Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remembering their childhood...

There are some projects that I love more than others, and some that just tug at my heart strings and don't let go. It's the latter ones that I can be quite sentimental and protective of.

This year I designed and stitched a quilt that had so many 'motherly' attachments to it. As a homeschooling family I had the pleasure and privilege of teaching my children many things that some children either never have access to or are taught within a school scenario. 
Poetry is something we began very young, along with Shakespeare's plays - by age 6 and 7 the children were wrapped in the English prose and drama of the 16th Century, and happily reciting 19th Century verse. With dress-ups and puppets, paint and paper, we explored the world of the great writers and made memories that will not tarnish with time, but grow more wonderful as the childhood years pass further into yesterday.
The very first book of poetry we owned was Robert Louis Stevenson's 'A Child's Garden of Verse', a gift from Mr Elefantz. It had so many poems of observation by a young and bed-bound Master Stevenson, poems that proved joyous to take in and make our own.
It was always my intention once I had learned to sew, that I would begin a series of children's quilts to celebrate that first book of children's verse, and this year I began with Robert Louis Stevenson's ~The Cow~. Oh how I love this quilt! It represents so much joy as a parent, and so many memories of my young children.
This month it appeared on the cover of Creating Country Threads magazine...
...and my friend Vicki snapped a photo of it hanging on the CCT stand at the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair last weekend.
I had no idea it would be hanging on display there, but I can tell you I am as proud as punch! The only downside was realising she wouldn't be home again as soon as I'd hoped. :-)
The pattern is available this month in the magazine for Aussie subscribers. If you are not Australian and cannot purchase a copy of the magazine, I am offering the pdf pattern for $4 US until the end of July only. 
After that Miss Molly Moo is all my own and the pattern will not be available.

I am also thrilled to be sharing the inside of the magazine with fellow Gum Tree Designer, Vikki! Her sweet stitchery is beautiful!
Do you remember when I stitched it myself and made it a door hanger? It looks perfect in my new home! She had it on her blog last year as a free project for a while. Did you make it too?
I also have my 'Save The Trees' bag in the current Handmade magazine. It has a pocket at the front to fit a small cutting board, and a huge interior for all your sewing essentials for a trip to the quilting group.
We're still settling in the new home, but each day it becomes more relaxed, more 'ours'.
I feel like Dorothy of Oz.
There's no place like home....

PS: Don't forget to go and look over all those wonderful Rouenneries pincushions we Gum Tree Designers made for each other. Photos are on our blog HERE!


Vicki ♥ said...

I was so thrilled to see your Miss Molly Moo quilt hanging up Jen and knew I had to take a picture of it. Its a lovely quilt and how fabulous is your bag that is in Handmade? Love it and its always nice gracing the covers of the magazine with lovely friends too like Vikki :) So special is her project too. Hugs Vicki xoxoxox

Pepe said...

Dear Jenny, I'm an italian bookworm, teacher and quiltrer-blogger, so I appreciated your post for many reasons... I've no children, but I hope I will. The quilter & country craft is the best world for a child (quilt, puppets, clothes...) and I will read a lot to them! Also in my family we heard parents reading for us and I red for my nephew...
This year a student of mine (she's 17teen) drown some georgeous illustration of a Shakespeare's sonet and I conserved it to make a quilt... when I'll photograph this little book for my blog or sew it I'll write you again!

Janice said...

When we were kids Mum took us to the library regularly. I borrowed that book several times and it was my favourite. I should get myself a copy. Your interpretation is great. I love the feel of your new home. It has such character, but looks lovely and fresh.

MissesStitches said...

Jenny, your new home looks so cozy and inviting... It looks beautiful.

Maria said...

Your children are so lucky to be home schooled by you.Learning so many wonderful things through beautiful poems and books.
" Molly Moo" is gorgeous and I have a copy of CCTs.
also love Vikki's project.
Your home is looking so comfy with all your treasures around the place.

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

"Child's Garden of Verses" is one of my favorites from childhood.
Love how your house is coming along Jenny. It looks so cool and breezy.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet quilt you have created. I'm so pleased I have this issue of CCT magazine.

Your home is so beautiful! I'm so happy for you. :o)

Abby and Stephanie said...

One of the first books I remember having as a child is that very same book. I'm very certain my mother still has it. Very sweet cow.

Vintage Sandy said...

Jenny "Congratulations" on your publication of *Miss Molly Moo* it is just wonderful how proud you must be and rightly so I love it and I must say I ♥ your new home!

Sue said...

Ohhhhhhhh I've been eyeing up that mag in the newsagent....I'll be getting it now! COngrats on being published there and in Handmade.

Alice said...

Love cows!!!The quilt is adorable and the bag and Vikki's too. I will have to try and get my hands on copies. Otherwise I will be purchasing. Your home looks so lovely and inviting. I am still trying to find places for things. Congrats!!! L,A-

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, I love Miss Molly Moo what a lovely idea to incorporate poetry into a quilt, there is nothing more wonderful that the written word. I love your Save the Trees bag it's gorgeous and so useful. I am glad you are settling into your new home it takes a little time but it looks really nice so I am sure you will be happy there.
Love Jillxx

BubzRugz said...

Molly Moo is lovely and such a great story behind her..... your home is looking beautiful and fresh...... peaceful.... Hugz

Allie said...

Jenny I adore this quilt - I'm looking for the perfect fabric for it, it really tugs at my heartstrings too. I have Vikki's stitchery ready to go, just need to pull it out and get busy!
Your home is looking amazingly beautiful. It looks like SUCH a haven, Jenny!

Judith Tetley said...

I'm out surfing to-night for my 'Lucky Dip' Draw and I looked really, really hard for an Early Bird post on your front page darling....but I couldn't find one. Guess July has been just too busy for Christmas gifts.
p.s. great work though and the house look soooooo cool!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Ahhh, Jenny. Sweet little cow. Congratulations to you! You area so creative and talented.

Jude said...

Love the cow and I just received my magazine in the post and there is a stitchery from you in it, oh dear another to add to my to do list.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi sweetheart!

Miss Rosie loves her special book gifted to her by Auntie Jen and Elizabeth! And I'm with Vicki - it was such a treat to behold Miss Molly Moo at the quilt show!

I love your version of my House in the Country, Jen, so natural with that gorgeous linen. :-)

Your home is looking beautiful, it is so *you*!

Hugs!!! Vikki xoxo :-)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

It does take awhile for home to feel like home...what you've shown looks lovely...reminds me of the living/dining area in the movie "How to make an American Quilt"

Cheryll said...

Jenny your new home looks so cozy!