Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another doily and those jeans....

Today was the day, I had decided...I would not be sidetracked. Those jeans needed to be made into something useful!
I had been admiring all my doilies (after playing with one last night) and still had the idea to use one with my denim pieces. When I saw this one and showed it to Blossom she immediately thought about the story of The Blue Willow Plate - a favourite tale from her childhood. So this doily was destined to be my Blue Willow Bag!
We love to wander the various weekend markets - whichever town we live in at the time! - so market bags are very useful. Small, long straps, just enough room to hold some cash, my phone, and the car keys.
I decided the embroidered doily section would be perfect as the flap on a bag so I made it with rounded corners, using more of the plain doily area for the backing...
After adding a buttonhole to the doily flap, I found some checked fabric laying unused in my stash, perfect for lining of the front as well as for the back of the bag (denim lining for the back section).
I was wanting a shaggy look around the edges of the denim/cotton fabrics, so stitched the seams on the outside and clipped along the edges.
The shoulder straps were made with 1 inch strips of denim and cotton, then seams sewn along the outside, and once again I clipped into the raw edges for that ruffles effect when it was washed. One large white vintage button sewn in place and voila! I am so pleased with how it turned out after a quick cycle through the washing machine and an hour drying in the sun!
The total sewing time took me an hour. 
Meanwhile Blossom sat on the floor in my sewing room and worked on the last of her assignments. 
 Only three more weeks (then a 3 week school holiday break) and she'll be back to homeschooling. 
 Betty made a denim bag a while ago for her grandaughter, and she sent me a photo to show you (she has no blog). Isn't this clever!?
Also, go to Vickie's blog (HERE) and have a look at her denim thread catcher...if you have a spare jeans leg you can make a few for gifts!
Mr Elefantz and I went for a lovely drive up to Balfes Creek while my market bag dried in the sun, but I'll show you the very interesting photos from there another day...


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL bag, Jenny! That doily makes the perfect bag flap and the check coordinates perfectly - love it!

    You're such a tease... can't wait to see your photos!!!

    Hugs and love!!!
    Vikki xx :-)

  2. What a great idea Blossom. Gorgeous market bag and a wonderful way to use up old jeans and a doily.

    Also visited Vickie's blog and just love the thread bucket.

  3. well done Jenny how cute...oh a drive sounds lovely..and I see you also had another companion their as well as Blossom hehehe,cheers Vickie

  4. You are so incredibly productive Jenny. Your new market bag is beautiful.

    How wonderful Blossom will be homeschooled again. It's always been a dream of mine that I have never managed to fulfill. What a wonderful gift for you and Blossom.

  5. Love the flap. I have a non-demin project using a tablcloth waiting to be sewn into a cute bag. All fabrics are piled together waiting. Sad sewing machine had to go in for repair yesterday. No back up machine either and I was in the middle of a denim project!!!

  6. What a great bag. You certainly made good use out of those jeans. I just love it.

  7. You are so creative! I'm so happy that I found your lovely blog! I live on an island with not bridges, stores, mail,etc. So, I have to be resourceful in my quilting, and life in general. I am putting it on my list so that I can see when you post something new... XO

  8. It was great fun seeing Betty's bag. She is very talented and has a lot of great ones as well as teaching others how to make them. I made a fun one about the time Betty made hers. I used the waist band for the handles and the 'button' and buttonhole for the closure.

  9. How totally cute is that bag!! I'm going to have to dig me up a pair of used jeans!

  10. Hi Jenny,
    I like the way you are using these old doilies. They are to good to give away, but don´t get used anyway.
    Have a nice day!

  11. Bonne idée, j'ai mis les miens en ligne....
    Bonne journée

  12. Oh I'm pleased Blossom will be back home with you again, where she belongs! :-)

    Love ya,
    Fee x

  13. Brilliant items from jeans... I will have to get stuck into mine......

    Cath's Blog
    Cath Ü

  14. Ahh, you didn't mention that Bob was sitting there on the floor with Blossom and you in the sewing room. Wonderful bag Jenny, I love the doilies! I need my camera back from the repairmans so that I can take pics of the couple I've found recently! You'll love one in particular, I know!!!


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