanks for the idea Doda!

Have you made anything for the Binding Challenge yet?



Cattinka said...

I hope Blossom will win her swim contest after all, but you are right the main thing is to participate, it doesn´t really matter if you win as long as you are having fun at what you do

Annie Bee said...

Hope she does well in her swimming events. I am sure she will have fun competing.

Libster said...

I hope that your daughter does well with her events. my youngest had her school swim carnival today and came 1st in back, 2nd in free and 3rd in breaststroke so is a happy camper tonight. i hope she gets in the school swim team.

Jenny said...

If you think it's difficult to dry your laundry there you should try living in England where we've had what seems like a solid six months of snow and rain (and that was just the summer :-D).
All the best to Blossom with the swimming, love her designs. God bless.

KaHolly said...

Hi Jenny, I'm pretty excited about the new patterns on Etsy! There's one in particular that I have my eye on. I would love to have just 1/10th of your talent! Have a happy day, karen

KaHolly said...

Hi Jenny, I'm pretty excited about the new patterns on Etsy! There's one in particular that I have my eye on. I would love to have just 1/10th of your talent! Have a happy day, karen

Abby and Stephanie said...

Katie in the Window is so sweet.

alice said...

Go Blossom!!! I hope she surprises herself and wins a few. A group of people here in Virginia went for an Arctic plunge last week. Brrrrr!!!!

Jude said...

Hello there
I've just put a photo of a friend's Shabby Rose quilt, she made it following your BOM last year but does not have a blog.
Take care

Graciela said...

Hi Jenny !!!!!!! very nice your look´'s change in this blog

Allie said...

I LOVE falling asleep to the sound of raindrops. I said a prayer for Blossom, be sure to let us know how it went. I love her attitude!

I'm so thankful you're listing your patterns for those of us who can't get the magazines. You just have the best designs. Love the new ones, and Blossom sure takes after you in talent!

The potholders, towels and bread bag are GREAT!