Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More biding of our time...

We will finally know tomorrow if we have the house we've applied to rent. Today the estate agents did all the reference checking, and tonight the owner of the house is left to make the final decision. We'll keep you posted!
Today it was lovely and cool (unusual in this tropical winter) with a smattering of rain. Perfect for more sewing adventures!
We've been working with fabric leftovers mostly, clearing all those strips and squares that tend to pile up after numerous projects. I also dug out a lot of stitcheries that I have done over the last two years to see if we could make them into projects for the new home and for gifts at Christmas. I have about 30 of them so we will be busy for a while!
Today Blossom made a new wrap for our smaller French Press...
...and then she made this really pretty pin cushion using an embroidery from my stash.
I got to play with my turning tool for the first time...
...when I made the handles for this lavender filled door hanger (I used another stitchery from my stash, this one is from Cheryl's BOM last year)...
 I gave the hanger a frilled skirt using scraps of Aviary. So cute - I think I'll hang it on our bedroom door once we've resettled.
A couple of years ago Blossom learnt to crochet and she made about twelve of these tiny 1 inch cotton crocheted granny squares. Today I used one on a small lavender filled coathanger sachet for the wardrobe. I intend to make more for gifts...
I also finished Natalie Lymer's 'Sweet & Spotty' Needle Wallet, but I changed the pattern a bit, and used the extra stitchery for a scissor-keep instead. 
My box of birthday and Christmas gifts is beginning to fill! \o/
It's lovey tonight with rain trickling in the background and the air is a wee bit cooler. The boys are watching football so us girls will keep on stitching. Only 28 more stitcheries to find homes for. Seems quite appropriate don't you think?


  1. More pretty projects. Love the french press cozy. I should really make some lavender sachets for my closet. Such a small project...why do these get overlooked?

  2. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
    How exciting that your birthday/christmas box is filling up!

  3. Good luck Jenny, all will be well. Enjoying all your little projects. Well done to Blossom.

  4. I'll be checking in frequently tomorrow to see how you are going with your rental - keep on sewing - at tis rate you will get through them all.
    Good Luck Jenny & gang!!

  5. I'm crossing my fingers for you on the house! I hope you get it:-)
    All your projects are great! I really like the needle wallet. Nice choice of fabric for it too!
    Blossoms projects are lovely:-)I like the pincushion a lot, nice shape:-)

  6. More lovely projects sweetie x

    Thinking of you and wishing you many blessings tomorrow... with tidings of good news!

    I have another four hours before I leave for the airport - the flight is an hour late so I will get there for 2am! Excited isn't the word!

    Lots of love! Vikki xx

  7. Hi Jenny! My, you HAVE been busy biding your time. Everything is so cute. Blossom's French Press cover is just adorable. What a smart idea. And it looks so well constructed. I made Natalie's needle wallet, too, and absolutely love it!! I never thought to make a scissor fob to go with it. You are just too clever. But I love it! You know, I'm glad to learn you have piles of stitcheries, etc. because I am the same way! I have to keep busy hands. It's like an addiction. I printed out the lavender pillow pattern just yesterday to trace off and add to my 'pile' of handwork! ~karen

  8. You guys make the cutest things!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you guys get the house! :0)

  9. Your stitcheries turn into very pretty presents. Are you sure you can give them all away?
    Good luck on the house!

  10. You girls are on a roll!!
    Home you find out fast so you can start relaxing some.

  11. You really are so inspiring with all these projects and reminding us it's time to start getting our Christmas goodies together. Holding thumbs and crossing fingers for you that you get the house.

  12. Your stitchery is truly "Sweet". Great job on the french press cozy Blossom!

  13. Praying for your house to come through!
    I always love seeing your projects, makes me both inspired and jealous at the same time! :0)
    I'd like to invite you (and everyone) over to my blog for a giveaway - a sweet table runner with a rose theme. :)

  14. GORGEOUS projects, dear girl - I replied to your last post but it didn't "take". I can't believe you were afraid of zippers, your projects look so professional, like you've been doing them always!
    And thanks for the inspiration with your challenge project - I didn't even think of making the apples golden, but it would work better with my fabric, so thank you! I started my project, all by hand!

  15. I just can't believe all the great projects that the two of you get done! Amazing!

  16. Hi Jenny,
    Sending the warmest of wishes to you. Hope you get the house! Crossed fingers and Those little projects are soooo cute.

    hugz, Pam

  17. hola, soy de Costa Rica I speak a little english, sorry, than baut i wach always your wed and like everything you do.congratulations!!!
    thanks for share!!!

  18. Pretty projects, Jenny and Blossom! And I hope you get the house - you all must be on pins and needles!

    That pincushion Blossom made - is it 3 sided or 4 sided? I'd love to make one! Nice job, kiddo!

    Gerda, Canada

  19. Oh, Jenny, good luck with the application. Hope it is good for the family.. Then will you move back?? Loved all the stitchery.. Very nice. How did you like the turning tools??Making dolls I think they would be handy??
    REALLY HOT HERE..........

  20. More beautiful projects finished. You girls really are amazing!
    Best of luck with the house. It does sound promising. I look forward to hearing your good news. :o)

  21. Jenny,

    I hope everything goes smoothly with the new house... I hope you will get it.

    Love the projects...

    I always wanted a tooling tool... where did you purchase it from.


    Sandy N

  22. boy for moving your house hold--you sure are moving those needles--great projects for both of you!!!
    I also finished putting together the Bouquet top and it is layered and basted ready for me to hand quilt it!! You can see pictures of it on my blog site--couple posts ago!!
    Thanks--Hugs, Di
    Pray all works out great for you and your family

  23. Wow--you have been very,very busy. Everything is so cute. I love the French press idea. Your gift basket is going to run over soon. Good luck on the house, my fingers are crossed and prayers are said. L,A-

  24. Lovely projects. I really need to get started on my gift giving projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Hi Jenny, I've got all my bits crossed for you and the family for tomorrow.
    Pretty, pretty projects my sweet.


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