Saturday, March 27, 2010

Those recipes...

I promised some of you that I would share my recipes for the Buttermilk Scones...
...and the Chick Pea Patties.
So I will. 
Click HERE for the Scones, and HERE for the Patties. 
(Or you can follow the links in my sidebar under 'Cook With Me')

It seems my ankle is not sprained, but I have done something to the area above the ankle, so I am off my feet once again after causing more injury laste night when I attempted to go walking around the grounds with the family. 
Yes, I am silly. 
No, I will not do that again. 
Yes, I will do as the doctor ordered and rest it some more. (Blossom even painted my toenails for me)
Of course I will keep stitching. ;-)

Thanks for caring,


  1. Hi Jenny, poor you, if its not one thing its another isn't it. Yes do rest as much as possible. Silly isn't it that it only takes us 50 years to learn to be sensible-lol.
    Take care sweet,
    hugs Deb

  2. What a shame that you're laid up again, but at least it's a chance for the family to demonstrate (a) their love for you (b) their appreciation of the all the work you've put in over the years and (c) that they've actually learnt all you've taught them! Get lots of sewing done and try not to feel guilty.

  3. PS I've just looked at your recipe for chick pea patties, and they should work really well with gluten free bread, so I think I'll give them a go sometime soon. Sadly, I haven't yet found a scone recipe that works well, so I'll have to pass on those.

  4. Oh Jenny, now do as you are told - get that foot up and be waited upon for a while, you know you have no choice my dear. As we get more mature (a nice way to say older) these darned things take a lot longer to heal. Cosider yourself told off but with a hug at the end.

  5. Great Jenny!!! I hope I'll have the time to try the scones tomorrow, they look really..yummy! Take care. Hugs, Clara.

  6. Doctor's prescriptions:
    rest, rest, rest and stitch, stitch sticth!
    Take care my dear!

  7. Lots of yumminess Jen :) thanks for sharing and I am glad to hear you are doing as you are told and taking it easy. Lots of stitching should get done thats for sure :) Hugs Vicki xoxoxox

  8. thanks for the recipes-can't wait to try them!!Have never had much success with scones!By the way,why don't you try Arnica cream for your sprain.You just rub it on a couple of times a day and it really works-have used it for years with my children growing up and all their sporting injuries.You can get it from pharmacies that have a good health department in them as it only herb based.Good luck cheers Teri

  9. Hi Jenny,,, its,, early in México,,, mi cofee ists alone... ¡¡ I´m hungryyy!!! ;) kisses

  10. Woman ~ you gotta be careful out there. I spent most of last summer in one of those lovely (not) boot braces from a fractured ankle ~ NOT FUN! That messed up my gardening for the season ...

    Thanks for the recipes! Those Scones look yummy!
    Take care ...

  11. So sorry you are still laid up but at least you can stitch!
    Thank you for the recipes :)

  12. Come on, Jenny! Take care of yourself! You need to rest that ankle so you can get back into the swing of things. Sweet Blossom...

  13. dear Jenny. Rest, rest and rest are most important for lower leg injuries. Keep stitching and rest. God bless.

  14. Oh Jenny you naughty girl - stay off that foot! Moan pathetically and let everyone wait on you, ok? I'm praying for you sweetie pie!

  15. I hope you heal soon! Thank you for the recipes. But, you have to behave and listen to doctor!

    It`s always a pleasure to visit your blog.


  16. Well, I am really sorry bout the ankle. But I know you will have lots of creating to keep you busy, its just the idea of not being able?? Love scones and make them lots..Is that cotteled cream on them?? Yumm I have not had that.
    Hugs and well wishes prayers.

  17. Will try the scones on my next Ladies morning and do you have the Cup saucer and plate of the plate featured , it is one of my favourites , I have had mine about 50 years.

  18. Hi Jenny, what have you been doing?I hope the ankle is feeling a little better and that you are resting. I love the recipe's for the scones and patties thankyou.
    Take Care
    Love Jillxx

  19. Hi! sorry my english es bad...hermoso Blog y maravillosas labores!..cariños

  20. I finally have internet back--yippee!!! I am sorry to hear about your ankle; poor baby you will just have to sit and sew. Hmmm maybe I should twist my ankle. I was wondering if I might get that beef and dumpling casserole recipe if it is not a secret. Sounds like something my men would love. Hope you are running around soon. L,A-

  21. Jenny, I tried your chick pea patties the other evening and they were beautiful. Loved that they didn't all fall apart for me too which I find often happens when I make patties. Even the vegetarian members of my family were very approving as well as the Home Ec teacher in my family!!! Thank you so much for the recipe. Love your new hair style too.