Friday, June 4, 2010

My new blog, June Jeans Challenge, and a sneak peek...

Getting older has some great benefits.
I read recently that women over 40 have an easier time with fashion - apparently they can wear whatever they like because younger women don't consider us competition anymore and don't care what we wear! 
That's a very liberating statement, ladies.
These days I feel more comfortable about myself than ever before, but I was closer to 50 than 40 when I had that illuminating lightbulb moment - the only downside to my 'feel good about self' endorphins is the daily tightening around my waist (that amost cuts off the circulation in my entire upper body) when I get dressed! Not good. 
These last 4 1/2 years since discovering stitching have seen me form some bad habits, habits that have adversely affected my family as well.
I *used* to be a very well informed healthy cook. I *used* to carefully plan my family's meals and cover their dietary needs. I *used* to have the time each day to prepare good foods. I *used* to  set the table each evening and enjoy our shared family meals while we chatted about the ups and downs of everyone's day. I *used* to be satisfied that I was looking after my family the best way I knew how.

With all my health issues recently,  my husband's health issues of the last year, AND the lack of energy in my teenagers, I took stock of who I was meant to be, and what that entailed.
I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a child of God. I want to be healthy and live the best life I can, and I want to teach my kids to live healthy lives as well. 
We have ONE body to live this life with. ONE body that can't be replaced.
To see where these thoughts have led me you can visit my new healthy eating blog, One Body For Living, HERE.
I'll be sharing my journey back to health, recipes, ideas, and generally just being accountable for our lifestyle change. 
(Did I mention there are some grumbles amongst the rest of the family...? Let's hope and pray that weaning them off all the sugar they've taken a liking to won't be as hard as I imagine!)
I sent some parcels off this week to my giveaway winners, as well as some cute gifts for lovely friends.
Don't you love this tea?!
Blossom is sending it to a lovely blogger who blessed her earlier this year. I've popped in a teeny tiny hanging as well...
Sometimes I put off sending gifts to people because I think I need to make something BIG or original or very intricate. Now really, that's so silly, isn't it? New resolution: give from my heart, and don't focus on the size or complexity of the gift.
How are you going with the June Jeans Challenge?
I had a major setback when I went to wash and cut apart Mr Elefantz donated jeans. He likes to potter with motors and motorbikes and that leaves evidence on his denims...
After I cut all thestained areas away I was left with the back of the legs, and the bottom front legs. Not much, but enough to plan something that will look lovely teamed up with my Rural Jardin fabrics.
I'm thinking a bag would be gorgeous, don't you think?
Be sure to check out the list of participating bloggers on my left sidebar to see what they have been making for the Challenge this month. 
I encourage you to visit Stephanie's blog HERE too, because she has some wonderful ideas for working with denim!
My Morning Glory Breakfast Set is finally complete!
This week I finished the last of the six pieces in the set. Can you tell what it is?
Blossom and I are doing a photo shoot at the weekend so all will be revealed next week. In the meantime I have my trusty pattern tester, Jeanette, remaking every piece in the set. 
I can't wait to show you them all!
Now to go and plan a week of breakfasts, lunches and dinners...oh, and of course, SNACKS!

PS: The final block and the quilt assembly instructions for ~Bouquet~ are only 3 sleeps away!! 


Abby and Stephanie said...

Rural Jardin is going to be gorgeous paired with denim. Oh my how I love all things tea. Darling gifts and sweet peek of the cute tea wallet.

KaHolly said...

Wow, Jenny, you've only been stitching for 4 1/2 years? You certainly jumped in with both feet. I am not surprised it took up so much of your time with all you accomplish! Your family will thank you in the end. Good luck with your bew blog. I agree with Stephanie - the Rural Jardin is going to work perfectly with the denim. Can't wait to see. I'm loving that tea wallet! Look forward to the rest of the photos! Have a great weekend. ~karen

Vintage Sandy said... that tea wallet as I'm quite the tea drinker and that "Thank You" tea how neat is that, wish we could get it here in the it to late to join in the June challenge...would love to join I so enjoy your blog***

Jeannie said...

Sounds like you are getting back on track. h.eheheeheheee of course it's going to be hard getting them off sugar :)it taste so good!!
I love your sneak peek, can't wait to see the whole thing!

debbie m said...

Not sure what brands of dish detergent (liquid not for the machines, but hand washing) you all have, but I have used Dawn for removing oil stains for years...It gets grease out of your way...was their advertising slogan for years. It does a wonderful job if you spot treat the stain and let it set for a while before putting it in the wash.
Good for you for the healthy eating. I too have fallen when it comes to well balanced meals. Maybe i'll send your blog to my sisters who have health concerns, but ignore a few of the basics. Due to Lyme disease i am on a no sugar, very low fat diet. I also do not use artificial sweeteners as they are really not good for us either. Veggies taste so much better when you get off of sugar, some are sweeter than you could ever imagine. I'll be visiting that blog to see how you are doing.
Blessings :)

Deb said...

I definitely hear you with the back to healthy living thing. I think as you approach the 50's and beyond it's so important because whether we know it or not, our bodies are going through so many changes. I personally see my stomach more than I care to. :o)

I think those fabrics are going to look absolutely beautiful paired with blue jeans.

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog posts!! Love!

I feel like I'm on the same track. Since becoming totally obsessed with stitching and quilting my dietary efforts have not had much thought. I too was very careful for a long time but have slipped into 'throw together' meals. (sigh) I don't like it one little bit and have been thinking a lot about it lately. Yesterday I made my first loaf of bread in a lonnnnng time. I used to even grind my own wheat for bread once upon a time. I'm going to "follow" your new blog and join you on this healthier eating journey.

Thanks for the inspiration (yet again)!

PS: Can't wait to see your new denim project. ;o)

Susan said...

Well Jenny - I thibk you have maybe given me the kick in the pants I need to get my life back into a healthier place - I may succeed with 3 members of the family - I think the youngest is a lost cause though - slim - but lives on pasta, Maccas, chocolate and all things bad - will not touch anything green!! thanks
PS - did I really read sugar and vegetables in the one sentence - who adds sugar to vegetables??

Cath Ü said...

I received my lovely tea and little wall hanging... thank you so much to both of you.....
Cath's Blog
Cath Ü

manda said...

I can't believe you've only been stitching for 4 1/2 years, you are simply amazing for having being doing it for so little time!
I'll email you some wonderful easy and healthy recipies in the next few days, ok? Being mostly vegetarian, I cook a lot of healthy stuff. I love my capsicum and tomatoes!
A good thought is that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Remember that, and to always say grace and ask God to bless the food, and you can't go wrong! Although I must not be a hipocrit and need to remember that more chocolate and late night deeper fridge digging... bye bye to *cries* lemon merangue pies and cheesecakes and coconut macaroons. But then again, hello to blueberries and all those other yummy natural sugary sweets God made for us! I can't wait to taste what the Tree of Life's fruit tastes like, can you?!
Love the tea pouch!! Can't wait for the big reveal!!!
Get better soon, keep that finger off of the keyboard!