Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Homespun arrives, new projects, and things you have made...oh, and some sneak peeks!

Storms are brewing around us again, and with the inclement weather activity I find myself battling a continuous migraine once again, so I'll let this post be one of pictures - things I'm making, a published project, and some lovely photos from bloggers who are making my designs their very own.

Homespun Magazine arrived in the mail today, so I can finally show you my secret project, "Hopes and Wishes"....
...a sweet bag with wishing well centre, surrounded by this verse from Emily Dickinson -
"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul. And sings the tune without the words and never stops at all."
Remember I showed you the journal cover I made last week? It fits in the bag, to hang by your bed close at hand, to write down those hopes and dreams.
If you are unable to acquire a copy of Homespun in your country and would like the pattern for the bag I will be releasing it in April, as well as the pattern for the matching journal cover.
Here are some lovely projects I have made this weekend, using two of my stitcheries.
"Bloom" is now this gorgeous wallhanging! It will be published later this year in Patchwork & Stitching...
...and "Gift of Roses" is now displayed in this very functional and pretty bag that I store my patterns in!
This pattern will also be published later this year in Creating Country Threads. 

Some lovely ladies have sent me photos of their own versions of my designs.
Jenny in the UK has made a couple of lovely bright cushions using my Oopsie Daisies! You can also see the cushion is blues on her blog.

Teresa has finished her first block from my ~Bouquet~ BOM, and it's so lovely!

Jeannie has found a use for some scrap binding, so she has officially entered my February Binding Challenge. Jeannie used the binding to finish off the inside pocket of a bag she made. 

I also used some binding to finish the top of my pattern bag (photo further up in this post). I love binding!! It has so many uses and gives a lovely finish to projects like Jeannie's. 

There has been a lot of redwork fun happening among the Gum Tree Designers recently! No doubt you've noticed a few sneak peeks on the other designer's blogs?
Would you like to see my design? Yes? Just a tiny peek then...

We're in love with redwork, and especially French fabric. 
We even had Blossom playing with us! Here is a little snippet of her own design...it's gorgeous.

We'd love to show you more, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait.

I hope wherever you are you find some time to stitch today, but mostly I pray you find some time to nourish your soul with those who love you...you see, it's wonderful to lose yourself in the harmony of needle working with thread, but don't let it take you away from the most important melody of your life - your family.



Anonymous said...

Love your embroidery! The daisy's are adorable and the challenge is so fun! I can't believe how many things I'm thinking of for binding and to think I never gave it a thought before.heheh.eee..

Terry said...

Sorry about your migraine! Everything looks lovely as always Jenny! :0)

Jenny said...

Thank you for showing my cushion! Love your designs.

Unknown said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely as usual!! Can't wait till April!!! So glad I found your blog, Jenny.

Jane said...

Hope you are feeling better, migraine is awful to suffer from.
I cant wait till April - the little bag is gorgeous. Hmmm binding, lol - so far I have only used it for what is was made for. binding. though I did use up some leftovers for wait for it.... binding pot holders... Not very imaginative I know. Hugs xxx

alice said...

All your projects are soooooo cute! And I can't wait to see what is up with the redwork. You guys love to tease us. Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Maggey and Jim said...

Jenny, so sorry bout the migrane..Your new projects are beautiful.. You never cease to amaze me.. I love it all. And how creative all the friends are, the are really talented.

Maria said...

Hope you are feeling better. Migraine are awful.
Love all your projects and will keep watch for their publications.
Yous are mean just showing a little bit on each blog of the redwork project and now Blossom is in on it too.

Monica said...

I love love love the wishing well bag! It's beautiful. You are just too creative.

I'm going to have to figure something out to get the magazine. I live in a small town that doesn't carry magazines like that. I guess this means I'll have to keep an eye out for it in JoAnn's.

What issue number is it so I'll know which one I'm looking for?

Allie said...

I'm praying about the migraine, dear one. What lovely, awe-inspiring pictures - I'll be looking forward to your pattern coming out in April, as I'm sure I won't be able to find Homespun. Love the things everyone has made, and of course the sneak peeks are driving me crazy, lol....you gum nuts are awesome!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Wow, busy fingers in your household as well as others.
Lovely pieces coming out of your blogspot!
Oh dear, what to do for a migraine, stay cool, don't stress and apply small dot of Lavender Oil to the back of your neck and behind the ears.
I hope you're feeling better real soon.

Annie Bee said...

You are such big teasers. I love the Wishing Well - will have to watch for Homespun to hit the Newsagents. Love your other designs. Now to just manafacture more time.

Unknown said...

Oh Jenny...
You've done it again...wish I could spend an hour...just an hour...inside your brain! Your designs are sooooo lovely. I'm going to see if I can get a copy of Homespun, but if not, I WILL be purchasing that pattern from you.
Emily Dickinson is a favorite! I especially love that except you've included on the bag! soooo lovely...love it!
hugz..lol vbg!

PatchworkRose said...

Jenny have you tried a wet hand towel over your shoulder or around your neck. I only get mine on one side and this helps me so much. Simple but effective. Especially seeing as how I have just discovered that the real reason for me being so slow in the mornings and the swollen glands was Tablet allergy. I built up an allergy over time to the very tablets which were meant to be helping. Now if this hot weather would go away I will hopefully things will improve. Take it easy Just love your blog :-)

KaHolly said...

EVERYTHING looks yummy! I suffer migraines terribly. I feel your pain. Hope you feel better soon. ~karen

Vicki ♥ said...

With all you are getting published Jen I think its time for you to do a book :) Your designs are lovely and so pretty :) Hugs Vicki

Judith Tetley said...

A lovely post Jenny. Beautiful work. Congratulations on your project being published in 'Homespun'. I just love it!!
Rest my dear....and relax your mind to try and release that awful migraine.
'Lotsa' Love