Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quietly enjoying my Saturday....

Just popping in with some photos of my day - nothing strenuous on the finger. :-)
Saturday was enjoyed by reading poetry and appreciating wonderfuly calming art...
Reaquainting myself with old books of household hints from a century ago (and more beautiful paintings...)
Gazing in wonder at the simple and untouched beauty of newly opened roses...
Laughing about some buttons that are destined for a project for Blossom...
Gratefully acknowledging that my daughter is doing work my hands cannot right now...and her gentle love for our Lily Rose.
Stitching quietly a sweet BOM to share with you in July. Something we can make together for the rest of the year...
Enjoy your weekend too,


  1. Hi Jenny.
    Your pix looks lovely. A friend's daughter has asked me to teach her to embroider. Any clues on a project that is not too hard for her first go?
    I hope your hands heal. God bless

  2. Take care of yourself and loved the photos

  3. Yenny Hello !!!!!!!! I hope soon your hands to continue working in such beautiful things you do.
    I send you a kiss, and I love these threads nuanced !!!!!

  4. Loved your pictures Jenny. I am glad that you are resting and taking care of yourself.

  5. I would love that book, such beautiful photos, love the Victorian era, grin.
    Hope your hand is soon well, been there and times I can't stitch drive me nuts,grin. BarbM

  6. Hi Jenny!

    Hope you are on the mend!! So glad Blossom is helping out...a puppy needs lots of belly rubs!! I'm loving the new project...can't wait to see more!!
    Take care!

  7. Loved all the photos and it sounds like you will have a relaxing day.

  8. I am glad to hear that you are having a good time and that you are feeling content.

  9. What a lovely way to ease through a Saturday. Cute buttons! And the stitchery hint is sweet. Have a special Sunday too.

  10. Glad to hear that your taking it easy. the buttons are so cute. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Jenny... Love your new project... what we can see of it that is... LOL
    Isn't it wonderful when our children help us out... our youngest daughter is back home with us for awhile now and she is such a help to me....
    Cath's Blog

    Cath Ü

  12. Take care of your hand and enjoy the rest days. I love the new project with the buttons in the center of the flowers, can't wait to see it finished.

  13. How exciting! Can't wait to see your new BOM.

    Those little face buttons are adorable!

    Take care. :o)

  14. way to go girl you keep resting and taking it easy-you've a lot more using them hands,hmmm mystery project???,cheers Vickie

  15. Oooh I love those buttons! I hope you are resting up and getting Blossom to type your blog posts?

    Thinking of you often.

    Fee :-)

  16. Hi Jenny,Glad to here you are taking it easy and Blossom is there to pitch in.I loved your picture of the lady in the hammmock. I sometimes dream of strolling around my garden in a long cream-coloured victorian dressand have tea and strawberries in the garden.Am I alone in that?
    Amazed at the quick Health care you have. Our non emergency response is much slower.

  17. Just love that piccy of Blossom with Lily Rose ... how adorable is that!!??!!
    Those buttons are just SO cute :o). Your stitchings looks pretty too ... don't you just LOVE those "Cottage Garden" threads??!! I do too :o)!!!!
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o)

  18. Hi Jenny, I love all the pics.

    The little red face buttons are cute and I have used them to make broaches & atcs. I will post some pics on my blog.

  19. Looks wonderful!! so glad your taking it easy!

  20. Jenny, thanks for sharing the lovely pics. Isn't that Victorian book a treasure! I also love the sneak peak of your new upcomming BOM and have my pigma pen poised with the lightbox ready to start tracing!!! Patience is a virtue so they say, *sigh*

  21. How lovely of your daughter to help you with your stitching while you're out of commission. I'm looking fwd to seeing your new BOM in July :-)


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