Friday, February 26, 2010

Basket & Bow Tutorial

Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for this tutorial. 
My head is behaving itself today which has put a big smile on my face. Must be all those lovely prayers and kind thoughts that helped to send that migraine on it's way. Thanks!!

Firstly I'll answer a question I was asked about the interfacing used. In the first set of baskets I made last week I used a thin fusible interfacing - this is lovely when you want baskets that sit snuggly together and they are only holding soft, light items such as fabrics, threads, or ribbons etc.
 Due to my needing a basket to hold my pegs (for hanging clothes inside during this tropical wet season) I decided to try a firmer fusible interfacing earlier this week. As you can see it sits with more rigidity...
 I also pulled in the sides with a stitch at the top to keep it even firmer. My pegs are held quite happily in their new home. 

 NOTE: You can make these baskets any size you want. Choose the base size you want and add 1", then add the height you'd like the sides to be, double it, and add 1/2 inch.
So, a base of 5" square with sides of 4" high, would mean you'd need 5 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 1/2 = a square of 14 1/2".

Today, in this tutorial, I am using the firm fusible interfacing again because this basket was destined for the bathroom to hold Blossom's lotions.
Let us start...

You will need 
* 2 x 15 inch squares of fabric
* 1 x 15 in square of fusible interfacing (if you want a softer basket use thin interfacing)
* 1 x 3" x 6" piece of scrap fabric
* ribbon for handle, and bow

Take the fabric you intend using for the outside of the basket and fold it over diagonally, corner to corner.
Cut a 4" square from the corner.
Turn it over diagonally again and take another 4" square from those corners. 
 It should look like this...
Do the same with the remaining fabric lining and the interfacing. 
Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the outer (main) fabric with a warm iron.
Fold the outer fabric diagonally, right sides facing, and stitch along the outer sides with a 1/4 " seam...
Fold it back in the opposite direction and stitch along the remaining two sides with a 1/4 " seam.
This is  your outer basket.
Repeat this process (without interfacing) on the fabric you have prepared for the basket lining.
This time, however, you need to stitch your seams slightly wider than the 1/4 " you did on the outer basket. This will mean the liner fits perfectly in the basket without any puckering.
You only need make the seam a tiny bit wider...
 Place the finished liner inside the outer basket, right sides facing each other.
Fold the corner seams in opposite directions and pin in place...
Sew around the edges with a 1/4 " seam, leaving a wide opening along one side.
 Turn your basket right side out. (This is much easier with thin interfacing, but I had no trouble with the thick stuff either - just need to go slowly and iron down all the sides once more as they tended to crease.)
Fold in the opening, and press with a warm iron. Pin whatever you are using for the small handle in position, then topstitch around the edge of the basket with an 1/8 " seam...this will secure the closure of the opening so no need for slipstitching it closed. Much easier!
Your basket is finished, now let's make the bow!
You will need a piece of fabric 3" x 6"...
Fold it in half horizontally and stitch around both ends and a short way into the bottom edge. Trim the corners, being careful not to cut through the stitching.
Turn it right side out and press in the open seam. 
The way this bow is made means you do not have to slipstitch the opening closed - can you see that I love to make things easier!?
Make conertina folds in the bow, keeping the still open seam at the very bottom (it will be covered by the centre wrap later)...
Place a stitch in the centre to secure. 
Wrap some ribbon or fabric around the centre and stitch closed at the back. 
Attach in place on the front of your basket with thread that matches your lining.
Here is Blossom's new lotions basket - she'll be surprised to see it when she come home from school today! I haven't told her I was making it, so you're seeing it before her. :-)
I'll share the flower tutorial another time. 
Hope you're having a lovely day - February is almost over and with March comes the promise of Autumn down here in Australia. Luverly!!!


  1. Beautiful Jenny - love that bow! But I love even more that you're feeling better!!!!!

  2. Thank you Jenny for the tutorial. especially the formula to make baskets a different size. The bow is a nice touch and I look forward to learning the flower from you.
    Hopefully the change in weather will keep your migraines at bay.
    We are anticipiating Spring in Nova Scotia.... sometime!

