Friday, August 13, 2010

6th Friday Show and Tell, and pray for Blossom...

God bless MacDonalds. 
They ply me with wonderfully frothy skinny Chai Lattes and let me use their wireless internet for free while I'm on my 2-day holiday in Townsville. Mr Elefantz is still at the conference and I remain free as a bird to wander the shops alone. And I haven't bought anything - you see, miracles do happen!
Today might be another story though...still have 6 hours spare time to play with before I collect my beloved and head home again.
Blossom and Slicer are holding down the fort at home, but poor Blossom has developed a nasty chest cold so please join your prayers with ours for her swift recovery. She is asthmatic so chest colds are a dangerous thing. We're so glad we'll be home tonight! I will make sure I get something pretty for her today, but more than that she just wants her mum home to nurse her. {{{Blossom}}} In the meantime her big brother Slicer is being a wonderful 'doctor'.

Enjoy more lovely projects from talented stitchers today! Are you loving these Friday Show and Tells as much as me?!

Penny has been stitching up a storm with Daisy-do blocks and instead of buttons she has satin-stitched the centres...
Carla Louise made the sweetest cosmetic purse for her sister using my 'Little Bird In Tree' design...
She is also finished block two of Daisy-do! 
Pauline has made a start of block 1 of Daisy-do, and I really love her fabric choice with the coloured buttons!
And our final photo for this week's Show and Tell is from Katrien in Belgium, who has completed a bright and summery block 2 from Daisy-do.
Thank you ladies for sharing photos of your blocks and projects with me!!
What has everyone else been working on this week?


  1. Nice Stictheries They are all very nice .Big Hugs to Blossom I hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs Mary.

  2. Hope that Blossom is doing okay. Children always want their Moms when they don't feel well. Get home safe.

  3. Hi Jenny, glad you are feeling better and are on a little holiday! I've been on the road and have some catching up to do. Love the stitcheries, and hope Blossom returns to health pronto! Stay sweet, karen

  4. Hope that Blossom gets over her cold and is back to her cheery self very soon...

    Your hand doesn't look too bad, considering. Glad you were able to change out the dressing.

    Hang in there!

  5. Cod liver oil is good for asthma.Used to give loads to my son.Take care Blossom. Hugs, Penny

  6. Sending healing thoughts and prayers for sweet Blossom. Love all these stitcheries. Truly beautiful. Hope you get to buy something fun!

  7. I hope Blossom feels better soon and that you get home quickly and safely to be with her. It's hard to be away from your child when you know she needs you. {{hugs}} Thank God she has a good brother to take care of her!

    Peace and Laughter,

  8. Pretty projects! I'm praying for Blossom, I'm glad you'll be getting home tonight to be with her....keep us posted on how she's doing, but don't strain that hand!

  9. Blossom I hope you have a speedy recovery. Sending prayers up for you. Thanks for sharing the beautiful stitchery. Lovely work!

  10. Thanks for those who share their beautiful work, and for you taking the time to post it all. We all need to be inspired and you are doing a great job of it.

  11. Praying for Blossom,and hope she is well soon. Try Scotts Emulsion,
    enjoy your last day of shopping. Very pretty stitcheries.

  12. It's a nasty cold going around this year. I do hope Blossom recovers quickly. She didn't need that when just starting her new job. It sounds like you have had a lovely time in Townsville. I wonder what goodies come home? And, as usual lovely work in your show and tell.

  13. They're all "oh so pretty"! I so love seeing all your designs coming to life on your Friday Show and Tell's. :o)

    Hugs and prayers for Blossom. We have chesty colds down here in the south as well. Blahh!

  14. Love the different designs, hope blossom is better soon. Safe journey

  15. It is fun to see all the different versions of your daisies. Very pretty! Hope Blossom is feeling better--Mom's are the best medicine. Prayers have been sent. And I do hope that you managed to have some "fun" while you were away.


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