Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reminiscing while I'm off my feet...

The other night after the rains from Cyclone Ului had subsided we went for our nightly walk around the school grounds. The earth was like quicksand in some places, and as we tend to walk after sunset, we missed avoiding some of those sink holes. This is how I have spent the week so far...
Of course the upside is that I'm pretty much tied to the house and that means I need to occupy myself with more sedentary pursuits like these new designs I came up with (sorry, just sneak peeks!!)...
...and I finally stitched the label to my Shabby Roses Quilt!
 Isn't it lovely how when you're having a bit of an off day a friend sends you a gift and it makes the day extra special?
This week I received two belated birthday gifts. My very dear friend Ruth, whom I have known and loved now for almost 10 years (she was a guiding hand when I was a fledgling homeschool mum all those years ago) has a delight for crochet, and she made these BEEOOTIFUL goodies for me from her talented hands...
And sweet Lurline, who is recovering right now from surgery (pray a healing prayer for her, would you please - and for her hubby too) sent me this precious bag filled with fabric that is *just right* (to quote Goldilocks).
Magazines have also arrived, and this month I have my "Oopsie Daisies" Door Stopper published in Creating Country Threads...
 ...and the "In My Garden" Bunting published in Patchwork & Stitching!
 Of course, with all that designing and stitching  I needed some good wholesome fare, so last night I made one of Blossom's and my favourite meals, Beef Casserole & Dumplings. It was soooo yummy!!!
Now that the weather is hovering around a much cooler 30C (86F) I plan on making more autumn casseroles and some tasty soups. Autumn food is my comfort food; those thick and flavoursome slow cooked meals remind me of my childhood and my nana who raised me on next-to-nothing, but was the BEST cook ever. The atmosphere in her kitchen, the aromas, the tablecloth and polished cutlery, the meals she prepared for me and my grandfather  - they all still linger in my memory decades later. 
She was a tiny, cuddly woman who gave me hugs that wrapped me, body and heart, to her forever. Whenever I need comfort food I make one of nana's luscious custards (she made 3 different kinds) and my all time favourite meal - sausages with onion gravy on creamy whipped mashed potato with fresh green peas scattered around - just the way she did.
Who's cooking do you remember from childhood? Do you have a certain comfort meal?



  1. Ouch, I bet that brought a tear to your eye. Although injured enjoy your enforced time in the house - it must be awful having to just sit and stitch - not, LOL.

  2. your Label " Shabby Roses " is beautyful...
    my best whises to you..

  3. Your works are always beautiful!
    Ciao ciao

  4. Oh Jenny, I hope it's on the mend and not too sore..good time to sit and stitch..everything is lovely!
    Julia ♥

  5. How is your ancle? Did you have to see a doctor? Hope it will heel soon.
    Congratulation on your publications in the magazines, you really made it!

  6. Look after that foot of yours. Mind you, it doesn't seem to have slowed you down any. Your latest peeks are intriguing.
    We had bangers and mash last night, although instead of peas, corn and zuchinni from our garden and broccoli with onion gravy. Yummo! Funnily enough, that was never on our menu as a child, sausages were for breakfast only. I loved pork chops and onion gravy, but my main comfort food was hot puddings, syrup dumplings and steamed pudding with loads of hot custard. Soon it will be cold enough to start having those again.

  7. Those dumplings look great, Jenny! Hope your foot is better very soon. Take care of it!

  8. I hope you feel better and area back on your feet, soon! You got some lovely gifts and I can't wait to see more of what you're working on! Mmmmm... dinner looks yummy.

  9. Hope your foot is better soon Jenny.My warm fuzzy is the individual bowl of freshly baked bread and butter pudding that my grandma used to make me and my siblings.We all had turns with this special treat and when I want a warm fuzzy moment I bake this dish and remember carrying home my turn of that special dish :) Barb.

  10. Gorgeous work Jenny, picked up my issue of Country Threads today, great to see blogging mates being published!
    I miss afternoon tea and pikelets with my Grandmother. I've never tasted pikelets as good. We used her beautiful china and were taught good table manners and not to hit the side of the cup when stirring. She was a teacher and taught me to read and write before I started school. I have a few of her old text books that I cherish. I really wanted her cuisenaire rods but I think one of my cousins got them.

  11. Yikes, we do injuries here from slipping on the ice! You're busy hands will make the time pass quickly. Hope you mend quickly. Comfort grandmother made THE very best beef noodle soup.

