Monday, April 12, 2010

Some purchases from the Craft Fair, UFOs finished, and my parents...

It's been 3 days since the Craft Fair in Townsville, so I've been away from my blog a while haven't I?!
We're enjoying the school holidays you see...lovely long walks with the dogs; quiet stitching in the afternoons while we watch favourite movies; simple dinners; swimming at the pool; basically we just enjoy this time together as a family. It's still another 7 days until school returns, so I may be absent most of this week as well.
The Craft Expo.
I didn't purchase much at all! This surprised me. However, Blossom stocked up on lots of beads (she loves beading!), and she did spend a good deal of time drooling over the gorgeous array of Japanese linen fabrics at the Be Be Bold stand. (shop online HERE) I also loved the Japanese fabrics at Indigo Niche (shop online HERE) I bought some home to have a play with of course!
Kelly, from Be Be Bold gave us a pattern with our fabrics to make a little lunch sack. I'll be using the owl fabric in the photo above, so I picked up an owl button from another stall for it. Maybe next week I'll have it made and ready to show you. 
I found some lovely bias at another stall...
...and as we were leaving I spotted a basket with $2 fat quarters. (Those overseas may not realise that fat quarters in Australia are normally priced between $5-7) As I rummaged through I found 10 Amy Butler fat quarters, and I *love* Amy Butler, so they came home as well.
The absolute highlight of my few hours at the Craft Expo was the display of Kathy Doughty quilts! Have you seen her Material Obsession books (with co-author and designer Sarah Fielke)?
The covers are different in the US, but the books are the same.

I saw about 8 of Kathy's quilts from these books and all I can say is that their *wrappability* factor is higher than any other quilts I've seen! To see them up close is to be transported to a place of serenity and comfort....hence my newly invented term for judging quilts - *Wrappability Factor*!
I have wanted to make some for a couple of years now, but spend so much time on my stitcheries that I never get to them, however, now that I have seen them up close I MUST make some, and soon! 
Kathy's blocks do not have perfect corners, and her hand quilting (with Perle threads) is not perfectly spaced either, and this is another reason I love them so much! They are more than works of art, they are captivating in their complexity and their simplicity - for they have both within them.
Love, love, love them!!
Here are some UFOs I finally finished. This is ~Flourish~, a new Dilly Dally Daisy design of mine...
...I have framed this beautiful stitchery, and then pasted some funky fabric (a gift from my darling friend, Dawn) to the frame, mitreing the corners.
It will be published late in the year in Patchwork & Stitching (an Australian craft magazine), but I'll be putting the pattern up in my Etsy Shop for overseas stitchers later this week. 
I have also finished a little market bag, using my bonus Umbrella stitchery.
The stitchery has become a little front pocket for a mobile phone. 
How are you going with our 4 for 4 April Challenge? You need to finish 4 UFOs in 4 weeks! :-)
I received this lovely bundle of pretties from Stephanie last week...the fabric has roses AND spots. I love them both! Also in my present was some lovely vintage ric rac and pretty butterfly buttons. Wasn't I spoilt!?
And one last thing to show you.
Blossom bought me a beautiful vintage inspired frame for Christmas. I have a very old and worn photo of my mum and dad that needed to be framed to be saved from further disintigration, so when we found this frame we knew it was the *one*. 
My mum died in a car accident at age 21, just after my 3rd birthday. Having this photo is precious to me as I have barely anything else of hers to cherish. This was their wedding day and she was just 17, my dad was 25. 
The lovely young woman at the photo shop made a copy of the photo for us and popped it in the frame. As she did so she began to cry...she said, "They look so happy, and she is so beautiful...I don't know why I am crying." I told her how mum had died very young and she shed more tears. I am an only child and I cannot tell you how special her tears were to me because I was able to weep with someone over my loss, something I never do. 
Beverly Anne Parkinson...I miss you terribly, I miss knowing you as my mother. 
Eric Desmond heart aches with loss for you.
I have more to show you and more to chat about but you have lingered long enough over my chatter today...go and enjoy a nice cuppa with someone you love. Make sure you tell them just how special they aree to you, and tell them why.



