Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~BOUQUET~ Block 4

7th April!
It's that special day of the month when you get to play with the next block in my ~Bouqet~ Quilt!

This month I am sharing Block 4, The Verse.

The poem is my own,  so please be sure to add my name as author if you quote any or all of it somewhere other than in this quilt.
Block 4 can be downloaded free until May 6th HERE.

From today Block 3 is available HERE for $4.25 through my Etsy Shop as a purchase only.

If you have missed the first 3 blocks in BOUQUET, they are also available to purchase as a set for $8.95 in my Etsy Shop HERE.

If you are anxious to make the complete BOUQUET quilt now, you can purchase the full pattern HERE.
Our Lily Rose is quite a handful, growing bigger overnight! Bob-the-Dog has been trying to assert himself as leader of the doggie-clan but as he is now officially smaller than Lily Rose he is having a hard time of things. From today Lily Rose will be an outdoor dog only, and Bob-the-Dog will be the sole indoor pet. With Lily Rose destined to grow to around 45kg (close to 100 lbs) this is the best way to do right by both dogs. 
I am working on a new quilt!
The fabrics are Robyn Pandolph's 'Roses de Noel', so have you guessed that it is a Christmas themed quilt? :-)
I'd show you a sneak peek of the first finished block but my camera died. I'll borrow Blossom's later and see if I can photograph a tiny corner for you, just as a tease.

Happy stitching!


Margie said...

Jenny, Am I doing something wrong? I've never needed to "sign in" to print your lovely patterns before. Did you change something?

Phyllis said...

Ditto to Margie, but I created an account anyway.

This is lovely...another hidden talent. Thank you for this sweet block!

Do you have a secure area for Lilly Rose to stay in? She's still very much a baby.

Allie said...

It's beautiful Jenny, I love your poem! You are so talented, girl!

Poor Bob-the-dog - our Molly got got replaced as top dog when Abby came...she never got over it. We did our best though, she was THE best dog.

Can't wait to see your Christmas quilt!

Vanina said...

Hola Jenny!!
Es hermoso!!! Me hubiera gustado participar del quilt, pero te conocĂ­ tarde.. pero no importa, puedo seguirte y asĂ­ seguir conociendo tus hermosos trabajos!
Un beso desde Argentina!!

Hello Jenny!!
It's beautiful! I would have liked to participate in the quilt, but I met you later .. but no matter, I can follow you and keep on discovering your beautiful work!
A kiss from Argentina!!

Margaret said...

Another month , another happy stitching, I do enjpoy working on these little pieces.

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, thankyou for the lovely pattern. I did'nt have any trouble printing it off. I printed one off for Cottonreel as she is away on holiday at the moment I hope that was o.k
Love Jillxx

Janice said...

Thanks for your latest block. Looking forward to your next project. I hope Bob the Dog and Lily Rose become good mates.

Klarafina said...

It´s so beautiful!

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, Just to let you know I have posted my Shabby Roses quilt today I am really thrilled with it, I still have to bind it but could'nt wait to show.
Love Jillxx

Jeannie said...

That block is so beautiful!!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny,

Beautiful as always! I look forward to the sneeky peek at the Christmas project!
hugz, Pam

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny,

Beautiful as always! I look forward to the sneeky peek at the Christmas project!
hugz, Pam

Jilly said...

Thankyou it's beautiful!! I can't wait to see tomorrows! :o)