Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We *might* have a house...

I think we've looked at more homes in the last week than we have in our entire lives before then.
We have finally found one that we put an application in for, and tomorrow we'll know if it will become ours (to rent) for the next 18 months. 

Nightimes and very early mornings have been quite productive for Blossom and I. It helps to keep busy when your life is a bit topsy turvy!
Look what we've made...

Blossom loved the look of THIS tutorial and made her own version on some baby shoes...
...and then she decided to play with a tiny pack of 2 1/2 inch Frolic squares that Dawn sent her. She made the sweetest fabric envelope (her own pattern!)...
Then she gave it to me. :-) I'm going to put all the lovely little notes she writes me inside it.
Have I ever told you that I have a real zipper-phobia?? Well, I truly do. I hate them - they scare the bejeebers out of me! When Blossom and I made those clutch purses the other day (you can see them HERE) I finally began to build confidence in working with those zippered teeth.
I found THIS tutorial and increased my zipper-skills by making two really sweet cosmetic purses last night...
...then today I finished my Handkerchief Purse (a gorgeous pattern of Judith's). I had done the stitchery months ago, and had the fabric chosen for the finish, but just kept holding back because of the stupid zipper. Not anymore! \o/ All my beautiful vintage hankies now have a safe and pretty place to dwell.
Not content to stop whilst I was on a roll, I decided to make another zippered purse, this time using my own 'Little Bird In Tree' stitchery...
Oh, forgot to mention that I coloured my stitchery, too. Those Golden Delicious apples look scrumptious!
Have you begun your July Challenge yet? 
Look at Heike's beautiful pillow! She has made my little design her very own, and I love it!
 Tonight I am going to rest. We may have many days of moving ahead and I think I can slacken off a bit with the sewing, don't you? (But I can hear Blossom turning pages in pattern books....)

PS: I was asked if it was ok to use green for the leaves in the Daisy-Do BOM. Dear friends, please use whatever colours you like - make the block *your very own*. Give yourself permission to be creative. :-)


  1. Those little baby shoes are soooo cute.

    I do hope the house situation works out for you.

    I find stitching helps to iron out the bumps when life throws up extra challenges, but you really have managed to take the productivity to a new level!!!

  2. I so hope you get the house!

    I am also scared of zips... I really, really need to get over it and just make the jolly zippered pouch alraedy...!! I've cut it all out, sewn the squares together... and now.. the dreaded zip...



  3. Good luck with the house. Hope you get it. Lots of gorgeous projects on your page :)

  4. Here's hoping this is the house for you. I love Blossom's baby shoes. I made a couple of pair recently and really enjoyed making them. It looks like you have the zipper phobia beaten. Great work.

  5. By the way, I've printed out the bird in the tree pattern. Just pondering on how to use it.

  6. My gosh, I would be dead in the water about now!! I think I like Blossom's pattern better. Your pouches look great and zips perfect.
    I love how you colored your embroidery, I'll have to remember that.
    I only have three more flowers to do and I'm doing the back stitch. I figured if I didn't practice it would never get anywhere!! I'm using Moda's Hunky Dory for mine.

  7. Fingers crossed for good housing news! Wow you've really overcome your zipper-phobia. It's a nasty condition...I have it. Dear Friend Rumi is a zipper master and is going to teach me. Always sweet projects by 2 very talented ladies.

  8. Hope this house is the one for you. Loving all your little birds and projects.

  9. It looks like its been a frenzy of creativity in your home, during the house hunt too. I'm sure it's therapeutic during times of waiting to hear from real estate agents. You and Blossom are quite the stitching team! The fabric envelope, with those 2-1/2" squares, is a super idea. Thank you for the link to the adorable baby shoes. I'll be making some of those! And no-fear zipper bags? Great!

    Sorry I won't get to bake cookies and welcome you to MY neighborhood. But prayers are still being offered for your new home and happiness in it.

  10. I am praying for you that this house will be yours.

  11. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I know how intense a time it can be; my son and his partner are currently living in one rented room whilst they look for somewhere 'proper' to rent, and they're finding it very difficult. I hope it all goes well.

