Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dogs, the weekend, UFOs, and a sneak peek...

This is the last weekend before the start of another school term. It's been so nice just pottering around and doing 'stuff'. 
The dogs have enjoyed all the attention, but even they have frowns today at the thought of their favourite family members not being around as much from Monday. 
Bob-the-dog will have to be content with hanging out in the sewing room with me again...
...and Lily Rose will have to be patient through the day until her sunset walks with Mr Elefantz and myself.
Of course, she still has her favourite toy to keep her company...
...she'll just have to make sure she doesn't leave her Teddy out in the rain overnight again or he'll have to spend his days hanging from the clothesline.
Some lovely parcels arrived this week. When we had the Baseco Bag Kit giveaways on our Gum Tree Designers blog last month the kit I donated was won by Gayner in the UK. Gayner was thrilled when her Baseco Bag Kit arrived (in Woodland Bloom fabrics) as these were colours she would not usually choose to use so she was looking forward to making something a bit different. 
Then, bless her heart, she decided to bless me too! She posted me an exquisite linen pillowcase and a tiny little crochet basket, both handmade by her grandmother over 45 years ago. Look at that beautifully crocheted edging on the pillowcase....
 Thank you so much, Gayner!  I do not have anything from my own mother or grandmothers, so these will be treasured always.
I also recently did a fabric swap with my friend Katrin, in Germany. I have sent Katrin some of Rosalie Quinlan's 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' fabrics, and she sent me some gorgeous Tilda fabrics in exchange! She also sent me some embroidery needles (I use so many!!) and the cutest pincushion. Thanks Katrin! I hope your parcel from me arrives soon. :-)
How are you going with my 4 For 4 Challenge this month - finish 4 UFOs in 4 weeks? 
I have done my 4, but now I'll finish more. 

Yesterday I finally completed 'The Dress' (UFO number 3). I did the embroidery a while ago (the pattern is in my Etsy Shop), but it has been sitting here for months waiting for me to decide how I would display it. I made it for Blossom, so the pressure was on! 
Eventually I thought I would bind it in black satin, and add a string of black beads around the top of the chiffon veil. What do you think?
BONUS - if you purchase the embroidery pattern for 'The Dress' stitchery in my Etsy Shop this weekend for $3.97 USD, I will send you the full pattern to make the wallhanging as well at no extra cost!
Click HERE to purchase.
UFO Number 4 was to find a way to use my extra Umbrella stitchery, and as I have been using Blossom's market bag lately it seemed an excellent use for the pretty little block...
Next week I'll be helping out in the sewing classes at the school, working on my Christmas quilt design, and finishing this new design. Want to see a little sneak peek? 
...and I'll also be sorting out my odds and ends in the sewing room. I bought these very pretty boxes at the $2 shop yesterday to help with storage.
 I have so many projects on the go right now that I need a system to keep all the bits and pieces associated with them together in one place. 

Sorry for the long post. I should have warned you to go and grab a cuppa first. :-)
Wouldn't it be nice if we could really share one together?

Enjoy your weekend,



I do have to say--the doggies do look a little sad--Mom--!!!
Lots of eye candy and temptations you keep sending our way!!!
have some fun--Hugs, Di

miss~nance said...

I like your mail - do you think you mail man could drop some of those goodies into my box as well - you have been a very blessed girl.

Loving all your UFO's and cant wait to see the your new project.

Hugs & Blessings


Di said...

A cuppa, earl grey or camamille ( can't spel today!) would be a real treat.... maybe one day..

Unknown said...

Lovely your pretty storage boxes and your new haircut by the way...looks Great.I know it's been awhile but back online now..

Susan said...

Just love those boxes - will be keeping an eye out for them in Brisbane. And your dogs are so gorgeous - we have similar dog to Bob the Dog - I will take a snap of him after his big shampoo & cut next week - we can't see his eyes for now! Well done on your UFOs - I am tackling some of mine right now too.
Take Care

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hello darling! :-)

Gosh Bob-the-dog is SO darn cute! He's a match for Kayla for sure!!! Does he have a wool coat sweetie? Lily Rose is a cutie too... and her teddy reminds me of Mr Bean's teddy! Have you seen that show?

The pretty boxes you bought are the very same ones that I keep my wedding treasures in... and the very same that transported the ring pillow you made me to our wedding!!!

Your new sneak peek looks amazing Jen!

Lots of love! Vikki xoxoxo

Bonniedoo said...

Hi Jenny...I am always inspired by your blog, thank you. I have even finished a couple of ufo's this past week. Keep up the great work!!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Lily Rose what big feet you have? Such a sweet face on both pups. What a special gift from Gayner.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Assisting with sewing classes at school sounds like fun - young girls are usually so enthusiastic with sewing and craft projects! Love your dress design - stunning work as always Jenny.

Jeannie said...

Poor poochies.hah.a.ha...You are doing well on your UFO's!
I so totally love the crochet on the pillowcase. A lot of care there!

Cattinka said...

Hi Jenny,
your package arrived, and I really like the fabrics you sent me. The colours are very different from the ones I usually buy, but I think they will turn into a pretty Baseco bag, thats what I plan on creating with them.

Maggey and Jim said...

Love the boxes, what a steal.. They are so pretty and so is the dress design.. The close-up really shows your work,, Have a great time at school.

Cath Ü said...

Hi Jenny... I am loving what I am seeing here.. well done... Just wanted to let you know I am still alive... I have been having e mail troubles for over a month now.... I can't send any at all now from my private addy.. hopefully the trouble will be sorted soon....

Cath's Blog

cath Ü

Janice said...

Well done to have two finishes. I'm sure the dogs will enjoy your company when to do get to go for your walks.

Lee said...

Just dropped in to say there is a great sale for jellyrolls on this blog, there is a link to her shop.
At todays rate it works out to be about $28aud for a jellyroll. She has French General too. Be quick.

Gae said...

Dear Jenny,
I am just stopping in to say Hi,
Don't know if you remember me from the Marium Regnum Familiae group.
I have just found your lovley crafty blog.
I really enjoyed looking around.
you are very talented. You must have a lot more free time now.
I only manage a few crafty things at a time.
I have joined th blogging world too.
Hope you have enjoyed your move
Be great to hear from you
God Bless

Tina said...

I did have a cuppa and I so did enjoy your blog!! Have a great week. Question??? What do you do when all your UFOs are finished, I have never had this problem, lol.

Carrie P. said...

Such pretty gifts you got in the mail.
The dress stitchery sure is pretty.

Sandy said...

That sneak peek looks really cute...something with a clock face?? ;o)