Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Sunday drive to Balfe's Creek....

We live in a remote area, but to the east it is only 90 minutes and we have hit the coast and a real town. 
To the west however, it is a different story. 
A couple of Sunday's ago we decided to drive out of town and head west until we reached the next town. The next town happened to be 60 klms away and we counted 3 houses and a pub. 
When we arrived there were cars and a motor bike parked outside the pub, but not a single person in sight...
It looked as though this cricketer had been waiting to get served for a loooong time...
Fortunately I brought along a thermos of coffee for Mr Elefantz and I, just in case...
It was lovely and quiet. We had left the teenagers at home so with just the two of us we soaked in the serenity. Mr Elefantz noticed the interesting power supply...
...and the dining room that may or may not be open one day.
We admired the quaint bbq area...
...and the comfortable chairs. 
But can you see that sign!? A free animal farm!? We had to explore further!
Indeed, around the back, and behind some rather spiky barbed wire we met some of the local wildlife.
A camel and a cow in peaceful harmony...
Sheep at rest...
Old Man Emu Ostrich strolled over to say hi....(great Aussie wildlife identifyer I am, eh!?) LOL!!
...and birds dug for worms in the dirt.
Just as we turned to head back to our car we noticed this...
Nope. Never saw 'em. Maybe they have left town too?

PS: Finger feels a bit better. \o/\o/


  1. LOL... the first thought that popped in to my head? The classic Assie saying, "She'll be right, mate!"

    Ours the serenity!!!!

    Hugs!!! Vikki xoxo

  2. Cant beat the Aussie country - and probably nothing went missing while everything was unattended - did you venture any further??
    Good to hear that finger is feeling a little better. hang in there

  3. That's what I love about Australië and I do hope to visit your country again, but I need a shipload of money ;-))

  4. We must have passed through that town on our way to Charters Towers and beyond. I enjoyed the simplicity of the towns in outback Queensland . Mighty big country we live in. Thanks for the post finger and all.

  5. Glad to hear your finger is hurting a bit less Jenny.

  6. This made me laugh. You certainly have some interesting trips out Jenny!

  7. Thanks for taking us on your drive.
    I love places like that. The pics are great. Just as well you brought provisions with you.

  8. That sure looks like an ostrich in the picture...

    Pam in Schofields

  9. Heh heh, I was going to say the same as Pam ... I'm SURE that's an Ostrich and not an Emu? But then what would a Kiwi know??!!

    Glad your fingers are improving.

    Fee :-)

  10. These isolated little towns sure do make you smile at the simplicity of them. I got to tell ya Jen...its an ostrich not an emu :) but really anything is possible in a town like that :) Hugs Vicki xoxoxoxo

  11. LOL....I love your sense of humour! Ostrich/emu....who cares? I love to explore like that but don't have anything half as cool around here. Thanks for my laugh of the day!

  12. this was funny Jenny, thanks for this post :-)
    it reminded me of our travels around Australia and made me sigh - oh, how I miss Down Under.... :-)

  13. Ha ha! Yep, looks like an outback pub but I am surprised it was closed. Maybe it's on an 'honour system' whilst they all take a break? You could've served yourselves. LOL!

    Glad to hear the finger is improving. :o)

  14. You've go to love the Aussie outback. I'm glad to hear that your finger is feeling a bit better.

  15. Wow, not a soul in sight. How strange!!!
    Still, it looks like you guys had a lovely day out, and that's wonderful :o)!!!
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o)

  16. Oh.....what a giggle Jenny...the worst part is that it is all too true...LOL. Long Live Oz!

  17. Jenny your country (as huge as it is) resembles the tiny island i live... Cyprus!.... That isolated town reminds me of our villages in the mountains here in the summer. Slow and sleepy.... I love that. Keep resting the finger.


  18. Thanks for the glimpse into the great vastness that is Australia. I wish I could have gotten that far on one of our forays into the country. What peace! So glad you could enjoy the day, and especially that your finger is a little better.

  19. Hi jenny... Reminds you of something from The Castle... LOL Dig you manage to see anyone before you both left...????

    Cath's Blog
    Cath Ü

  20. Having never been there, when I think of Australia's outback your adventure is EXACTLY what I imagine it to be.I always thought I was being stereotypical but I guess not! Someday, maybe in my next life, I'll actually get there for myself.

  21. love the outback...

  22. What an interesting afternoon... Did you ever find out where everyone went/was?

  23. Australia looks wonderful! Hope I get to see it one day!


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