Sunday, June 20, 2010

My daughter the actress....

The last few weeks Blossom has been spending many (late) nights and her weekends in practice for the school's annual Play. She had a main part in the first of two major productions held this weekend, a duologue where she played a reporter in a thriller 'It's In The Blood'.
We were seated at the back of the grassed area in front of the stage so the photos aren't the best, but you can identify Blossom by the green jacket she is wearing.
It was the first *real* chilly night this winter, and the students here at the school arrived with their blankets and doonas in tow...
She was wonderful! We're so proud of you, sweetheart!
Today Blossom also had to make time in the sewing room before heading back to the stage for the final night's performance. With only 3 days left before she leaves the school and returns to homeschooling she needed to complete her last assignment for Home Ec - a very zipped pencil case with an array of stitches.
It's her own design, lovely and bright!
This week Blossom and I received mail from Europe. Synnoeve was recently married (please stop by her blog HERE and see her beautiful photos!), but before her wedding she wanted to post off a belated 16th birthday gift to Blossom - a gorgeous clutch purse and some pretty pink Tilda threads...
Synnoeve is a wonderful sewer! She made me a gorgeous bag earlier this year when we had a little fabric swap. Remember THIS? In her parcel this week she also sent a gift for me - Tilda ribbons! I was so excited as I have been wanting some for ages, but she also added a pack of the sweetest Tilda peach mother-of-pearl buttons. We have almost 4 weeks of school holidays starting next Thursday so now I can really get to work on using my Tilda fabrics and making her lovely designs at last. :-)
Another package that arrived was from Lone, in Denmark. She sent me some very yummy Belgian chocolates, and three fat quarters of Christmas fabric...
I'm sure I will be inspired to make something lovely with Lone's fabrics while I indulge in the Guylian chocolates. :-) Thank you so much, Lone!
My final surprise parcel was a postcard - a sweet floral bouquet made by my darling friend Darcey in Canada...
As you can see, I have been very spoiled this month! 
Sewing for me has been slow, but I did finish this bag...
It's the perfect size for quick trips to town for fresh milk or a few skeins of thread. 
My other finish is the new free BOM I have designed for you all - it will start on July 1st. :-)
All the blocks are done, now I just need to sew it into it's final display....
Later this week I'll let you know what fabrics, threads and notions you'll need to choose so you can stitch along with us - the BOM will be spread over 4 months so you can have it finished before the busyness of Christmas begins. 
And last of all, I have spent a lot of time this weekend printing up a new range of patterns! It's time for a change, so I am phasing out my old designs....will share more about that later, though. 
Change is refreshing sometimes, don't you think? There will be many changes in the Elefantz household in the months ahead. What changes would you make in your life if you could?
Have a lovely week!


Terry said...

Sometimes change is good! It's almost always a necessary part of life! Make the most of the changes that come your way Jenny! :0)

Jeannie said...

That looks like a fun time! It seems so funny for you to have winter I have summer!
I think change comes if you want it to or not! It's how you approch it that makes all the difference.
I know your block of the month is going to be awesome!

Bonny said...

Cannot wait to see your new July bom - the peek is gorgeous! Looks like lovely Blossom is following in Mom's footsteps with her love of stitching!

Cattinka said...

Hi Jenny,
I can´t wait to see what you will create with the Tilda fabrics and ribbons you just got.
I am also curious to see your new BOM what a wise decision to make it a 4-month BOM, maybe we all can make a lovely christmas present from it.

Allie said...

Yay Blossom! School plays were my favorite part of school, although I was too shy to get on stage - I worked behind the scenes and LOVED it. Look at everyone wrapped in blankets - bet you thought that would never happen, lol!
Blossom's bag is gorgeous, just like her. She certainly gets her talent from her mum! Your gifties are just lovely, dear Jenny, and I just love your new bag you made. Love the peeks of your new BOM.

You know the changes I would make, lol - I would move! All the way to Australia, if that were possible.

Alice said...

I would love a chilly night. It is getting so hot here. I have packed away all the homeschooling for the summer break in the hopes of getting lots of sewing done. It is good to see that you are able to get some sewing done. Blossom's bag is very cute and I can't wait to see the project that you are up to. L,A-

Joy said...

Yay for Blossom!!! What a little star she is :o)!! Love her zippy pencil case too, very funky ;o)!! You're so lucky that she also loves to sew - my two gawjus girls have no interest in stitching whatsoever!! He he .... maybe that's what I'd change lol ;o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

DIAN said...

Goodness so much to read. Jenny I can tell you are so proud of Blossom. What a talented girl.

Don't you just love the things that arrive in the post from stitching friends world wide.

Good luck with the changes - I find it more difficult to adjust to new circumstances as I grow older but stitching is a constant in my life.

Cath Ü said...

Congrats Blossom on being in the plays.. and I love your zippered pencil case... do the zips work...???

Love all your goodies you have received and I love what you have made....

Cath's Blog
Cath Ü

Sew Useful Designs said...

Wow sweetie - lots of eye candy in this post! But first off - doesn't Blossom look great on stage?! Good on her, bless her cottons! I shall be looking out for her name on the big screen in years to come!

Love the sneak peeks of your new BOM, gorgeous variegated colour... and shell buttons are my all time favourites! And how about those gorgeous gifts... the postcard is a textile dream, love it.

Hmmm... so what have you got up your sleeve dear Jen?! Looking forward to finding out! (Up my sleeve is a tissue - got an awful cold! Grrr!!! Not as exciting as what's up your sleeve eh?! LOL)

Loves ya! Vikki xoxoxo

Erin said...

A play what lovely memories:)

Homeschooling again! Wow!

BTw Chiara has just finished your rec. Runkles's Geo. thank you:)