Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mango trees, and sneak peeks...

What a wonderfully relaxing weekend it has been so far. No rushing, just calm collected thoughts to share, and a good deal of pottering round the house, the garden, and the sewing room. Mr Elefantz and I certainly would like to repeat this weekend regularly.
Can you see the tree through our bedroom window...'s a mango tree. We have two huge mango trees in our yard, and they are both blushing with flowers, the first steps to our summer fruiting. Our town is one huge mango nursery, with most homes having their own, or sharing, a mango tree. We also have bananas growing, so we expect a few bunches in the months ahead.
As I've shared recently, I am working on new designs to fill the shelves of my rapidly emptying Etsy Shop in August. Thought you'd like a few sneak peeks...
I love new designs. Don't you?

PS: Gerda asked how many sides to the pin cushion Blossom made HERE. There are 3 sides, Gerda. I'll see if we can find a moment to do a tutorial next month.


  1. Your works are beautiful! The embroideries!
    Mammka-Monika from Hungary

  2. Mmmmm, mangoes .... I'll certainly be on the watch for a passing camel to give me a lift to your place!! I just LOVE mangoes ;o)!!!
    Your Dresden quilt looks so pretty on the end of your bed!!! And look at all those lovely sneaky peeks of your new projects ... I can't wait to see them all :o).
    Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend dear one....
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o)

  3. heel mooi prachtig wat u allemaal maakt lieve groetjes Carine

  4. Lovely stitcheries.....again. Love the little owl button.

    Relaxing weekends with the Darling are precious.

  5. Your new designs look lovely - as always..... Hugz

  6. Jenny, you astound me! Your place looks lovely and I'm so glad you are happy there and able to relax and enjoy life with your sweetie. Your new designs look very tempting and I can't wait to see them when they are ready to show!! I need to get a little job just to buy your patterns, and it would be nice to add a few hours on to every evening so I can stitch, stitch, stitch! ~karen

  7. Pretty view, pretty projects, pretty new blog look.

  8. Love your sneak peeks! And how cool to have bananas growing in your yard! Glad you had some time to relax! :0)

  9. Thanks for the sneek peeks Jenny. I love the quilts on your bed!

  10. Yes can see the tree through your window. How lucky are you. So pleased you have such a lovely new home to create in. Love the sneek peeks. Especially the wee owl.

  11. Hello,
    Sorry I have been gone. Computer crashed and just getting up and running now. Trying to get blog back and not sure how? Love your new things and how is the new home.. Looks lovely,

  12. Yes, I also love new designs, specially yours!

  13. Wow Mango trees!We can only dream here in New Zealand.I love the Dresden Plate quilt on the end of your bed...yummylisous!!!

  14. Love your sneak peek AND your mango trees! Both are YUMMY!

  15. That owl button is precious Jen! Where'd you get it? Suits sitting in the tree doesn't he? I would love to see more owly things from you, like an owl BOM!! Your style is just so sweet and would suit some little owls in love or something!

  16. Love the sneak peaks. All looks interesting. I am now curious. Thank you for sharing. I can taste the mango now and I am so far away.

    Have a super great sewing day.

  17. HI Jenny--oh what a "pretty" bedroom you have!! so glad you found a lovely home to live in and to share with the rest of the blog world--thanks!
    I just posted your July challenge that I just finished two days ago--I made mine into a bag for "whatever"!!
    Hugs, Di

  18. BEAUTIFUL new designs Jenny - can't wait to see more! :-) YES I love new designs!!!

    Your bedroom looks like a beautiful sanctuary... and mangoes... one of my favourites!

    Love and Hugs sweetie!
    Vikki xoxoxo

  19. Jenny, I have loved peeking in on your doings, stitchings and now moving(!) every now and then. Your sneak peek is VERY enticing!

    Keep up the good work, and enjoy those mango trees and bananas!

    Love from across the ocean

    Kim in TX

  20. Yummy, yummy, yummy...mangoes...
    Here in Italy you can't eat good's like eating plastic...bleah...I'd like to eat some "real" ones.
    Your bedroom is very beautiful and full of light: I like it very much.

  21. Lovely work you are doing!
    We have avacado and banana. I will try the mango! :)
    How heavenly to have this treasure of a tree!!! Xo

  22. Hi fun lady! I would love to have mango and banana tree's in my yard. Wow and yumm!!!
    Love your new designs. Your work always makes me smile!
    Hugs and friends,

  23. Mango trees - banana trees - oh it sounds so exotic, Jenny! Your bed looks so comfy cozy, girl, what a lovely room.
    Your sneak peeks look SO delicious - I can't wait for the reveals!

  24. Look at you all settled really deserve a nice rest break. I love the sneak peeks too.
    You can make the best fruit smoothies with mangos!
    hugs, Terri

  25. Love those sneaks peeks and your house is lovely with all your creations in it. I will finally be getting my Shabby Roses quilt next Monday. I will get the binding on quickly and share it as soon as I get done.
    I hope to have my little July challenge done for a post on Thursday. I will let you know.

  26. Lovely sneak peaks! and a gorgeous the quilts!


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