Monday, July 5, 2010

Biding our time...

Each day has become a bit like a treasure hunt as we look at every rental house fitting our criteria, searching for THE one. All the homes we have liked so far have been taken by the time we get back to the real estate office, or the owner decides to sell instead, or the agents can't contact the seems doors close on us before we can squeeze our little toe in...and our days to move are running out. 
Yesterday was Sunday, the day of rest, and so we did. We really needed it! After washing all the quilts, runners and doilies (in preparation for the move), Blossom and I spent the day in my sewing room. We decided to play around with some online tutorials and use some favourite fabrics along the way.
My friend in Norway, Synnoeve, made Blossom a clutch purse for her birthday, and I recently found the tutorial for it HERE, (you can see the purse Synnoeve made for Blossom HERE)
We put a dvd on my laptop and 'listened' as we stitched. Blossom used some cute Japanese fabric she'd bought from BeBeBold a couple of months ago...
...and I used some lovely Verna.
We both chose buttons - Blossom chose a vintage flower, and I chose a Theodora Cleave snail - to embellish our creations,  and fortunately I had the right size and colour zips in my stash. We had a FABULOUS afternoon, and our finished clutch purses are gorgeous!
Blossom then began working on a koala softie, but I'll wait until she's finished to show you.
My next project was another online tutorial from HERE. I love the fabrics she has used in this bag and I will be searching for something with that texture once we've moved, but for now I used some black and white floral and pindots to make my own version as a test-run... 
As soon as I finished it and showed it to Blossom she said, "OOOOOOO, I love it!! I want to make one!!"
I wonder what fabrics she'll choose?
My nights have been spent stitching small gifts for some lovely friends of mine overseas. I wanted to finish them and post them off before we move.
This is another of my new bird designs - very simple but lovely, with added seed beads and a plaited satin ribbon hanger...
 I'm re-stitching it larger, and using different stitches this time, but haven't decided on beads or embellishments yet.
I used a pattern by Natalie Lymer to make this needle book. It was a free pattern but cannot remember what site I downloaded it from. Natalie has another free needlebook pattern on her site and I am stitching that one at the moment.
...and this is a postcard I made with raw silk, featuring a design by my friend Vicki of Tozz's Corner.
So I need to pack up these parcels and post them away! 
Have you made anything with my July Challenge stitchery yet?



  1. You have been a busy little beaver, my inspire me often!!! I'm lucky to get one thing done...and I'm not planning on moving house!!! Love the clutches and the birdies and the black and white bag is delish!!!!
    Prayers for your safe and easy move to a wonderful new house just made for deserve it!
    sugary hugs
    XXX Wendy :O)

  2. Wow Jenny, are you resting your hand enough?! Make sure you don't go doing too much! What you have made is simply wonderful though! You and Blossom! Your new Little bird design is so tweet! So any news on the house? Let us know!!

  3. So glad to see you all took some time out. What a wonderful day you made of it. All your projects are absolutely gorgeous, as always.

  4. Her's hoping the frustration is past and the next house will be The Right House. But did you say rest? you both got a lot of lovely things made.

  5. You are such an inspiration Jenny. You make me want to stitch!

  6. I just don't know how you get so much fitted into your day - they are all just beautiful....

  7. Think positive.The right house will turn up in time.
    What beautiful projects Blossom and you made .

  8. The perfect house is waiting for you to find it. That's why it's taking so long! Busy hands make happy hearts.

  9. Jen your things are lovely as are Blossoms. YOu both have been very busy and I hope a house comes your way very soon :) hugs Vicki xooox

  10. Hi darling

    Absolutely love the clutch purses, both very feminine and pretty!! Also love your bird designs, with the reminiscent shabby roses around them... Bootifuls!

    Love and hugs sweetie, you know I've been praying for you...

    Vikki xoxo :-)

  11. I found your blog today and I think it's fantastic

  12. Jenny, I am sure all that sewing took your mind off the stress of a potential move - is there a caravan park nearby?? Sounds like you might end up there!! have fingers & toes crossed that somethig good turns up tomorrow so you cna get on with it

  13. I love the clutch purses!
    I hope you find the house you are looking for soon.

  14. Oh my gosh, you and Blossom are awesome! My favorite clutch tutorial! You guys are lovely, I love the button on them.
    I have almost finished block one of the block of the month then I'm going to use the July challange on the bottom of a receiving blanket :)That will be so cute!

  15. What a great way to spend the day together. Always lovely things to see you working on.

  16. Wonderful to take time off jenny, hope something comes through for you soon. Is the new bird design with heart available for sale? Didn't find it in the Etsy shop, but would love to buy it.

  17. Jenny, you and Blossom have been keeping so busy! My daughter was never interested in crafting with the mom!! How much fun you two are having. Now that she's older, my daughter and I combine our talents and make lots of things when we visit. I have 'tutorial' days, too! It's so much fun, isn't it? Thanks for showing all your pretties! Great inspiration. ~karen

  18. Both you and Blossom have been very busy, and I like everything you have created.
    Good luck in the house hunt, I´m sure it has a good reason that you haven´t found one jet, I bet the RIGHT ONE is just around the corner!

  19. Jenny I understand what you are going through. Although this doesn't help you any, it took us almost a year to find our home. But when the Lord opened the door, we were able to walk right through, knowing that all other doors had been closed. I hope you find something soon.

  20. Oh, I'm so sorry for your rental woes. I have been praying! I wish you were here in the US where empty and foreclosed homes abound. We definitely DO NOT have a housing shortage problem! In fact, there's an empty house one street away from me! How do you feel about moving to Iowa?

    It's simply wonderful to know you've managed to do so much stitching. Good on you! I'm sure it gives you time to prayerfully meditate, while making excellent use of free time. Hang in there.

  21. Your purse turned out awesome!!! Love the fabric you chose.

    I used upholstery weight fabric for my purse. Sometimes design centers throw away discontinued samples, so you should see if they'd send you those samples instead! I think the fabric that I used retailed at about $150-200 per yard!

  22. I am stitching your July challenge right now. It is on a little tote bag that I found. I am new at this and have never tried variegated floss but I am doing it on this. I hope it turns out ok.

  23. Girl, I'm praying for the right door to open wide to a new home for you guys...oh the agony of waiting!

    Those clutch purses are soooooo darling, the buttons finish them off perfectly! I'm so glad you had some time to create. I love your new bag too, it looks so roomy! I adore your new bird design. I'm so glad you decided to do birds, lol! Your new needlebook is too sweet, and so is that postcard. You've sure been busy, my friend!

  24. You have been a busy woman. Truly inspiring with all the things that you turn out! Those clutch purses are fantastic, as well as the stitchery.

    Hope that you find a place to move into real soon.

  25. Your stitiching is lovely! Praying you find a house soon.


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