  12. congratulation for your job, and thanks for the link
    kisses for you from Argentina

  13. Oh I hope this house works out for you! Love Blossom's fabric envelope! I need to make something like that to keep Emily's little notes in! :0)

  14. I do hope that everything turns out okay omorrow and that you hear good news in the morning. Gosh you have been very very productive....

  15. Jenny , I hope your house hunt is now over ,I will keep my fingers crossed that you will get this house and have a great time living there .I don't envy you the move though I have done that more times than enough and it is a huge job .I love all the projects you have been busy making , beautiful .Best of luck.

  16. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all in the morning.
    My blossom and you have been very produtive,lovely litlle envelope Blossom and your all your bags have perfect zippers. I don't like doing them either.

  17. Your daughter is so talented. Great projects.
    I love your handkerchief bag. So sweet. I am thinking about how to use that little bird.

  18. I am praying for your house, Jenny! Waiting is the hard part!!! We just moved across the US (Minnesota to Arizona) and are waiting to get into our new home the middle of the month. Moving is a big job, that is for sure!!! You and Blossom have been very productive. I can hardly wait to get my new sewing room set up and get started again! Hugs, betty

  19. Jenny , I,m sorry to bother you while you are busy and frazzled but what do you use for colouring . I,ve just marked my pillow cases and would love to add colour --cottonreel

  20. Best of luck on the house!
    Love all the pretties that you and daughter have made. Especially like the handkerchief pouch. I, too, am NOT fond of putting in zippers. Haven't done it in years! Gotta get over that!

  21. I suffer from zipper-phobia, too, but I'm going to be inspired by you and take the plunge. Tomorrow morning, bright and early while I have lots of creative energy. As far as the challenge goes, I just this afternoon printed the pattern, so off I go to trace it off and tonight I'll start stitching. Good luck with the house! ~karen

    PS. Blossom, love those slippers and your envelope bag. Keep up the good work.

  22. Those shoes are just too adorable!

    I hope that everything works out for your house!! Fingers crossed!

    And I love seeing what both you and Blossom turn out. I'm always inspired. I'm about to try my hand at the zippers and glad that you found it not that bad. I've put them in dresses (and hated it), but not in a crafty item.

  23. Hi Jenny,I share your phobia with zippers, I started making my own clothes as a teenager and dreaded when having to put a zip in skirts etc. I love your handerchief purse, PLEASE PLEASE would you do a tutorial for the rose pattern, these would make great pressies. Also I was wondering what type of colour pencils you used to fill in the bird pattern on the second zippered purse. Hugs Kaylee

  24. Oh, oh.... holding thumbs and crossing fingers for the house.....
    More inspiration from both you and Blossom.............

  25. All the very best for your house Jenny. And then I know comes the awful job of moving. Hope it all goes well. I think Blossom's fabric envelope is adorable.

  26. Nervous energy is sometimes a really good thing. All your creations are very cute. I have the same zipper fear. Hope you get the house. L,A-

  27. Fingers crossed that all goes well with the new house!!

    Love the sewing that you and Blossom have been doing :)


  28. All so cute. That gives me ideas of what to do with some of my mom's old stitchery. I'll make them into bags and pillows.

  29. Oh how beautiful! You two girls are amazing!! I can't believe how much you get done. I'm feeling a little slack now. LOL!

    I've sewn plenty of zippers over the years but I still have a ridiculous irrational fear of them. Until I sew in another one and then I wonder why I stressed out over it. Ha ha!

    My very best wishes for the house.

  30. YOu and Blossom have both been very busy Jen and I love all that you have done. Zips are fun to do arent they? LOL....I pray that you get a house soon sweetie and your move will go without a hitch :) hugs Vicki xoxoxoxox

  31. Wow, looks like Blossom has the amazing talent of her mother! That envelope is so sweet.

    I'm glad you found my tutorial somewhat helpful in your quest to conquer zipper phobia! What a thrill to see your version of the pouch. Thanks Jenny.

  32. Creative genes sure run in your family, lol - Blossom's projects are SO beautiful!!! I can't believe you were ever afraid of zippers Jenny, your projects look so professional, you've done an awesome job.
    I started my July challenge, all by hand, lol, and didn't even think of making the apples golden - but that would work better with my fabric! Thanks for the inspiration, sweetie! Prayers are going up for the house!


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