Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A very clever blogger, making my sewing machine a pretty spot, and another present...

If you have found it hard to come up with ideas for the February Binding Challenge, then you need to ask Carolyn what she puts in her water!
Look at this...
Isn't she gorgeous!!?
Carolyn has named her 'Miss Jenny Blossom', and I have to tell you there were a lot of oohs and aaahs coming from Blossom and I when Carolyn sent me a photo! 
Be sure and visit Carolyn at her blog and let her know what you think - she may even tell you how she came up with such a creative idea! 
Here is another parcel of birthday goodies I received this week. My sweet Gum Nut friend, Joy, made me a beautiful block - and she tucked in all these pretties as well!
I am stitching another new Dilly Dally Daisy design, but when the rain came bucketing down again this week -
... and the house became a bit too dark in the daytime to stitch by hand, I decided to take this charm square pack that I have had for *ages*....
...and finally make another sewing mat for my (relatively) new machine. 
(Those of you who were involved with my challenges last year will remember I made a sewing mat already, but I have bought a much bigger sewing machine since then so a new, larger mat was needed)
I guess this means it's time to sew a larger cover for my new machine, too. Well, the roads around me are flooded, and heavy rains are forecast all week, so if I dissappear for a little while you know where I'll be and what I'll be doing - home, stitching, watching Miss Marple, and drinking coffee. ;-)

Have a lovely week!


  1. What a lovely mat. Wishing you wonderfully quiet time stitching and watching Miss Marple...I do enjoy her mysteries!! Cathy

  2. Lovely Mouse and such a clever idea. Love the sewing machine mat and so simple too. Wonderful block from Joy and I am sure it is much loved too.

  3. very clever Carolyn.what a wonderful name for the mouse...all your gifties have been awesome what fun..oh that fabric mat looks edible-love the fabric well done,cheers Vickie
    hahaha my word verification=unwork
    that will be my word for the week

  4. Now Jenny make sure you have a wonderful birthday :-)
    Looks like you are being suitably spoilt :-)
    Hoping you get lots of wondeful stitching time
    birthday Wishes

  5. The mat is wonderful: excellent choise of colors, as usually! Hugs,Clara.

  6. Hey, we are sewing with the same sewing machine!
    I Love my Janome very much!
    Wonderful mat!

  7. That mouse is totally adorable! What a good idea, a sewing table mat! I'm thinking this could be another binding challenge :)

  8. I've had a migraine and had to catch up on your posts! Such lovely gifts you've rec'd. The mouse is adorable and I just love the bag. The mat you maed is so pretty. That's something I never thought to make. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. How could you NOT when blessed with so many caring quilting friends? ~karen

  9. Thanks for the idea. I love your sewing matt and I have never had one for my machine. I have a few charm packs kicking around and now I know what to do with them.
    Thanks sweet Jenny :-) :-)

  10. Jenny, I love that mouse but not the real ones, eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!! She is really cute and love the name.. Like the new mat and how do you like that machine?? I have had a Janome for 15 years and really like it but would like to upgrade someday?
    Have a good day and hope the rain subsides

  11. Miss Jenny Blossom is so cute. I do think I need some of that water. Your sewing mat is also gorgeous. I hope the sun comes shining through soon so you can get back to hand work. L, A-

  12. The block Joy made for you is very special, and I also like the sewing machine mat you made! The colours are so nice!
    By the way I sew on a Janome also, isn´t that another funny coincident?

  13. Love your mat Jenny.. It's lovely..

  14. Miss Jenny Blossom - how perfect is that! Love the block and the sewing mat you made, Aunt Grace is my fave - enjoy your rainy day stitching, Jenny girl!

  15. Your sewing mat came up so nicely. A great way to use your charm squares. I hope you don't get washed away up there. Enjoy the time sewing.

  16. I can see you have my sewing machines twin sister.....LOL...wonderful mat the little bit of stitching on either end really sets it off Jen....I love it...

  17. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! love the sewing mat, I'll have to make one for myself soon.

  18. looks like there's lots of us in the Janome family!!!! Don'cha just love stitchin' in the rain?? Such beautiful work Jenny and lovely gifts too! Happy birthday lovely!!
    Sugary hugs Wendy B :O)


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