Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday Show and Tell (a day late)....

Before I do a post about the move and the new house I need to do what will become a regular posting, Friday Show and Tell - photos of what you gorgeous girls have been doing with all my designs! 
Sit back, and ooh and aah with me over this week's lovelies....
We'll start with Amanda's 'Little Bird in Tree' which she made into the sweetest purse...
...and Cottonreel who always grabs my attention on her blog with her crochet edging. She used 'Little Bird in Tree' for some pillowcases! 
From BubzRugz we have a button embellished 'Little Bird In Tree'... she has an array of beautiful Bouquet blocks like this finished on her blog!
Look at what Penny used her Little Bird in! I love Dresden blocks....
 ...and Anne-Lise used the stitchery in a pretty bag for her grandaughter!
Lida in the Netherlands used both Little Bird stitcheries...
Anita made her stitchery into a placemat...
 All these Daisy-do's from Dot, Marika, Cheryl, Cyndi, Debbie and Karen and Jytte are so pretty!
 All of them so different and all so fantastic!! We are going to have some amazing Daisy-do wallhangings when we finish all the blocks! :-)
Last, but not least, is Narelle's completed "Wonky Houses" wallhanging, and if you look close you'll see that the background fabric is all tiny houses - how cool is that!?
I'm sorry for not having links to everyone's photos, but I am so tired right now that I am making mistakes all over the place. Would you ladies whose photos have appeared here leave a comment so that everyone can visit your blogs from your links, please? Thank you so much!! :-)
I'll be back tomorrow with photos and a chat (after some sleep)
Moving sure takes it out of a gal! But I'm not complaining...


  1. Goodness!~You are SO creative! Very pretty creations...

  2. What a great Show & Tell! - and a great tradition you are starting! Rest up Jenny amd look after yourslef as well!

  3. We don,t want to wear you out Jenny because we all love you so much and if we were in your area we would all be in there helping.It,s exciting seeing all the different ways to use your designs , I,ve got a beautiful quilt coming along nicely of the shabby roses,but in the meantime I,d like friends to go to my site and look at a quilt I,m working on .
    I,m hoping you are storing up a storm for when you reach a 1000 followers. --cottonreel

  4. So many pretties! Thanks for taking the time to share, Jenny. Wish I could be there to help you settle in! ~karen

  5. Thanks for the show! Wow, so many pretties :) Thanks for your designs!!! Waiting (im)patiently for the next Daisy Do!

  6. Beautiful work by all the ladies. You must be thrilled to see what everyone does.

  7. Everyones stitchery is gorgeous!

    I'm currently living in my 22nd home so I know all about the exhaustion involved in a move! Try not to wear yourself down too much!

  8. Thanks for taking the time to share your patterns and the pictures.

  9. Thanks so much for hosting this and showing everyone's work... it is such fun to see the same basic design used in so many different ways........ Hugz

  10. Hi Jenny,
    Oh my goodness! These are some wonderful pictures! I haven't done the July challenge yet, but here is the link to a bit of stitchery combined with a notebook cover I made...You and Blossom are so inspiring...hope you like it... the pics are here...thanks!

  11. Marvelous show & tell!!! Lots of fun inspiration here! :)

  12. I loved the Show and Tell! So fun to see how different people have used your designs. I look forward to more Fridays!

  13. Ohhhh! All so beautiful! It's a real testament to your talent when you see all these beautiful projects being stitched out. Just wonderful Jennifer.

    I look forward to 'visiting' your new home when you've taken some time for R&R. ;o)

  14. Oh Jenny everything is so pretty - but you make it so easy with such lovely designs!!!! Get some rest, girl.

  15. Thanks, Jenny! I had a lot of fun with the Daisy-do block. Thanks for posting the photo. As requested, mine is the one on felt with the yellow flower and the rainbow colored variegated thread.

  16. Wow, those daisy-dos all have such different looks, I may have to do them in a couple more versions, besides the black, brown and tan. The one done in brights has a real appeal for me since I have 3 grand daughters. Thanks to all who submitted their versions too. Cyndi

  17. It's wonderful to be able to see how clever everyone is with your lovely designs.
    I still have the 5th Wonky House to stitch ... one day :o)

  18. I like this show and tell day. Very pretty things from everyone. I have my bird stitched now it is time to put it together in my project. Hopefully I will have it done by next week.

  19. Jenny. I wish you & your family many memory moments in your new home. I love reading & seeing all the beautiful things you create.Blessings to you all. Dianne.


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