  3. Glorious Jenny, thankyou for your tutorial I am anxious now to make some for pressies and well as for myself. Ooohh and I love the little bow, very clever. Take care and cheers, Kaylee

  4. Thank you Jenny! I honestly thought each side was going to be a separate piece... I'll be making one up this afternoon now!!

  5. Great tutorial, Jenny. Me too I suffer for migraines, this morning I woke up early 'cause of it and it's terrible. Happy you're feeling better. Take care, Clara.

  6. Thanks for a great tutorial. Hope i try this some day soon!!

    You are a star!!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I will do as soon.
    Baci dall'Italia

  8. Thank you Jenny for this wonderfully clear tutorial; it's so much easier than some other tutorials I've seen, so I'll certainly be having a go very soon. I'll have to think of something a bit more masculine for the front, if anything at all, as I want to make one for my husband's lotions in the bathroom.

  9. Hi Jenny, I love this tutorial, thank you so much! Do you mind if I link you one of these days?
    Have a nice weekend, Renata.

  10. Thanks Jen, I will definately be making some of these for sure... soon I hope... gorgeous Blossom loved it...
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  11. Thank you Jenny for the tutorial! It's so simple and beautiful. And useful! I'll try to make one.
    I'm glad I've found you blog. There is so much summer)) It makes me getting warm in our terribly long and frosty winter)))

  12. I just love these and will definitely have to make some to go with my sewing room set that seems to be growing. Unfortunately, I've run out of time to join this month's challenge. Hopefully next month.

  13. Thank you for showing how you make these baskets, they are all very cute.

  14. thank you for such a lovely tutorial, I can think of lots of uses for those baskets!

  15. Jenny glad to hear your feeling better,love the tutorial.I'm now very keen to try my hand at making a few of my own and some for pressies maybe? :) Barb.

  16. great to hear you're so much better....
    You're so sneaky letting us see Blossom's basket before her.....I'm sure she'll love it!
    sugary hugs
    XX Wendy ~:O)

  17. Cute, cute, cute!!! she will love that.
    So glad you are feeling better :)

  18. That great tutorial! Thank you very much! I will try to do one the weekend. I wait improve soon of your migraines. Regards

  19. Very good tutorial, Jenny. Sorry you've had yet another of those nasty migraines. ~karen

  20. GORGEOUS isn't the right word, but it's close! LOVE this!! Bravo!!!!

  21. Que lindo tutorial super util y practico vere si me animo a hacerlo

  22. Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of stitching at the top corners. I just made some baskets using a different pattern and will stitch them and see what it looks like.

  23. What a wonderful tutorial, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us all. I will give it a go for sure

  24. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for the great Tutorial on the "Basket & Bow"
    You make it seem soooo easy, that I'm going to try and make one.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. Thanks so much, been waiting for this, think I will make my 5 granddaughters each one for Easter..
    I am going to try to get that issue with your things in it..

  26. Thanks Jen your gorgeous baskets have so inspired me to make some. I love yours that you have made and love all the fabrics and colours...MMMM...yummm and I bet Blossom loved hers. Hugs Vicki

  27. What a great basket I can see myself making plenty of these, thanks for the tutorial, it does make things easier to follow.

  28. Glad to hear your migraine is better,,, hope they soon go away far away for you... and thank you for your great tutorial...I'll be trying this for sure this weekend,,

  29. Thank you Jenny for the great tutorial. Glad to hear that your headache is lots better.
    Warm hugs,

  30. I have just made this gorgeous little basket..great tutorial, so easy to follow. I have filled it with chocolates ready to give to a friend for her 60th Birthday.

  31. brilliant tut Jenny... I love the basket... very cute...
    Caths Blog
    Cath Ü

  32. Grazie per il tutorial....bellissimo lavoro...
    Bellissimo blog, i tuoi lavori sono stupendi.
    ciao dall'italia

  33. Es un bello trabajo. Gracias por enseñarlo.

  34. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. We appreciate your creativity!

  35. feel the need to have some of these Jenny, thank you for putting the link on your current blog post

  36. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing the pattern with us. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  37. I can't wait for a day off to make this and this one and this too! Love your blog,

  38. This is not only a beautiful basket, but you have made the instructions fantastically easy!! Thank you for all that you give us!! You are the best!

  39. This is not only a beautiful basket, but you have made the instructions fantastically easy!! Thank you for all that you give us!! You are the best!


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