Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your own handiwork, and a published Profile!

Another migraine is brewing so I'm about to head to bed for a long and (hopefully) restful sleep, but I wanted to share these photos some of you have sent me of projects you have made using my designs. It is such a beautiful gift for me to see your handiwork in something that found it's way from my crazy mind to paper and then needle and thread. 

Firstly let me show you some finished Shabby Roses Quilts!
Janey has finished her second one - yes, that's right, her SECOND Shabby Roses Quilt (and she's begun a third!). She uses lovely florals in her quilts because so far they have gone to her grand-daughters. How blessed are they!?
Allie has finished hers too, and I love the colours she chose, especially the vintage sheet she has used for the binding and backing. For more photos go HERE to her blog.
Robin has been busily stitching her blocks whilst watching the Winter Olympics (Australia won a gold! Yay!), and her fabric choices have given them a very Spring feel - lovely!
The complete pattern for the 12 block Shabby Roses Quilt can be purchased as a pdf download or paper pattern pack through my Etsy Store HERE.

Janey is also stitching my 2010 BOM, ~Bouquet~, and as she purchased the complete pattern she is ahead on her blocks. This is her verse block... pretty!
In quiet times I visit your blogs, and a few times I have come across this verse from ~Bouquet~.
One of the things I  love to do (that you may not know about) is write poetry. This verse is my own poem, named quite simply 'The Rose'. If you quote this poem or have it somewhere on your blog (I have seen it in some sidebars) would you be so kind as to credit the poem to me, please? 
This is to avoid any copyright issues if someone or another sees it on your blog and chooses to use it without knowing it is my original poem. Just add 'Jennifer Reynolds 2009' at the bottom of it. 
Thank you! :-)
Do you remember the tea towel design I shared last month? Go HERE to look if you missed it.
I originally designed it for my friend in Canada, Darcey, and her beautiful group of monthly stitchers - all young ladies avidly learning a new skill. 
Earlier this month the girls spent an evening making their purchased tea towels pretty with my applique design, and here are some of the finished projects!
The top photo is Darcey and her daughter (I think they pass for sisters they are so beautiful and alike!)...
Those happy smiles are adorable, and I am so impressed with what these young ladies achieve every month!!
I would also like to share the news that you can read my Profile in this month's copy of Creating Country Threads!
This issue also has Blossom's 'Vintage Simplicity' doll quilt & carry bag project, as well as my 'Katie In The Window' bag project. 
(for those outside Australia both these patterns are available in my Etsy Store - you can see the links above in my left hand side-bar)
My darling Gum Tree Designer friend, Vikki, is also between the covers of this issue with her very first published design!! Visit her blog HERE to see what she made!
Tomorrow, all being well, I will finally share the tutorials. 


Allie said...

I'm praying for you tonight dear girl. And thanks for showing my quilt - I really, really love your designs and when I stitch one, I don't feel so far away from you. I LOVE Robin's version. I saw the Australian ski jumper who got gold - wow is she amazing!

I love your verse for Bouquet - you have another career, Jenny! I used to write poetry too!

The tea towels are GREAT!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Have a good sleep my dear. I hope you waken free from pain and fresh as a daisy.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Oh dear, hope your is better in the morning. Have you asked your GP about the injections or nosespray?
The quilts are lovely, fun to see it in different colours. Take care. Hugs!

Cattinka said...

How nice to see Darceys picture on your blog! She is such a nice lady, I´m glad I met her through your blog.

Anonymous said...

I so hope you are feeling better soon!
All the ladies have done such a wonderful job,it's so restful doing your designs!
Congrats on your published profile!
Hugs to you today!

Vintage Sandy said...

Jenny...congrats on your's and Blossom's published article's you must be so proud of her and rightly so...hoping you feel better real soon ♥ ♥ ♥

edyB said...

Feel Better ~ hope the sleep helps. We're sending good thoughts.

Skebba said...

I love this so very much. Purchasing now!

Bec said...

The teatowels all look fantastic! How exciting for them to be made with your designs over in Canada.... The BOM blocks are just beautiful....Very exciting to be profiled in a magazine...

Robin in New Jersey said...

You posted my latest blocks! I can't beleive someone has completed two quilts already! Gorgeous work ladies.

Robin in New Jersey said...

I wish I could read that profile in that magazine!

Cath Ü said...

Congratulations to both you and blossom on being published... well done girls..
Caths Blog
cath Ü