Dawn said...

Hi Jen, looks like some serious fun was had at the craft fair.... your 'Finds' are gorgeous....Those Amy Butlers are a bargain....
I love your little market bag with the unbrella stitchery.... great idea for a young lady friend I have who needs a pressie real soon...
I cried too darl for you and your Mum..... I know one thing, she'd have been real proud of you.. Your a 'Gem'..
Have a wonderful week with the family...
Love you...Hugs Dawn x x x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like you girls had a fabulous time at the craft fair! Love your "wrapability factor" quilt rating system.

Your vintage frame looks perfect for your treasured photo. Your story about your parents bought a tear to my eye too.

Julia said...

Lovely post touched my heart, I was an only child too and miss my Mum..
Your Mum was so beautiful..she would be so proud of you..
That frame is just perfect..
great buys at the show,,
Hugs Julia ♥

jugglingpaynes said...

Well now I'm teary too! For a life lost too soon and for a child left without her mother so young.

The photo is so beautiful. You should make a few more copies. The technology is wonderful now, you don't have to watch your memories disintegrate.

Peace and Laughter,

Allie said...

Oh gosh let's see if I can stop crying long enough to comment....oh Jen. My dad died when he was 23 and I was 2. I really do feel your pain. The picture is just beautiful, what an extraordinarily handsome couple. I love the frame.

So glad you're enjoying the holidays, and that you had a good time at the craft show! I love all your treasures. I think I'd like to try quilting with Perle threads....

Your new design is so adorable, I love how you framed it!

FlourishingPalms said...

Oh Jenny. Your mother is beautiful, and your dad so handsome. They're a lovely couple. I hurt for you not to have grown up with your mother. She would be SO proud of you. I bet more than a smidgen of your talent came from her. Blessings.

Susan said...

Jenny - that is so sad - but I am sure Mum has been watching you from above all these years. Just love your framing on your stitchery and $2 for Amy Butler - I dont remember seeing any of those bargains at the Brisbane verson of that show! - Pity!
Hugs to you

Margaret said...

Teary time here too , What a beautiful person you are. We are all proud of the way you give of your time and thoughts.

Lurline said...

Jenny, I was happily reading along and then came to 'your story' - what a fine young woman you are to have dealt with such tragedy at such a young age - God bless you and your wonderful family, my wish for you is that you will always be surounded with love!
Hugs - Lurline♥

SheilaC said...

What a beautiful photo of your parents and a lovely way to remember them both... (even if it also brings few tears....)

hugs to you!


Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Jenny! What a gorgeous photo of your parents - the girl at the photo shop was right, they both look so happy and besotted with each other! My Mum's name is also Beverly Anne ... though she says she only heard that when she was in trouble! :0) And since she is so precious to me, I feel for your loss of a chance to know your Mum as an adult and I'd say you've made up for that a little by having such a close friendship with your own daughter Blossom. Bear Hugs! KRIS

Dolores said...

What a lovely frame for your photo. You really should bring it to a proper photo restorer so they can 'fix' the little bends and tears in the photo. One of my husband's aunts did this with my husband's father's photo (the only one he had.) They did a wonderful job - took an old creased photo and made it almost like new.

Lindi said...

Lovely post, Jenny. The photo and the frame are perfect together.
Those Amy Butlers were definitely a bargain! Great hunting. :)
And I can't blame Blossom drooling over Be Be Bold. I shop there frequently! Jane has soooo much temptation there, and she's really lovely as well.

Fee said...

Oh Jen ... you've made me cry with that beautiful post. I always feel so sad for you that you lost your Mum at such a young age. I'm so thrilled though that you have such a special bond with your precious Blossom and get to make so many traditions and happy memories with her. :-)

You are such a wonderful person and I know your Mum and Dad would both be so proud of you.

Life isn't always fair - but it's what we make of it that counts isn't it?

Big cuddly hugs to you my friend.

