Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Charm squares & pin cushions, playing house, and a new design...

Thanks for all the prayers for Mr Elefantz on his trip away. He arrived home last night after two turbulent flights, all safe and sound!
What are you like when your beloved is away and the weather is not the best for travelling? I tend to do housework. LOTS of housework. And when I get into those moods I tend to move a lot of furniture around and try to do a bit of redecorating. Naturally, this is how I spent yesterday! 
As I scanned my home I had a good think about what style *really* reflects me, and whether or not that reflects my husband. Verdict? He is functional, like me, but I like to add atmosphere with soft furnishings. I now have a list if things to make over the cooler months of autumn and winter, but for yesterday I mostly played in the kitchen. 
Here is one area that had a revamp - the shelf that Mr Elefantz built me over Christmas.
I found a red teapot  in the op-shop the other day, with matching sugar bowl and creamer, and as I have a mix of red, eggshell blue, and mustard in the kitchen I handed over my $5 and brought the set home to dwell on my shelf. 
I also balanced on a chair and hammered picture hooks into the wall so that I could *finally* display my 'Wonky Houses' wallhanging! This was my very first original design, and my first published project (Country Threads Sep 09) - the pattern is available HERE.
Did you know that a CD or DVD fits inside a 5" charm?
 I used a 5" charm last month to make this pincushion. You can find my tutorial HERE...
...and today I made this pincushion using a 5" charm as a small gift for a friend.
 You can find a tutorial for a slightly larger pincushion HERE on Stephanie's blog.
If you had time you could embroider little flowers in each section, or applique something small and sweet. I used vintage buttons in the middle of mine for that something special. 

Remember, no more than 20, 5" charm squares, and you can cut them up if you need to!
Here's a little sneak peek of something gorgeous I've designed and stitched. It's part of a set I'm working on...
It's such a thrill to see finished Shabby Roses quilts!!
Steffi finished hers recently and emailed me a photo. I fell in love with my quilt all over again!
She beautifully added a fabric rose to the top corner and some prairie points in the final border!
It's gorgeous, Steffi!
Complete pattern sets for my Shabby Roses Quilt can be found HERE.

My gorgeous friend, and fellow Gum Tree Designer Vikki has shared her favourite wedding photos on her blog today - what a fairytale bride she was!! Be sure to go visit her blog and enjoy the celebrating with her.
Now, I'm off to make dinner - crumbed chicken breasts with guacamole and salad. I cannot get enough of avocadoes!!


Amanda said...

I don't much like it when my DH is away either, especially when he has to go to South America, and is away for about 2 - 3 weeks. I tend to do lots of decorating, and cleaning out those cupboards that never get touched at other times. And sorting out. And sewing. In fact, lots of things get done during those times. The days aren't too bad, it's the evenings and night times that I really hate. I can't enter your charm square competition I'm afraid, as I don't have any charm squares, but I'm picking up lots of ideas for if I ever do have any.

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...

Hello Jenny,

I have seen your sweet pins on pincushion. I want to know where you by this pins.
You have a very creative blog. I like it.


Cattinka said...

Hi Jenny,
you can really be proud of your designs. People all over the world love them, and they are so unique they can always be recognized as your designs.

Terry said...

How nice to see your Wonky Houses on the wall! Those were so fun to stitch! They're still one of my favorites! :0)

Anonymous said...

Love your shelf and how you did that! Your houses are perfect above it.
Some how I missed those QT's!!
Oh boy that quilt is amazing!I am so struggling with the back stitch! you think it would be easy to follow a line for crying out loud!
Well on to another 5" challange, love the button in the pincushion.

Abby and Stephanie said...

I spy a pink and white umbrella perhaps. So sweet. How rewarding to see your Shabby Roses made by someone else. So pretty. Your pincushion has such a perfect shape...I usually struggle with that. I've ended up with an egg on steriods at times. When I lived in Fallbrook, CA many years ago we had avocado trees in our backyard. The neighbors had lemons and oranges. We traded. :o)

FlourishingPalms said...

Since my DH is retired, and we spend all our time together, I'm the one who likes to get away! A quilting retreat weekend with girlfriends is coming up, and on April 14 I'm winging away to Australia to spend several weeks with my daughter and family, and quilters I've met on previous visits. I can hardly wait!

Your shelf arrangement is perfect, with a pretty color-combo. And your sneak peek looks intriguing. It's all beautiful stuff, Jenny!

allsewnup said...

Total basket case! That's me when my Babe is away. So happy to hear your Mr. got home safe and sound.
Where did you get those fantastic pins? I have such a hard time to pick up mine when my joints don't want to work the large heads would make it so much easier.


KaHolly said...

Cute pin cushions! And Steffie's Shabby Roses Quilt came out adorable. I put mine away for the winter while I traveled and see I need to pull it out again and get to work! Glad you're family's all back together again! How are YOU feeling? ~karen

Denise :) said...

You always have such fun things to share! Love the Shabby Roses quilt! All of a sudden I'm turning into this incredible pink person! It must be because Spring in so close! :)

Fiber Babble said...

I love the redecoration in your kitchen - and that new red teapot, while not the focus, is just perfect!

Allie said...

Glad Mr. Elefantz is home safe and sound, and that the storm passed you by! Your kitchen is looking quite lovely, it's about time you hung your Wonky Houses.
Your pincushions are darling. And I LOVE Steffi's shabby roses quilt! The addition of the prairie points is very whimsical and charming, and I love the rose.
Oh Jenny, I can't wait to see your new designs - it looks absolutely scrumptious!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
So glad to hear DH made it home safely.
Oh, your charm square ideas are fantastic. Another "must do" to add to my list!

Jeni said...

glad your hubbie is home save.... and what great ideas your have

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi jenny,

I love what Steffi has done with your Shabby Roses design. It must be fantastic seeing what others come up with :)
I also think your new shelf looks great and wonky houses is just perfect above it.
I admit when my husband was driving through a stormy night up the NSW coast I tried to distract myself in all sorts of ways to stop thinking about it.
I'm glad Mr. Elefantz arrived safely home :)

Hugs, Sharon

Kim D. said...

Hi Jenny,

Congrats on getting your houses hung, your wall hanging turned out great. The red tea pot is adorable and looks wonderful all arranged in your kitchen. I love your pin cushions, thanks for the idea to use up those orphan charm blocks. Glad your dh's safe and sound also.

Jude said...

Love your pincushions and the sneak peek looks interesting and whay time do I come for dinner.

Carrie P. said...

Jenny, love those pin cushions.
And the new design sure is looking pretty.
The Shabby roses done by Steffi turned out great. I do like her points too.