  12. That looks like it might have been painful! Enforced stitching sounds good though...

  13. So sorry that you ar injured Jenny. But it is forcing you so sow down a little. Some good comes from bad. How cold will it get there?

  14. Jenny so sorry to hear of your injury hope this finds you on the mend and up & at 'em soon...anxious to see your new designs...take care hug's coming your way!!

  15. Hope your foot heals quickly! My Grandmother is the one I think of when I think of comfort foods. She made a wonderful chicken and dumplings that brings back wonderful memories from my childhood. She also was always making jello, she said that jello fixed everything! She was like your Nana, wrapped me in love and comfort. Thanks for making me think about it, I needed that hug!

  16. Enforced time off means more time with the Lord and your stitching! Prayers for your healing and patience! the label...maybe I will make mine first!

  17. Oh no, you poor thing!!! I'm praying it heals quickly, and I'll say a prayer for Lurline too. I love the sneak peeks [is that a parasol??] and your gifts, and congrats on the magazines!

    Oh how I miss my grandma - I was closer to her than anyone on earth. I miss her coffee cake that she only made, just for me. Meals were a bit haphazard - she was blind for 20 years and never told anyone, lol. Still a good cook, but there were a few interesting flavours when she grabbed the wrong ingredient.

  18. Can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog, your designs, and your links to others in your part of the world. Our comfort food has been hamburg and onions gravy with peas on mashed potatoes....I think that it is very interesting that half a world away, we had almost the same comfort food.hugs Louise Z

  19. Oh no, sorry about the foot. :(

    Your latest round of stitching is so pretty! I may ave to take a break from the shabby roses and do something else. I'm getting bored with the same colors. :(

  20. Doesn't look to me that having an injury has slowed you down one bit!!! Congrats on your patterns being in the magazines! That's so very exciting. Hope you heal quickly! ~karen

  21. Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle and hope you have a speedy recovery. Luckily you seem to have a lot of things to keep you busy while you're healing.

    When I think of comfort foods, I always think of my mother. She was a wonderful cook and was always in the kitchen making something. Homemade tomato soup with fresh out of the oven bread would have to be my favorite... That and maple bars. LOL

  22. Oh my gosh, I know that hurts! I hope you heal quickly.
    Your new project looks very inticing!as does your meal.
    My best memories are my grandmother as well and her cooking! Cookies and milk!

  23. Ohhhh sorry to see you have hurt yourself..... I love dumplings... w have made a nice beef stew yesterday as well.. it will last us a few days...

    Love your gifts.... and can't wait to see the rest of your new project... I saw and loved your doorstop in the mag... well done...

    Cath's Blog

    Cath Ü

  24. Hi Jenny,

    We hope you get better soon!
    And we can't wait to see your complete project, it looks very promising!
    Best wishes,

    Van & Chris

  25. Hope the foot is feeling better and didn`t your Nanna tell you its not nice to tease us.Looks like you did a bit of stitching to help the healing process and gifts as well, lucky you.

  26. I love your quilt label--the embroidery and the bound edge--cute.

  27. I hope your ankle is recovering nicely.
    I always loved my Nan's baked chicken meals and Pop's bacon and eggs for breakfast... My other Nana, I remember and loved her 'smoko's' for the shearers, always so much to chose from and very yummy.
    Your doorstop in Country Threads looks fabulous, as does your other creations. Sit and enjoy your time out.
    beautiful gifts from thoughtful friends!

  28. Oh dear! I cringed while reading about your poor ankle. So sorry that this happened. Hopefully it will heal fast....stay of it as much as possible. I know that is really difficult to do since we all have so much we want to be up and about doing.

    Take care!


  29. Oh, sorry you hurt yourself but you gives you more time to create and I see some very pretty creations coming along.
    Congrats on more projects being published.
    I have been working on my last block of Shabby Roses and hope to be able to put it together in a couple of weeks.
    I loved my grandmas cooking and I especially love oatmeal made with milk because that is the way she made it and the smell reminds me of her.

  30. Heal quickly Jenny!
    Maybe not too quickly. It looks like you are enjoying the advantages of staying of your feet!

    Peace and Laughter,

  31. Jenny your such an inspiration to us, your hand work and all that you do . Your family is so lucky to have such a good MOM!! Hope your ankle is better very soon. Thinking of you.

  32. Oh Jenny, I can empathize, just had surgery on my right foot and have been hobbling around feeling sorry for myself. Take care of you so you can quickly get back to things you enjoy.
    My husband Looooves your yummy scones!


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