Friday, March 12, 2010

Baseco Giveaway!!

The fundraising for Baseco through the sale of Dawn's Mahal Kita Tote pattern this week has been fantastic!!
Knowing that every $4 earned through the sale of these patterns will go towards changing the life of a people who are born and die on the mound of a rubbish dump in Manila is astounding. 

Remember my version of the bag?
Well, I found more beautiful fabrics to make another bag, so along with Dawn and her friend Khris I am donating a fully cut kit in the Baseco Mahal Kita giveaway on our Gum Trees Blog!
The fabrics are Lila Tueller's 'Woodland Bloom', and the kit contains everything you'll need (apart from wadding) to make a Baseco bag! Don't those fabrics look yummy!!?
Go HERE to our Gum Tree Designers blog and read about the 5 kits Dawn is giving away this month! To be eligible to win one of these kits all you need do is purchase the $4 pattern for the bag!

Everyone who has already purchased a pattern from Dawn will be entered in the giveaway draw as well - just go and leave a comment on the blog post at Among The Gum Trees!

It only takes many people with a few dollars - the cost of a cappucino! - to make a difference to an entire community! 
Please blog about this awesome giveaway. Even if you don't buy a pattern, you  can still spread the word.



aussiequilter said...

Jenny-your bag is beautiful!!!! It's so inspiring to read your blog always.My mogo has up and left but after seeing your bag and having just purchased the pattern hopefully I will going again.cheers teri

Cattinka said...

This is really a nice bag, and I got a pattern also. It is for a good cause and I will post about it on my blog. You are very generous to give away a fabric kit, the colours look nice and it will make a beautiful bag.

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Oooh wow Jenny,

Those fabrics look so yummy...and I was about to get the pattern anyway after seeing your lovely aviary one :)
It is very generous of you guys.
BTW I made a bag up recently using one of your stitcheries that i had bought a while ago. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Thanks

Hugs, Sharon

Theresa said...

Your bag is beautiful Jenny and the kit is gorgeous. I bought the patten yesterday, just trying to decide what fabric to use for it this morning. said...

I bought the bag. Am looking forward to making it. I like what you said about the price of the cappachino. If you can't go without the cappachino just have a regular mug of coffee and pop a piece of milk chocolate in it! Wella, poorman cappachino! I hope Dawn keeps us posted on how much money is being raised. I think that will add to the excitement for people to buy when they see how quickly it is adding up.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kick in the pants Jenny, I've meaning to buy the bag, now have done so!!!

Cath Ü said...

Jenny... I love the bag you made the colours are divine.... I have my pattern and will have to make one now as I love yours so much... LOL
Caths Blog

Cath Ü

La keka said...

Un bellisimo blog , dificil para mi traducir , pero lo encuentro tan bueno sus trabajos que los seguire visitando.
Un cariñoso abrazo desde chile.