Friday, May 21, 2010

Fabrics, projects, and Part 3 of our Italian weekend!

My sewing time has been spent on some secret things for later in the year...
...and planning a new quilt with all my Glace fabrics - Turnovers, Honey Buns, and yardage. I bought the Glace last year and have been waiting for the*right* project to materialise in my mind. This morning that finally happened. I sketched up a rather special Christmas Quilt with a difference. It might be ready to show you this time next week...
Now to share with you the final day's photos of our Italian weekend in Ingham. 
Sunday morning as Blossom and Mr Elefantz slept, I took my coffee outside and watched the sun rise over the water...
It was still, cool, and beautiful. 
Mr Elefantz woke a hour later. Friends of ours from the school had come up to Ingham as well and were staying in a room right near us, so Mr Elefantz and Mr D chatted away whilst warming themselves in the early morning sunshine.
Before we checked out of our room we went for a walk down to the beach. We left the room behind, following the scent of salt and the rush of the waves...
Leaving Forrest Beach behind we headed back into Ingham for breakfast at an Italian Deli. Not since I lived in Melbourne have I seen so many wonderful Italian grocery items!
With our bellies full, we began the journey home. Just outside of Ingham we found the turnoff to Jourama Falls. It was only 6 klms off the highway and Mr Elefantz decided we would be silly not to go have a look.
We didn't realise we'd have to drive over creeks, make friends with the wildlife, and climb a mountain before we could see the falls!
Due to not having water bottles and proper hiking shoes we abandoned our quest to climb the mountain about half-way up, but what we did see what beautiful indeed. We'll return another time and finish the adventure.

Two hours later we were home. I hope we can visit again soon.
Thank you Ingham!! You gave us a lovely weekend!



  1. Lovely sneak peeks !! Can't wait to see your finished doily. Love the spotty cappucino cup - How cute.

    Hugs - Fee XX

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time away.Can't wait to see what you make with the Glace fabric :) Barb.

  3. Jenny,Thanks for sharing your holiday with us . OOOOh I love your new fabrics you've chosen. Sneak peaks Yah!! thats just teasing.

  4. Thanks for sharing your weekend in Ingham. It sounds like a great festival to visit. You won't want to eat for a week after all those yummy treats. Can't wait to see your new Christmas quilt.

  5. That was a nice weekend, I hope you can do it again soon, and I saw the pretty shells you told me about!

  6. What a wonderful trip.I love Italian food. Can't wait to see project and glad you had a nice getaway..

  7. I am looooooving your sneaky peek, dear Jenny! And the pics of your weekend, how beautiful - oh I can just feel the sand and waves on my toes. I hope you can go back soon to see the Falls!

  8. Wow, Jenny, you live in paradise!! Just gorgeous!

  9. Fun, fun, fun!!! You do have some nice fabrics to be working with!!

  10. Ingham looks like a beautiful part of the world and i am glad you and the family had a great time.


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