Fee xox

Vickie said...

oh lovely fabrics you got there and what a bargain them fat ¼'s were,will be a great project you make with them I am sure...oh that was teary for me to read about your mum..hugs to you and what a gorgeous frame,cheers Vickie

Unknown said...

Oh Jenny, I am so sorry you had your Mom for only a short time, and yes I joined the weepers also, I doubt anyone read your blog today that didn't shed a tear or two, hugs, Barb in NC

Abby and Stephanie said...

Perfect frame for a very special photo. Very very sweet umbrella pouch.

Marilia Baunilha e Patch said...

YOU are a very special person to me ! I am a great fan of yours, here, in the other side of the world.

Jeannie said...

Wow you really did find some wonderful buys!
The frame for your parents is perfect! Three is to young to lose a mum! Hugs to you!

Maggey and Jim said...

Hi Jenny,
So glad you are having some fun and fabric shopping, my favorite thing. Also loved what you bought..Such good bargains..The tribute to your parents was so heart felt.. I still have my Mother who lives with us and she is 91.. I am very lucky to have her..We are really good friends. I am sorry that you never got to know your Mum but she must be watching as you are a very special person.

Sue said...

Jenny, reading the story about your Mum really touched my heart.
A tragic loss for a little girl.
My maiden name was Parkinson too.

Jocelyn said...

Jenny, what a very special picture of your Mum and Dad. I too am an only child. My Mom passed away when I was in my 20's and although I had her longer then you had yours, there still is a vacant spot in my heart. My hubby's Mom is 89 and they have had her all these years. People just don't understand the loss unless they go through it themselves. Take care my friend. God watches over the orphan and the widow.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Jenny,
I've come out of lurkerdom to say your post today really touched me. Your mum would be very proud of you and your family. Such a lovely tribute.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

quiltmom anna said...

Such a moving story of your parents. They were a handsome couple- I am sure that your mother would have loved your beautiful stitcheries.

I often buy the Australian Patchwork and QUilting magazine here. I love the designs and all the color of your quilts from Australia.
Happy quilting,

Tina said...

What a lovely chatty blog this week, so love the photo of your parents, had a few tears myself, over the loss of parents.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful picture of your parents. I am sorry for your loss but it's good that you could let some of the grief out and so unexpectedly. Sometimes you have to wonder about the way this magical world works. :)

Wrappability: Great word. Those quilts look yummy and squishy. Love all your stitcheries, too.

Oh, and I really like your short hair! It looks great.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh Jenny, I am so sorry to read about your Mum.

Thank you for sharing all your lovely stitching with us. YOU are a bright spot in my day.

Carrie P. said...

I am sure that was fun wandering around the craft fair admiring all the goodies. You and Blossom sure did get some pretty things.
How sweet of Blossom to get the frame for you. It is beautiful.
Stephanie is just the most generous blogger.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Argentina!!!
Is very beautifull the photo of your parents... sorry but my english is very bad.
I love your blog and designs!!!

Kaylee said...

Hi Jenny, I am just now reading this post as I am having an afternoon cup of tea and have tears in my eyes for your loss. I know you are a grown woman now but all those years without your Mum - how sad for you and your Dad. Hugs and best wishes. My daughter has a friend who is 21 and her Mum died 8 years ago leaving 3 children and a husband. She only told my daughter a few weeks ago, she had tears in her eyes seeing a Mum with her daughter having coffee and she was sad because she can't have those times with her Mum. Rebecca told her she would share her Mum (Me) with her for coffees. The Mother had a bad migraine one day and lay down to rest and never woke again, she had a brain aneurism. Life is so cruel. Your Mum was very beautiful. Hugs again Kaylee

cottonreel said...

I beleive the spirit of loved ones are always with us,I am sure they influence our decisions , I do buy your patterns in England and will look out for more at the Malvern quilt show in May--cottonreel

cottonreel said...

I forgot to mention my father was killed in a motor cycle accident aged 21 , I was 16 month old . I also have a picture of him on my blog titled my daddy----------------cottonreel